Emi Salinas most searched on El Norte; gruesome pic of Monster’s little helpers and other items

Monster’s Little Helpers…

How would you like to have had this picture arrive by text on Christmas? I did and it was quite jarring. It is something I would expect on Halloween.

Monster’s little helpers, Clare and Sara Bronfman.


These two women have done much to destroy the lives of others; they are soulless, conscienceless and utterly enamored with a monster whose bidding they do without thinking and without remorse despite the clear trail of pain they cause others.

Whenever you get to feeling sorry for them, these poor little rich kids, keep in mind that they are the power behind Raniere’s destructiveness.

The Monster, Keith Raniere.



Happy Christmas to the Salinas family courtesy Monterrey

El Norte is Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico’s largest newspaper. It is in print and online. It is owned by Grupo Reforma. The president and CEO is Alejandro Junco.

Grupo Reforma is the second largest printed media company in Mexico and Latin America. It publishes 10 daily newspapers in five cities, including the leading newspapers in Mexico’s three largest cities: Reforma in Mexico City, El Norte in  Monterrey and Mural  in Guadalajara.  It also publishes the daily Metro in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and Toluca, and the afternoon tabloid El Sol in Monterrey. The average daily circulation of all these papers is 1.4 million copies.

The company also owns the largest content-intensive websites in Mexico: reforma.com, elnorte.com, and mural.com. It owns the largest newswire service with Mexican information, Agencia Reforma.

Grupo Reforma also has strategic alliances with leading US dailies to publish their information in its papers, including a daily section of The Wall Street Journal and a weekly section of The New York Times.

It is this last that provoked some surprise and wonderment: Reforma, El Norte and Mural published a Spanish version of the New York Times article: Federal Officials Reportedly Investigating Group Where Women Were Branded.

Reforma: The EU investigates a group that marked women as cattle

El Norte: The EU investigates a group that marked women as cattle

Mural: The EU investigates a group that marked
women as cattle

The article prominently features Emiliano Salinas, the disciple of Keith Raniere, who brands women like cattle.

Does anyone else see the resemblance between Emiliano Salinas and a sitting duck?

It must have struck a resonant chord on Christmas as Mexican families gathered around hearth and home to celebrate the nativity of Niño Dios and talk about pubic branding and the son of the former president who appears to be up to his neck in the branding schemes of his maser – although he denies any role in it.

The topic of female branding is a rather recent addition to the topics discussed by Mexicans on Christmas but it must have been on a few people’s minds in Monterrey.

When one of Frank Report’s correspondents checked out the most searched names on El Norte in Monterrey, to everyone’s surprise Emiliano Salinas topped the list in news,  photos and videos.

That’s success to some.



For those wondering how seriously the media is taking the federal probe into Keith Raniere, Emi Salinas, and Clare Bronfman, let us look at the placement the stories got in the New York Times and Albany Times Union.

Prominent placement and ample space devoted to it in the print edition of New York Times.

As Lauren Salzman is fond of quoting:

Keith Raniere, last seen in Monterrey.


A Product that Keith, Clare and Emi may soon need

Apropos of that: An invisible cloth might come in handy for Keith Raniere.  Not sure of the cost, but Clare Bronfman might be able to afford it. She might consider buying three of them – for she and Emi Salinas may need them aslo.

It is demonstrated on Facebook here.

Honestly, I am surprised that Keith has not patented this yet.


Help us identify ESPians

They look similar from their toothy grins to their vacant stare. They have one thing in common: They think Keith Raniere is the smartest, most ethical man in the world.

[Note these pictures were taken prior to the exposure of the branding of women by Keith Raniere]

These happy campers are believed to learning the tools to critically analyze the media at the Knife of Aristotle Media.


These very cool people are ESPians teachers at a London SOP? session. They are mimicking James Bond, one of our correspondents tells Frank Report.


The shield at the right tell us that this is a gathering of the Society of Protectors – believed to be in Monterrey. How it is easier to protect women by branding then on the groin is hard to understand. Again in fairness, this photo is believed to have been taken before the branding was known to the average ESPian.

How many of the men have left the group since then is worth investigating and knowing.




For those, like Emiliano [in green] seen here dancing before his master Vanguard, who claim they know nothing about the branding of women, and/or it has nothing to do with Keith, perhaps another look at the brands themselves will persuade you to further investigate:


Women were told the brand was a Latin symbol.

But when you turn it sideways, it appears like the letters K-R.


Monterrey’s Ana ‘Caliente’ Risoul, shown in supine pose, is one lady who is sticking with Vanguard.

She has followed his teachings also. This married hottie has been caught having affairs with at least two married ESP men while her cuckold husband may be the last to know.

A joke is going the rounds in Monterrey implying married Ana is too hot for her pants.

While Frank Report does not condone gossip and asks readers not to laugh at the following joke, it is a matter of public interest, since only the men at ESP are supposed to be philanderers, and now the joke is on poor Ana for doing what comes naturally to the ESP men.

The joke is:

Man: Hey, have you heard about poor Ana ‘Caliente’ Risoul?

Other man:  No Amigo what happened?

Man:  Oh, she’s flat on her back.


Finally, in the spirit of giving

His students believe he cares only about them.
NXIVM is the turning point – a remarkable development in scientific and psychodynamic understanding, education, and technology that can facilitate this transition so the pattern of humanity’s rises and falls can actually be broken and transformed…  NXIVM represents the change humanity needs in order to alter the course of history. … NXIVM is a new ethical understanding that allows us to build an internal civilization and have it manifest in the external world… The NXIVM technology … provide[s] the philosophical and practical foundation necessary to acquire and build the skills for success.

[Nancy Salzman reportedly advised Espians not to read the Frank Report because it may impact their internal representation of Keith.]


The teachings of Vanguard more particularly demonstrated by a professor at Vanguard U.

Better than colored sashes: A diploma.

I don’t know about you, but when I gaze at the above “I love U’ picture, the love from the message senders is so strong that I actually can see Keith’s face in the letters of this splendid message.


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5 years ago

Re: SOP:
Of course branding women is the best! How else does one keep track of valued livestock that might be prone to wandering off????

You won't remember why you liked him - a repost from Reddit
You won't remember why you liked him - a repost from Reddit
5 years ago

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