NXIVM doctors, Danielle Roberts & Brandon Porter represented by top medical malpractice law firm; but NY State has not taken action yet

Two NXIVM doctors, Danielle Roberts and Brandon Porter, are represented by the law firm of Abrams Fensterman.  This large NYC law firm has a department devoted to representing physicians in the defense of medical malpractice, professional negligence and professional misconduct.

The department is headed by Michael S. Kelton. Assisting Mr. Kelton are Jordan Fensterman, Robert Reilly, Densie Buda, Josie Conelley, Victoria Serigano, David Verschell, Alex Leibson, and Connor Dolgon.

To date Frank Report knows of no charges pending against either NXIVM doctor.

Dr. Roberts has been named publicly as having done the actual branding of women, scarring them on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack. Some women report they were forcibly held down while Dr. Roberts administered the white hot branding iron on their pubic area – without anesthesia.

Dr. Porter has been named in news reports as having conducted human fright experiments on women, some of whom believed they were his patients, who were subjected to viewing ‘snuff’ videos while being hooked up to monitoring equipment, allegedly without prior warning or without informed consent.


The handiwork of Dr. Roberts shows the branding was not done like cattle branding which takes only three to 5 seconds But was done slowly, stroke by stroke, over a 30 minute period, while the women were held down and filmed without consent.

While Dr. Roberts carved out the brand on horrified women, NXIVM leader Keith Raniere evidently knew all about it.

ABC’s 20/20 attempted to contact both Dr. Roberts and Dr. Porter for comment, as part of their news story on NXIVM which aired Dec. 15, 2017.

ABC received this letter from Mr. Kelton:

20/20 also visited Dr. Roberts at a health exposition in New York City. 


Frank Report had been told that Dr. Porter was going to represent himself in any medical malpractice case he might face. This seems to be not the case presently. While Dr. Porter’s name is redacted on the letter [by 20/20] it is evident that Dr. Porter is the other ‘highly regarded and respected’ physician mentioned in the letter.

Mr. Kelton says the “allegations against them are unfounded” and that Dr. Porter and Dr. Roberts are “prepared to vigorously defend themselves, should it become necessary, in the appropriate legal forum.”

This seems to suggest that, as of the date of the letter – Nov. 29, 2017, that it has not been necessary for either doctor to defend themselves against any charges.

This may be because an investigation is ongoing.

Mr. Kelton said in his letter to ABC News that he does not represent NXIVM or ESP. It is not known if Clare Bronfman is paying the legal fees or whether the two doctors are footing the legal bills themselves.

The letter refers to “great financial hardship” for both doctors. it is known that Dr. Porter resigned his position at a local hospital following the publicity surrounding his fright experiments.

This may be a unique case for Abrams Fensterman’s medical malpractice department.

How often does the firm have a case where two physicians, both members of a self help group that has been often called a cult, using their medical training to brand women and subject them to shock videos while monitoring their horrified reactions?



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  • Do you wonder if the wellness expo sells branding tools? It’s the new fad you know and there is nothing wrong with lying to women (at least in the state of NY).
    Maybe Dr Roberts could open a tattoo shop called hit or miss. It could be like Russian Rullet. Customers pay up front and they either get a tattoo or branded depending on her mood. It could be a game show or reality TV show. Allison Mack could be the host.
    OMG, I have to go patent this idea right now before Rainier does.

  • https://m.aristeguinoticias.com/1812/mexico/emiliano-salinas-y-nxivm-mexico-contraatacan-demandan-por-extorsion-a-detractores/

    In an interview with Aristegui Noticias , Emiliano Salinas, a follower and licensee of all the courses designed by Raniere, announced that his lawyers have already filed the first lawsuits against former members of ESP Mexico, who are accused of attempted extortion, sabotage and information theft.

    Emiliano Salinas Occelli notes that the lawsuits filed in Mexico and the United States against former members of Nxivm are not a form of intimidation or an act of harassment , but are complaints filed against people who violated the confidentiality contract or who have committed acts of sabotage to alienate their customers.

    However, the company of Keith Raniere does face three judicial accusations in the United States Courts, according to a search conducted by Aristegui Noticias , while in 12 more cases it is a plaintiff, also against critics and former members of the group.

  • Mr. Kelton says the “allegations against them are unfounded” and that Dr. Porter and Dr. Roberts are “prepared to vigorously defend themselves, should it become necessary, in the appropriate legal forum.”

    Standard legal jargon. A similar statement was given by the lawyers of Bryan Singer to all the allegations of sexual harassment/rape that have surrounded him for years.

    Either Sara Edmondson and the other actress who was made to watch those violent movies (I forgot her name) are lying, or these two doctors are lying.

    Where there is smoke, there is fire.

    And isn’t it ironic that Dr. “Brander of Women” was at a “Wellness Expo” of all places?

    Take a look into MK Ultra and Monarch. I wouldn’t be surprised why legal authorities haven’t moved against NXIVM, et al, is because the latter is using similar techniques to thought-reform their members/followers. Remember what Toni Natalie said about going into an office with Raniere and thinking it only lasted some minutes, but it actually lasted a few hours according to her former husband? Inducing trauma via videos and subconscious indoctrination via states of trance are techniques that reek of such methods.

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