‘In the name of love and truth’, Edgar Boone makes official statement supporting Keith Raniere & NXIVM

 Edgar Boone, who is the only Blue Sash in the NXIVM organization, making him the third highest ranking living member of NXIVM, has issued a statement on Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

Edgar Boone has written a note of public support of NXIVM and Keith Raniere.

Here is Mr. Boone’s letter as it appears on his website

In The Name of Love And Truth In the World (Keith Raniere & NXIVM)

18 Dec 2017

Dear friends,

The last few months have been extremely painful and sad, as I have watched a few individuals and the media pursue a defamation campaign against one of the most humanitarian people I have ever known (Keith Raniere), and against the organization we have helped build for many years (NXIVM).

It is sad for me to see people, who I previously considered friends, use and manipulate the media to distribute a made-up horror story about Keith, our company and many in the company who work every day to assist people in improving their lives.

This made-up horror story has all the popular dramatic elements to make it enticing and easily believed by those who don’t really know Keith and our organization.

I have personally worked with Keith for over sixteen years and have seen him act honorably in the face of dishonor. I’ve witnessed him being compassionate with those being destructive to him. I’ve seen him being ethical even if that meant a great financial loss. And I’ve seen him uphold justice and the justice system while others try to abuse it for their own benefit.

I have also witnessed thousands of people benefiting from NXIVM’s programs, resulting in them living fuller, more meaningful lives. I have seen many become healthier, stronger, more financially successful and most of all, more joyful using the tools Keith has created.

I see all these results as expressions of love, goodness, and kindness, which are often difficult to find in this world.  Supporting a goal of more love and kindness in the world is why I stand up for those who uphold these principles that make humanity nobler. This is why I support Keith and the work we do together.

If you are interested in joining in the support of Keith and NXIVM please send me a direct message.

With all my love,

Edgar Boone


3 thoughts on “‘In the name of love and truth’, Edgar Boone makes official statement supporting Keith Raniere & NXIVM

  1. Dear Edgar,
    why not tell the truth, the truth you tell when you are angry about how you been angry. Like when they broke you and Michele up or you and Sara up. Tell us those words. How about the words when Alex and Emi become more important than you did, really. Isn’t this why you left for awhile.
    Yes, you got promoted faster than other and make more money and with the company going down the drains, this means less money in your pockets. Let’s be honest Edgar. You know what Keith is really up to behind closed doors don’t you. He’s a sick man isn’t he. Would you let your wife spend a weekend alone with him?

  2. Actually you know what, I know you dislike the upper ranks (you told me you don’t think they are ethical and are very prideful) and you know there are some big problems in the company. But oh right you’re not allowed to say that in your public statement. Cause you are one of the few people being paid, so yeah wouldn’t want to risk that by being honest, right Edgar? Well enjoy your money while all the indentured servants give every ounce of their life and energy to Keith and can’t even make their car payments.

  3. Dear Edgar,

    Each paragraph in your letter needs an additional, clarifying sentence beginning with the words, “For example…”

    With all my love,
    -pretty much everyone

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