Sad Nicki Clyne seen in Berkshires doing stand up comedy before small audience

Nicki Clyne got worldwide publicity today as the Sun, the Daily Mail, Hollywood Life and other media outlets revealed the sad fact that the actress, who once had a recurring role in Battlestar Galactica, has become a branded slave of cult leader Keith Raniere.

As per Instagram, Nicki Clyne and Michelle Hatchette, another DOS branded slave of Mr. Raniere, have been hanging out in the Berkshires in Sheffield MA and Great Barrington.

Michelle used to work on a farm over there and may have an apartment or place to stay.

They do not seem to have been invited to be with Mr. Raniere in Monterrey, Mexico.

Nicki took her pictures down, but there is one on another Instagram account that shows her most recent attempt at stand up comedy. Her routine is entitled “Dating [is] for Dummies” and she appeared last Sunday for the Down County Social Club [12/10/2017.]

Nicki went from a paid role in a hit TV series to a full time role in a cult and now appears in small venues doing stand up comedy for social clubs.
From the videos I have seen of Nicki’s routines, she’s not funny. She’s a sad young woman who somehow got caught up in a cult that brands women. There is nothing funny about that.

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  • Who knows. Maybe she is good at it. I do things as well for fun and to keep me occupied in my time off despite not making any money with it. I would be more concerned if it was somehow connected with Keith telling her to do is as he envisioned it. As long as nothing like that becomes apparent, I would not be too concerned.
    What is her role in NXIVM anyway? She does not have the fan base of the former TV stars they try to lovebomb and I guess never had. She has had no show or any coverage in the media for a decade on top of that, so it cannot be said about her that she is an aspiring actress which might be an asset to the cult in the future.



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