Miss Clyne at a more hefty weight.

Rare Video: Cult funny girl Nicki Clyne does top 12 photo captions

Cult member, and former Battlestar Gallactica star, Nicki Clyne, does her “Top 12 Photo Captions” routine for V-Week 2016.

V-Week is the 10-day celebration of the nativity of cult leader, Keith Raniere, who has risen to worldwide fame recently for branding women on their pubic region with his initials.

Normally, this kind of talent is only seen by paying customers of V-Week, who pay more than $2,000 for a chance to offer tribute to NXIVM leader Raniere whose followers refer to him by his self given title of Vanguard.

Happily, readers of Frank Report will get to share in the fun for much less than $2,000.

A few samples of Ms. Clyne’s top 12 reveal some of the inscrutable terminology [word salad] of NXIVM:

No 10: I’m pretty sure it’s ethical because I don’t have abstraction.

No. 7: Maybe if we make it black and white, they won’t know we’ve been up for 47 hours.

No 6: I just don’t get why people call us a cult.

No. 5: I’m telling you, it’s a need.

No, 4  When Ethicists start talking about the levels of morality.

No. 1. OK guys, seriously, who farted.

Keith Raniere appears in the audience [in blue shirt and shorts] at 2:48- 2;52

Nicki uses a lot of ESP jargon. My favorite: “marinating in your essence.”


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