Scandal in Monterrey: Sex cultist Raniere, caliente wives and cuernos husbands

Warning: salacious post ahead:

By Monterrey correspondent, Marilyn Casablanca

In San Pedro Garza Garcia, sex cult leader Keith Raniere is living among the women of ESP, and the local Fresas, with sharp tongues and acerbic humor, are offering a dose of ESP gossip.

Around San Pedro Garza Garcia, especially Colonia del Valle, gossip focuses on why a husband would tolerate his wife being branded with another man’s initials – even if it is a horny Vanguard.

The following is what we heard. It may be true or false but it is the gossip du jour in Monterrey and hence you deserve to hear it too:

Jimena Garza [Green] a branded DOS slave, sports the initials of Keith Raniere on her pubic region. Her husband, Omar ‘Ponerse Los Cuernos’ Boone has little to say.

What can he say? A man whose wife has another man’s initials branded on her crotch is a weasel and should remain silent This is what they Fresas say, when they’re being nice.

Nadie podía creer que Omar se había quedado con Jimena después de que ella le había puesto los cuernos así.

Then there is Jimena’s sister, branded DOS slave Carola Garza and cuckie hubby Hector Cortes.

It is not known if Keith Raniere mentors Carola in the bedroom. She sports his initials proudly on her crotch, which makes the manliness of husband Hector Cortes suspect, to say the least.


ESP teaches sex is like playing piano. Just find a good one and start playing.

Nieda Maria Martinez Lozano [Yellow] is married to Luis Lozano [Orange]. One day Nieda entered ESP Monterrey Center and found Luis getting ‘clothing optional’ instructions from Ana ‘Caliente’ Risoul [Orange, 1 Stripe].

Ana ‘Caliente’ Risoul is married to Gerry ‘Los Cuernos’ Ayala [Yellow]. 

After Ana gave sexual instructions to Luis, she got to learn under Marcelo ‘Little Keith’ Ortiz [Orange, 1 stripe]. Marcelo offered to photograph Caliente Risoul nude. Little Keith is an artiste and the result was a host of hot photo gems of Hottie Risoul which are held as part of the treasure trove of collateral.

However what started out as innocent nude photo ESP flirtation between two ethical Espians happily in lust ended up as a hot and torrid lust-storm of adventure that lit up the ejaculatory expressions of two lust struck proctors from Monterrey to Clifton Park.

It was hottest when Ana and Marcelo were in cold climate Clifton Park devising curriculum for The Source, the acting course. It was helpful that spouses Gerry Cornuto Ayala and Carmen ‘last to know’ Garza were thousands of miles away, Gerry working for Ana’s daddy, while Anna had her own ‘big daddy’ in pint sized ‘Little Keith’ filling up her nights and her drawers as both acted up a storm as if they were dying to come home to be with spouses while horny hopping humping into the wee hours showing that the Source has plenty to offer by way of genuine acting instruction after all.

Still Carmen must have known Little Keith had it in him. Before Ana Caliente he stole Carmen Garza from Luis Montes.

Carmen left Luis for Marcelo who cheated with Ana while Gerry wasn’t around.

Luis quit ESP but came back on rebound to marry heiress Rosa Laura Junco, a slave of Keith Raniere. As Luis wears the horns, Rosa Laura wears the brand.

Marcelo ‘Little Keith’ Ortiz went Espian hopping from Dani to Carmen to Ana Risoul.

Before that Marcelo was husband of Dani Padilla. He cheated with Carmen [who was dating Luis] and Dani wound up in Keith’s harem branded with his initials making for a happy ending for all.

Dani Padilla went from Little Keith to Big Keith.

Sexy Center: Behind the walls of ESP Monterrey many an adulterous affair is hatched, nurtured and consummated. Sometimes they do not even bother to get a hotel.

Alex [rear] and Emi are gay about success. The ‘in the closet’ couple are partners in ESP.

Michel Chernitzky’s [Yellow, 4 stripe] girlfriend, Jacqueline Ronay, was mentored by Emiliano ‘Puto’ Salinas in various bedrooms by day and by night.

Michel was dumped by previous girlfriend, India Oxenberg when she went down into the caverns of Vanguard’s sexual presence and emerged branded with his initials.


India went from Michel to DOS.


Emiliano’s wife Ludwika Paleta can’t seem to keep her clothes on. 


Emiliano’s gay affair with Alex Betancourt ended when Emiliano married Ludwika Paleta. Emiliano soon qualified for pussy whipped Espian of the year.







Ludwika soon started having sex with other men and beta Emi went back to Alex [and others].


Espian Mark Hildreth  



















Ludwika started having Espian sex with Espian Mark Hildreth. Marcello was going after Allison Mack. Allison was branding women and having an affair with Keith. This kept them all busy as sin.

Ludwika got between a rock and a hard place when she started dating Emi, who kept it a secret from Alex at first.


Allison Mack chose to be sexually healed by Keith Raniere rather than have a monogamous relationship.
Emiliano has sex with men and women. Ludwika has sex with men. Threesomes and foursomes are the menu for the randy couple; sometimes they have threesomes and foursomes together.

[Name Redacted] joined DOS and they say she went simply orgiastic but refused to get the DOS branding since she worried her rich American husband might find out. She still has her bouts of sexual mentoring from Raniere, and cuckie subby hubby [Name Redacted] has nuttin’ to say. He is so subby he fights for the right of the right of the first night [and any night] for [Name Redacted] to have Espian sex with her sex addled Vanguard when he orders it or thinks he does. Or so we hear.

One of the most common threads of the Monterrey gossip is the talk of the prevalence of herpes among the women of Raniere. Failure to disclose herpes in this free wheeling, wild and winsome sex cult is worrisome, unethical and maybe illegal. With many Raniere womenfolk afflicted, caution is advised. Even if the hot and horny desires creep to overflowing,overwhelming lust, remember it is nowise near as nice with the receipt of herpes. After cuckolding subby hubby and then gift him with herpes seems even for an Espian not very ethical.


Keith Raniere is not only horny, he is hairy. While it is known he sheds hair, it is not known if he sheds herpes. Please be careful when entering the world of the lust stricken followers of kinky Keith ‘the randy’ Raniere.

As these models demonstrate, herpes is spread through genital contact. Since Espians are prone to mentor each other without clothing, even though it is strictly Espian teaching, it might result in contagion, as these handsome models demonstrate.

It should be pointed out that, as these models [above] illustrate, even if someone is innocent looking it does not mean they do not have herpes and  pass it on to you while you are trying to learn ESP teachings.

Keep it in mind.


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  • Campaña de MALO contra Salinas de Gortari.
    Verdadero o falso….. los chairos se muestran JUECES de los demás.

  • Anonymous. Sorry you are shocked. It’s a bit like a dependent child discovering their parents are human. Much of what is in this post is true. When people live under strict suppression masquerading as ethics, they start to act out to blow off steam. That’s why there’s such a huge underground fuck club in ESP. Your heroes are very very very human. But they’re humans who are lying and pretending to be something they are not. I know people on the inside are saying lies, lies, lies. But you’re sounding like the orange turd who says fake news, fake news, fake news. Grow up. The End.

  • What the hell?? These things about Marcelo Ortiz, Ana Risoul, Carmen Garza, Luis Montes, Rosa Laura Junco, GerarDo Ayala, Daniela Padilla, Mayra Lozano, Luis Lozano… I can’t believe they would do such things… they are my friends and I have always thought they are honorable and people of respect.. I think this is all lies made up about them… it’s all lies

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