Melissa Rodriguez

Kamaraj and Melissa Rodriguez in San Pedro to serve Vanguard

Sources say Melissa Rodriguez, a branded DOS slave, is in San Pedro Garza Garcia. She is here to service Keith Raniere and may be teaching Jness to the local ESPians.

Also in town is SOP leader, Kamaraj  Kalyanasundaram, who has been linked to Ms. Rodriguez in the past. Mr. Kalyanasundaram also functions as a man servant for Mr. Raniere as needed.

Both are devoted followers of the branding master, who is also known by the name Vanguard.

Ms. Rodriguez is a longtime member of the harem of Keith Raniere during the halcyon days when he did not need to coerce women into being mentored by him.

Ms. Rodriguez holds the rank of Orange Sash, two stripes. Kamaraj holds the rank of Yellow Sash, four stripes.

As a dedicated DOS slave, Ms. Rodriguez sports a brand on her pubic region bearing the initials of Keith Raniere.

An inside source says Ms. Rodriguez was initially ordered by her master to service  Kamaraj at a critical juncture when almost all the men of SOP were quitting the organization and it had become known as the SOC [Society of Cuckolds.]

As a faithful servant, Kamaraj [along with Lucas Roberts, Jimmy Del Negro and Damon Brink] were all the men who remained after learning about the blackmail and branding of women by their leader.

A source said Kamaraj’s closeness with Melissa is authentic. In some respects, this is a kind of pre-honeymoon for the couple who Vanguard brought together.

Kam understands Vanguard has final say over DOS women. But perhaps he thinks it an honor to have his guru teach his fortunate, future wife.

When Vanguard cannot be on hand to give a sexual ‘tune up’ to the lady, Kamaraj can venture himself knowing his guru is with him in spirit since his initials [K-R] are permanently scarred two inches from Melissa’s vagina as a sort of mystical amulet.

Kamaraj may also be in Monterrey to serve a dual purpose. He is seen as a good influence on some of the married men who do not understand that DOS slavery trumps mundane marriage. Some husbands are peeved that they cannot make plans in advance with their wives since Vanguard might call for them and they have to be ready.

It is hoped Kamaraj can explain that this is a defiance issue. The tools given by Vanguard called exploration of meaning is ideally suited for husbands adjusting to being cuckolds for Vanguard.

Kamaraj dances for his master Keith Raniere.
Society of Cuckold Leader Kamaraj with Karen Unterreiner – Vanguard’s longest serving wing woman. In front is DOS slave Melissa Rodriguez.




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    • Nah. From what I know, most traditional Indians don’t fuck around and get married relatively young. Typically a few years out of undergraduate or graduate school. They also have high respect for their parents, often bowing and kissing their feet whenever they do wrong.

      Kam would be considered a traditional Indian gone wrong.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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