Clare Bronfman in Mexico, seen in San Pedro near Raniere

Clare Bronfman was seen on the streets of San Pedro Garza Garcia, the wealthiest municipality in all of Mexico and part of greater Monterrey. Keith Raniere was previously reported to be living in that same affluent community.

Ms. Bronfman was positively identified in several locations. The Monterrey ESP Center is also in San Pedro Garza Garcia.

The last two times Clare was spotted on Calzada del Valle Avenue, walking between Gómez Morín to Humberto Lobo. She was walking alone, talking the entire time on her cell phone.

Mexican locals who correspond with Frank Report could not help but notice that she never put down her cell phone.

She was described as unusually skinny.

“She is gaunt,’ one local said. “It was odd seeing an American woman, so thin it is almost frightening, looking older than her age, constantly on her cell phone, as she walked.”

Frank Report will have more within the next few hours on the location of Mr. Raniere and who else from Clifton Park is with him in Monterrey.

Clare Bronfman often refers to Mr. Raniere as “The Vanguard” – and confirmation that she is here with him has led people to wonder if it has any connection to worries The Vanguard has about law enforcement in the USA and what Clare is needed to do or not do or say.

Clare Bronfman is the financial strength behind Keith Raniere. She is with him in Mexico.

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    Calzada del Valle and Calzada San Pedro, are three-laned intersecting gardened boulevards that serve as the main avenues of the affluent Colonia del Valle neighborhood of San Pedro Garza García, a suburb of the larger metropolitan city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Exclusive shops, apartment buildings, and business offices are located throughout the avenues. The walkway in the boulevard is great for exercising, walking or marathons. Parades usually take place during Easter and Christmas through the Calzada.

    Calzada del Valle is famous for its illuminated trees during Christmas season.

  • What is Clare Bronfman thinking? Maybe her starved brain isn’t thinking very clearly. Is she not aware that wealthy people get kidnapped in Mexico & held for ransom? Maybe this is her Vanguards plan all along.

    Dimes to donuts he is in her will to get all her money upon her death & what a way to accidentally made her be gone gone than a kidnapping gone wrong. She is walking down the street in Mexico by herself distracted on her cell phone.

    It was God’s day off when Clare was handed a brain so she went to Vanguard to get one.



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