ESP pioneer, Edgar Boone is in Clifton Park, while Raniere is in his hometown, Monterrey

Edgar Boone built Nxivm in Mexico and he seems to want to grow it again.

While Edgar Boone is listed as emeritus, he has a reserved parking spot at NXIVM’s Albany Center. His sign is blue like his sash. His parking space is next to Lauren Salzman, the highest ranking of the Green Sash in NXIVM and her mother, Prefect A/K/A Nancy Salzman, who has achieved the rank of the Gold Sash.

The daring young Espian. Edgar Boone was one of the masterminds behind bringing cash into the USA from Mexico. It’s said he used his bank account to store some of the funds and then would do wire transfers into shell companies.


ESPians owe a debt of gratitude to Edgar Boone, holder of the exalted rank of the Blue Sash. It was he, a NXIVM pioneer, who recruited that first batch of bright Mexicans who dazzled the NXIVM world by remaining impervious to endless scandals concerning their leader, Vanguard.

For a time, Edgar Boone was most likely NXIVM’s highest earner. He was the king of ESP Mexico and the fastest growing member with students below him. Edgar Boone was responsible for bringing Alejandro Betancourt, Loretta Garza, Farouk Rojas, Omar Boone and others into NXIVM.  In turn, those recruits brought in Emiliano Salinas, Carola Garza, Jimena Garza, Carmen Garza AlonsoDani Padilla, Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya, Luis Montes, Clara Luz Flores, Hector Cortes, Michel Chernitzky, Anabel Cantu, Vany Huber, Ana Risoul, Ivy Nevares and others.

The Monterrey ESP center was the first in Mexico, and probably the first permanent one outside of Albany. It was Edgar Boone’s creation.

Edgar led select members of the Mexican team to coordinate bulk cash smuggling operations from ESP Mexico to ESP Albany.  A lot of Mexican students paid for the programs in cash. Cash payments for classes were marked as scholarships. Edgar would deposit much of the funds into his bank account and wire it into accounts other than NXIVM’s main account. He also had a hand in helping to bring cash across the border. Some of this cash went right to Nancy’s safe. As proof of their success, at one time, there was reportedly as much as $2 million in cash hidden away in Prefect’s basement at any given time.

But not all the cash went to Keith via Nancy’s safe. Some went to other states where gift visa cards were bought and sent to Keith and other high ranking members of NXIVM.

Edgar extended himself [his Vanguard advised him it was the ethical thing to do] and lent the use of his bank accounts to hide money for IRS-plagued, Barbara Jeske, who passed away holding the exalted rank of the Purple Sash.

In time, Keith was to develop more sophisticated methods to launder money, with the help of Clare Bronfman, Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt. But the tried and true methods Keith developed with Nancy Salzman and Edgar Boone will be long remembered and, up until recently, were in use even if in a diluted form, sources say.

Despite his infirmities and advancing age, Edgar, who hails from Monterrey, where Vanguard was last seen,  holds the fort in Albany. With law enforcement investigating NXIVM, perhaps seriously for the first time, Vanguard cannot afford to remain where he might be easy pickings for eagle-eyed law enforcement agents.

As strategists within organized crime groups know, for an organization to survive it must protect its leader even if it means some might have to take the fall and remain silent.

Edgar and his wife, Vanessa, and their triplets, now reside at 7 Oregon Trail, in Clifton Park. His triplets are being used for an important human experiment called Rainbow Cultural Gardens. It is reported Edgar pays $200,000 a year for his children to learn how to learn the secret methods of Keith Raniere from their earliest infancy.

This past week, Edgar was spotted at NXIVM headquarters in Albany [Colonie], NY.  His blue sign reserves a parking space for him whenever he chooses to appear, no matter how busy it is, although of late the lot has not been anywhere near full.

Edgar Boone with wife Vanessa Sahagun. If he were to be absent for several years, it is believed that Vanguard’s teachings will be the mainstays for his wife and children.




Edgar gives tribute to Keith Raniere

Edgar uses his Facebook to let the world know what to expect if they follow his Vanguard



A knavish speech sleeps in a fool’s ear.

Edgar Boone


Finally, a poem

This poem in tribute is offered to…

Edgar Boone

by Cárcel Azul

From the blue sash atop his shoulders
To the last check in his bank account gone dry;
The rippin’est, roarin’est money launderer

Clifton Park ever knew! 

And he fought for NXIVM
To make all ESPians tax free!

Edgar Boone was an ESPian,
Yes, a big ESPian
With a secret handshake and a barefoot bow

And he fought for NXIVM
To make all ESPians tax free!

He blazed a big wide NXIVM trail
Through NXIVM’s hall of fame.

With a dream of a country of ESPians
That would always forever be under Keith.

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  • Maybe KR is a puppet and he has a puppet master. As in the remake of the movie, “The Manchurian Candidate.” KR could be like Raymond Shaw, and the actor Martin Short could play Dr. Attics Noyle. I don’t Know who would be a good choice to play KR, maybe a monkey.

  • Hollywood sources tell me that Harvey Weinstein and that other pint sized pedophile, Roman Polanski, are drooling over the possibility that they might make a movie that has a little bit of everything, a story that needs to be told.

    It starts with our main character, part Manson, part Madoff. The film can begin with a scene where our hero is throwing a judo opponent across a gym, or winning a 100 yard dash by a margin of forty yards. Cut to his mother shaking the young boy awake from his glorious dreams, hissing at her son “Wake up you little putz, you wet the bed again.”

    Three degrees from RPI and a world recognized IQ, and Keith ends up working at Amway? Talk about underachievement.

    Get out the “short list” of actors to see who will play KR. I’m talking short like Ben Stiller short.

    Weinstein and Polanski are pondering whether to use subtitles when KR speaks his New Age psychobabble lest audiences have no idea wtf he is talking about.

    But there’s more. There are the Bronfman sisters, owners of the world’s two most expensive scarves. Their crowning achievement in life seems to be that they were able to bring the Dalai Lama to Albany; for the amount of money they have spent on all things Vanturd, they probably could have bought at least part of Tibet.

    Then the B minus actresses: Mack, Kreuk and the brave Ms. Edmondson. They have all gotten to the point in their career where they have realized that they do not have the gravitas of a Streep, a Dench, a Redgrave, so they turned to Vanturd for meaning. The good news is that Weinstein/Polanski might let these ladies play themselves in the movie. And a personal note to Mr Edmondson: Upon finding out that someone had branded your wife, the only reaction that would have made sense would be to put a beating on Vanturd, using that milk dud that seems to be growing above his right eyebrow as a bulls eye.

    At least part of the film would have to deal with corruption in the Capital Region. Hard to believe that there is room for someone who has not been elected or appointed to be involved in extortion, money laundering and other crimes, but there it is. All within a few miles from NY State Trooper barracks in Latham and Clifton Park.

    The film could also detail how a prestigious, world known law firm represented Vanturd in a defamation case which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2002, then 14 years later represented Microsoft when Vanturd sued Microsoft for patent infringement.

    Since any good film features location shoots, we now have a bit of a road movie with Vanturd on the lam in Monterrey and Clare Bronfman rounding up a herd of potential brandees in Fiji.

    Gots to go now, back to work on the screenplay. Roman/Harvey will be calling any minute. And remember, the only thing better than good fiction is a true story that is very hard to believe.

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