Edgar Boone looking for liars; Alejandra Anaya & Jimena Garza host intro to ESP; is Raniere safe in Mexico or has he fled?

Alejandra Anaya, sister of the former head of the treasury department in Mexico, co founded Anima with Keith Raniere.


Keith Raniere was last seen in Mexico.


On November 29th, Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya advertised an Intro to ESP in Mexico City.  Ms. Anaya is a co-founder of Anima, a dance performance company created by Keith Raniere. She is also a high-ranking ESP member. With family wealth, she can afford to while away her life on NXIVM.

She was to present the intro, according to her advertisement.

Ms. Anaya’s  brother, José Antonio González Anaya, was, until recently, chief executive of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Mexico’s national oil company. Then he got promoted late last month by the president of Mexico as Finance Minister of Mexico, a cabinet level position.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto [l] shakes hands with Mexico’s new Finance Minister, Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, at Los Pinos presidential residence in Mexico City, Mexico November 27, 2017.

Two days later, also in Mexico City, his sister, Alejandra presented an Intro to ESP event.

Her brother is very close to former Mexican president Carlos Salinas,  who is said to be one of the most , if not the most, powerful politicians in Mexico. His son, Emiliano, is a longtime follower of Keith Raniere.

Emiliano Salinas sits with Vanguard for a video presentation of “Conversations with Keith Raniere”.


Jose Antonio Anaya, as finance minister, or Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, is head of what is the equivalent of the IRS. His sister is a longtime follower of Keith Raniere.

There are those who say Keith Raniere is not safe in Mexico, and will have to flee to more obscure corners of the world as the large number of his crimes become evident to the world.

Still, the impressive list of wealthy relatives of powerful Mexicans who follow him blindly may make him safe there even if most of his Albany-based followers wind up in US prisons.

Indeed, if one of Keith’s followers’ brother was head of the IRS, he might not have had to head to Mexico.


DOS branded slave Jimena Garza advertised that she would present an Intro to ESP on November 30th in Monterrey.

While Ms. Anaya and other women in Mexico City are slaves to Mr. Raniere, it is Monterrey where he has the most DOS branded slaves; women who have vowed lifetime obedience to him.

Mr. Raniere, who requires his slaves to be available 24-hours per day, found it convenient to be in Monterrey where Jimena Garza and her sister, Carola Garza, both branded with Keith Raniere’s initials on their pubic area, will forsake husbands and heath and home to service their Vanguard.


Edgar Boone, the retired blue sash of NXIVM, who essentially founded the Mexican contingent of ESP and allegedly helped launder millions of tax free dollars into the hands of Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere, has posted on social media an article that may, if it works as promised, wind up outing him and his teacher, Vanguard.

It is entitled: “Como descubrir a un mentiroso segun Carl Sagan”. [Translation: “How to discover a liar according to Carl Sagan”].


Will there be a J’ness Track 12?

These three photos are believed to be from a J’ness Track 1 that was held in Mexico City.

Can anybody identify the women pictured?

J’ness Track 11 was recently held in Albany.  It had the feeling of finality to some who witnessed it.

Will there be a Jness Track 12?

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Edgar Boone
Edgar Boone
5 years ago

Edgar Boone has a reserved parking spot outside NXIVM Albany Center. That doesn’t shout retirement. It’s right by Lauren & Nancy Salzman’s spots. His sign is even blue like his sash.

5 years ago

Its probably too late to tell them that they shouldn’t advertise that they are affiliated with Keith Raniere…at least get them in the door before they can google him….. too soon to change the curriculum in Mexico, Salinas putting out an ESP Vanguard-less day 1-5 intensive?

Google translation of Monterrey ESP Introduction Presentation by Jimena Garza
Google translation of Monterrey ESP Introduction Presentation by Jimena Garza
5 years ago

Introductory Presentation with Jimena Garza

Thursday, November 30, 7 pm, Monterrey NL

Jimena Garza discovered Executive Success Programs [ESP] in 2002 while studying Business Administration at Tecnologico de Monterrey [ITESM] Monterrey campus. Immediately after finishing her studies she started her first business in real estate. After six years, she has operations both in Mexico and the United States, focusing mainly on the commercialization and development of real estate.

In 2010, she was offered to lead the NXIVM Center in Monterrey. She was deeply moved by the possibility of transforming the violence that rules her country, and quickly gained the opportunity. Through her work in downtown Monterrey, her ideal is both to build and help others to create and develop ethical and humanistic businesses using the unique and transformative tools of ESP.

Google translation of Mexico City ESP Introduction Presentation bu Alejandra Gonzales Anaya
Google translation of Mexico City ESP Introduction Presentation bu Alejandra Gonzales Anaya
5 years ago

Introduction Presentation with Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya

Wednesday, November 29 at 7:30 pm | Mexico City

With more than ten years of successful professional career as a dancer of contemporary and aerial dance, Alejandra met the introspective technology of Executive Success Programs [ESP] in 2007. Less than a year in ESP, her career took off as a choreographer of her own works and enhanced her passion to take to the limit and become the best expression of herself.

In 2009, Alejandra became the regional executive of ESP. Upon meeting the philosopher and humanist Keith Raniere, founder of ESP and creator of the Rational Inquiry model, Alejandra was inspired by his ideology. Together they decided to found ANIMA INC, a way of communicating – through the performing arts – the best expression of humanity.

Her personal success as a producer, artistic director, choreographer and dancer of ANIMA INC is reflected in the achievements of her team and her company. In addition to producing the choreography of musicals such as Cabaret, El Graduado and Avenida Q, Alejandra wrote and produced the work SICARIO and directed the ariel show VUELA MEXICO during the celebration of the Bicentennial of Mexico, receiving wide recognition from the national and international press. Likewise, in 2011 she did the choreographic direction of the ceremonies of opening and closing of the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

5 years ago

“Furthermore, the sorority is proud of what they created and want to share their story. I am confident they will be addressing you very soon.” – Keith Raniere

Anyone have a clue when this will happen?

5 years ago

Edgar Boone and his wife, residing at 7 Oregon Trail, have been back at NXIVM HQ in Colonie, NY the past week.

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