Leaked NXIVM University materials show high school level studies, Ivy League prices, and spy-level secrecy required

Some readers might be interested in knowing exactly what kind of “higher learning” is studied at the NXIVM University, also known as The Internship.

Thanks to an alumnus of NXIVM University, readers get a rare look at some of the actual course work being offered at this sham university.

NXIVM University students have to sign both an affidavit and a Confidentiality Agreement in order to attend the school.  The tuition is $5,000 per month – which is slightly higher then the annual tuition at Harvard,  Princeton or Yale – but students at NXIVM University are told they should be able to graduate in two years, as opposed to the four years required at most Ivy League colleges

The founder of NXIVM University is Keith Raniere. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where the current tuition is $49,341 annually.

Students of NXIVM University are expected to pay $60,000 per year but alternate payment programs are available for students.

Here is the language in the application regarding payment options:


I understand the cost of the Program is $5000 per month. If I choose one of
the options below, I agree to pay a day rate of $10 per day. In additional, should I require translation, I agree to pay the translation fees monthly.
I agree to the following exchange for my participation in the Program (please choose whichever option applies to you):
a. Enroll two people whom have never taken any NXIVM programs into the University Program by the following date: ________________.
b. Have 50% of my commissions withheld until I have earned the full title of my chosen career path.
c. Pay $____________ per month for the initial 6 months of the Program, and thereafter have 50% withheld from my commissions until I earn full title of my chosen career path.
d. Perform the following function to assist and facilitate the Program: ___________________________.
e. Should I fail to uphold my commitment in graduating the Program, I shall do the following:
i. Transfer title and ownership of ________________________
to an entity NXIVM chooses, or;
ii. I agree to have 50% of any income withheld from any career or contractor opportunity I have with NXIVM until I have returned to being in integrity with NXIVM.
iii. Start payments within 6 months of my exiting the program with a 9% per annum interest rate applied with the credit card given below.

Unlike most other educational entities in New York that use the word ‘University’ in their name or advertising, NXIVM  University is not accredited by any legitimate entity. For those who are interested, you can access the U.S. Department of Education’s database of accredited post-secondary institutions here:  https://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/

Also unlike other Universities, NXIVM University forbids its students from revealing anything learned or any course work. Most colleges do not require their students to keep secret what they have learned and, instead, allow them to speak freely free of it and share, and even sell their textbooks to others.

The application that requires utter secrecy is here: University Program – Level 2 application

The pertinent language is:


In this respect, NXIVM University resembles the world of George Orwell’s 1984.

The confidentiality clauses include:

All materials, methods and information contained in and represented through Executive Success Programs, Inc. (ESP) are essential assets of ESP acquired at great time and expense. As such, they are proprietary and confidential. These materials,
methods and information cannot be copied, duplicated, transmitted, taught or otherwise used, in part or in whole, directly or indirectly, without express written permission of ESP. Any breach or suspected breach of this or any of the tenets of these
Participant Terms and Conditions would cause irreparable harm to ESP. Adequate remedies under law may not exist. Participant grants ESP injunctive relief and all remedies under law or otherwise should any breach or suspected breach occurs.

For an institution of higher learning, where knowledge is to be shared not hidden, there is an awful lot of paranoia and concern about someone learning something. Or at least sharing what they learned with anyone else..

Yet, in promotional terms, this is a highly specialized University. NXIVM University is advertised by NXIVM officials as “the fast track to promotion within NXIVM”.

Here is an email from Prefect and the Executive Board of NXIVM to NXIVM salesman Brian Elliot. This email appears to make the initial offering to students on the NXIVM Stripe Path to move ahead on their [full time] careers with NXIVM.

From: Nxivm Communications <communications@nxivm.com>
Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 10:16 PM
Subject: The Fast Track to a NXIVM Career Path
To: Brian Elliot <belliot@gmail.com>
Get on the fast track!

Would you like to build a new career for yourself?
Would you like to have control of your most valuable resource, your time?
Would you like control over how much you earn?

It takes four to twelve years of university education to be able to earn more than $50,000 per year. Imagine being able to make four to five times as much as that—in a fraction of the time!

Hosted by our Corporate Center in Albany, New York, we are offering a fast track program where you can become a salesperson, field trainer, EMP, head trainer, proctor and/or an ethicist in two years or less!

Are you ready? Anyone can apply! Simply fill out the attached application form and submit it to: careers@nxivm.com

The base cost of this program is $5000 per month, and financing and scholarship options are available!

Prefect and The Executive Board

High school grammar is taught at the University.
Word power at the high school level. Can you define these words? Think of the advantage to those who graduate from NXIVM University?


Unlike Harvard or Yale, everything learned at NXIVM University is subject to copyright and/or confidential and proprietary. NXIVM University’s course on George Orwell’s “1984” is especially high regarded by NXIVM University students.


Frank Report has previously published this photo of a textbook lesson on grammar. This is how students learn the importance of the placement of the comma.

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  • Luke…is this where you attended University? The comma book worked such wonders on you. Did you receive a degree in proper comma usage?

  • Wake up people. Can’t you tell you are being she’d being fleeced of your money (or your parents).

    It’s one more con game Raniere has come up with to squeeze you out of every last dime you ever thought of having in your life.

    When you do wake up, your either going to have to go to real school anyway or just go get a job.

    Stop drinking the pool-aid. Go see your family for the holidays, drink some lemon water and get some sleep.

  • It appears from the picture of the students that most came from Mexico. I wonder how many realized they were duped and quit? Besides the 5k tuition per month did they have to also pay for housing arrangements?

    I see Brian Elliot in the picture, Juan Lopez Fons and the dude standing with the dress shirt and jeans (arms around female espian) is another long time espian who moved to Albany from Mexico whose name escapes me at this time.

    Basically NXIVM U is a form of indentured servitude. Actually the whole con of the MLM aspect of the live coaching business is indentured servitude. NXIVM owns you if you go on a payment plan of any kind.

    To quote a favorite Monopoly saying……You will never pass go you will never collect $200.

    • The guy standing is Diego Rodero…

      Also shown are
      Lore Lara
      Abril Cigarroa
      Samantha LeBaron
      Luis Diego Salas
      Andrea Ugalde
      Jose Ramirez
      Elizabeth Madrid

  • I almost signed up for the university and the only reason I didn’t is because not one high rank, including Nancy could answer my questions. For example – what will the format be? “We don’t know yet! But Keith will be creating it so I am sure it will be LIFE CHANGING”. I am so glad I didn’t go because I really wanted to learn EMs and I have heard from my friends there that they haven’t even started learning the EM skills yet. Now I am going to go back to school and study psychology at a REAL school. PS everyone in that program knows deep down it’s total bullshit, but they are just so invested now and need to be right about their choice. It’s called “cognitive dissonance” you idiots. Get out and get a real degree!

  • Have to hand it to Keith and Nancy…..How many other businesses have future “employees” pay for the training of their future commission based job?

    $120k+ to earn a 20% commission, that can be taken away if you don’t hit certain benchmarks. Good luck recruiting people in the future…. only someone like Marc Elliott, trying to get people with TS signed up right now, may be able to pay his rent.

    • A lot of airlines do that. If you come from an airforce of your choice it is pretty common that you get retrained for something like 300k which you have to pay back. But the job is payed really well in the end and you learn something important. Paying 60k a ear on this is slightly overpriced when you ask me.

      • I’m not sure where your getting your facts other than the great and powerful V himself. If the military pays for your schools you agree to give them so much time. If you leave service before your contact ends you have to pay them the remaining amount. You don’t pay ahead of time.

        The problem with any carp Salzman and Raniere sell is no one walks away from it making money. There is no success in Executive Success or NXIVM.

        • You are forced to leave your jet seat in your early 40s and the airlines have to retrain you. Flight hours are pretty expensive and the airlines do not pay for that kind of training if you do not sign a contract which forces you to stay with them for a few years. If you leave early you have to repay them some of that money, which is why most pilot stay for most of the time before they can renegotiate their contract. They are not payed pennies during that time, but they can make thousands more per month afterwards.

    • That’s not very nice, Special Needs. I read that very same “comma” book to my kids when they were in elementary school. One of them even managed to get a good scholarship to UBC, so I must recommend Keiths chosen teaching materials. It works

      • The “textbook” picture has been posted here before, and I have wondered if it was real or a troll.

        There is a children’s version of the book, with few words, big print, and amusing illustrations on each page. And there is the original “adult” version, also light-hearted but not juvenile.

        Both are brilliant.

        But the photo looks like the kid version, which doesn’t seem appropriate for a “University” level course.

        So is it a troll, or do they really teach from the kid’s version?

  • Now we are getting some meat!!! It’s great seeing course materials get leaked. These morons (NXIVM) can’t do anything about it either. They have lost their abilities with the authorities looking in on them. And how do they prove damages (if ESP Sued anyone) when they brand women, abuse children and commit fraud? They can’t.

    So with that said, I would like to request some more materials from those who have them:

    1) SOP – Keith talking about ejaculating on women’s faces, and any other misogynistic such items. There’s way more there kids. Let’s get at it.

    2) The original ESP NDA we all signed. It may have been released already. If so, my apologies.

    3) FAMILY VALUES – It would be interesting to get anything from the course about people talking about kids and how to raise them. Much of this course was devoid of any value and awful but getting some of the backwards teachings out might help the cause.

    4) Jness – Reach deep. There has to be some course materials talking about how women are vs. men that are highly insulting or degrading to women. I’d love to see this stuff out.

    5) Anything else from V-week that has Keith speaking in word salad or giving questionable opinions on things.

    Really anything that shines more of a light on the courses and what was actually taught.

    Keith has been castrated in terms of his abilities to sue and do any damage to anyone. Everything needs to come into the open now.

    Bravo for the people who are leaking items now. Shine a light on these cockroaches so people can see even more what they stand for. So much of these courses are heinous when you look back. Let’s show everyone.

  • He sure does like to come up with ridiculous names for his juvenile teachings.

    “Old World Curriculum (c)2017 Keith Raniere”

    That’s just dumb.

  • A real university would not use the student’s name on the first page but an identification number so that the evaluation staff does not know who’s test/exam they hold in their hands. This way they cannot favor any of their students, but it is not about standards in NXIVM anyway.
    About the test I have to say that for me as a non-native speaker part 1 would be pretty hard. it is good to see that native speakers & students cannot answer quite a lot of them as well. Makes me feel less stupid.

  • “Are you a mental health professional? [ ] Yes [ ] No ”

    Why is such a question in the application?

    Because people trained in psychology or psychiatry would recognize the emotional manipulation and covert trance-induction techniques used in ESP training, and might point them out to the other students. So such people are not welcome as students. This question lets them be filtered out.

    “Are you under the care, or have you been under the care, of a psychiatrist? [ ] Yes [ ] No
    If yes, are you currently taking any prescription medication? [ ] Yes [ ] No ”

    Why is such a question in the application?

    Because the emotional manipulation of ESP training, combined with the intentionally exhausting long hours cramped in your chair and insufficient food, have induced “episodes of decompensation.” This is a technical term used by psychiatrists and psychologists to describe the deterioration of the mental health of an individual who, up till that point, was maintaining his or her mental illness.

    The classic example of ESP-induced decompensation is Kristin Snyder, who committed suicide during an ESP intensive. Others have needed mental hospitalization. An Albany Times-Union article from the Cult Education Institute’s collection: https://www.culteducation.com/group/907-nxivm/6048-an-espians-brief-life-.html

    “Carlos Rueda, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in New York City, has said he treated three NXIVM students for psychological disorders related to NXIVM courses. One, a 28-year-old Manhattan woman from a prominent Mexico City family, experienced a psychotic episode in NXIVM’s New Karner Road facility and required hospitalization in January 2003, a month before Kristin Snyder’s disappearance, according to Rueda and Albany Police records.

    Rueda last year told the Times Union that ESP leaders are not trained to deal with potential psychological problems that can surface during its training.”

    There is also a 5-year non-compete clause. “competition is considered any activity that can potentially take monies or actual participants or potential participants away from ESP either directly or indirectly.”

    That means that if anyone asks you about ESP, and you advise them not to sign up, you are in violation.

    “ESP may modify and add to these Participant Terms and Conditions from time to time, and such modifications and additions shall become a part of this agreement upon written notice thereof to the Participant. ESP reserves the right to change curriculum and/or course material substance or format, and any requirements for rank or achievement. ESP shall provide a publication entitled “Rules and Regulations,” which shall be incorporated herein by reference. All participants shall abide by the terms and conditions of the publication entitled “Rules and Regulations.” ”

    That means that ESP has not promised you anything at all. It can change anything about the contract, and your signature is not required on the changes, only ESP’s written notice to you.

    “I hereby acknowledge and agree that ESP is not liable for; makes no representations; extends no warranties of any kind, either express or implied; and assumes no responsibilities whatsoever with respect to the use, performance and/or operation of such information and/or products received in any form, through any individual or company represented by ESP.”

    This means that ESP makes ZERO promise that you will get ANY good at all out of their expensive training.

  • What complete and total bullshit. Why the hell hasn’t the NYS Department of Education or the NYS Attorney General shut this crap down? Does NXIVM have undue influence in those agencies too? Is there any NYS agency that NXIVM doesn’t control? Do they have Gov. Cuomo in their pocket too?

    • Why should anyone do that? It is not a University after all and you do not get any degrees from them. The moment they try to create the impression of being that they might get sued, but until then let them do whatever they like.
      I can learn a foreign language at ‘evening school’ as well without it being a formal school after all. As long as everyone is happy I see no problems with that. After all they are adults and can make informed decisions on their own.

  • I think it’s shocking that anyone would agree to recruit other people into a shady organization or risk money being withheld from them. And what exactly does “being in integrity with NXIVM” actually mean? That entire contract feels like the same gooblygook word salads Keith is so find of of.

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