The Guardian: ‘Controversial monk and Dalai Lama aide replaced amid corruption accusations’; NXIVM and Lover Lama’s ‘friend’ Sara Bronfman mentioned

The Guardian published a story today: Controversial monk and Dalai Lama aide replaced amid corruption accusations.

The story mentions NXIVM and Lama Tenzin’s ‘friend’ Sara Bronfman.

[Lama Tenzin] built a network of wealthy supporters, including … the Seagram heiress Sara Bronfman.



Some critics also blamed Dhonden for organising an event in Albany in 2009 hosted by Nxivm, a controversial self-help organisation that has been compared to a cult, a description adherents reject. The event was initially cancelled after an outcry but then went ahead, giving a misleading impression that the Dalai Lama endorsed Nxivm, according to Dhonden’s detractors.
Leading Nxivm adherents include Sara Bronfman, a wealthy heiress with a longstanding interest in Buddhism whom Dhonden has befriended, according to several sources.

The word “befriended’ is an understatement. According to multiple sources, Sara and Lama Tenzin were lovers even though monks are prohibited from having sexual relations.

Cheek to cheek, lover Lama Tenzin and his heiress girlfriend, Sara Bronfman.

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  • With Baby Lama no longer tied to his vows, is it possible Sara would go back to her ex-lover for some Lama Love? Are things on the rocks with her current hubby? Is that why she moved back to Albany after so many years of being gone?



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