Raniere demotes himself to ‘co-founder’ of NXIVM, ESP? He was always the ‘founder’ until today!

Keith Raniere made a statement entitled ‘Letter from the co-founder’ on the Executive Success Programs and NXIVM websites. There is also a Spanish translation on ESP and on NXVM

Letter from the Co-Founder?

Since when?

Keith Raniere has always listed himself as the “founder” of both NXIVM and ESP.

I sure would not want to be the co-founder now, as Keith is distancing himself from any connection to DOS, with all of its members being in NXIVM/ESP and law enforcement rumored to be taking a serious look at the operations.

But really how can he now say he is a co-founder?

This is very revealing. Keith Raniere has now demoted himself to a “co-founder” of ESP and NXIVM. Yet on ESP the official website he refers to himself as “Founder”

Here is a screenshot as of today, Nov. 30, 2017.


To me, it is suspicious that he is making a new representation of the founders.

The NXIVM website does not name a founder, but lists Nancy Salzman as “President of NXIVM Corporation and Executive Success Programs, Inc.”

On Keith Raniere’s website, www.keithraniere.com, he lists himself as the Founder of NXIVM.

Here is a screenshot taken today.

On The World Ethical Foundations website under Keith Raniere  he is listed as the founder of NXIVM, ESP and other companies.


Curiously, on World Ethical Foundations Consortium, there is a distinction between founder [Keith Raniere] and co-founders, Clare and Sara Bronfman.

I’m not sure I understand the differences between founder and co founders as it relates to the World Ethical Foundations Consortium, but I do know that up until today. Keith Raniere was the founder of NXIVM and ESP.

Now. to his members, he is the co-founder. What does that mean?


Keith Raniere is the co-founder of NXIVM/ESP? Has Nancy Salzman just gotten a sudden honor?

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  • Nancy should take at least 1/2 of the fall. Given that she’s one of the people that knew about the crimes or actively participated and did nothing, I hope she sees some jail time. She was always a facade like Keith anyways. Hey Nancy, how about some coffee talk in jail?

    • This whole “co – founder” verbiage from Renaire is code for she’s not taking some of the fall, but all of it that Renaire can shift over to her. She’s got a huge problem in my estimation

  • https://www.economist.com/news/americas/21731873-ruling-party-turns-technocrat-jos-antonio-meade-pris-candidate-mexicos

    The PRI party in Mexico has chosen Jos Antonio Meade to run for president, and not Emiliano Salinas, who was widely reported to be under comsideration.

    It is not clear how important the revelations about Emiliano’s connection to the NXIVM cult and DOS blackmail, slavery, starvation, and genital branding were to scuttling his political ambitions, at least for now.

    Maybe now Emiliano will have enough spare time to visit Keith Raniere in Monterrey. ?..

  • Where is his loyal son, Luke the Cult Boy? We miss his intelligent commentary and brilliant insights. Luke, come….defend your Vandaddy before he is Vangone for good.

      • Maybe he’s just down at the planet Starbucks on Davie street. I hear that’s where he usually hangs out. After Lukes comment about me being a woman trapped in a *men’s * body, (after claiming he’s never read my comments,) I am suspicious. So, Luke, that seemed an odd remark to make to me… and I’m certainly not the only commenter making fun of you. So why so hostile to me?. Is it because you secretly hate women?
        Actually, how do we know you’re really a man? For all we know, Luke could be one of the Bronfman cunts.

  • Shifting/Segueing the blame via “co-founder” comment to Salzman is actually a pretty good move on his part.

    Let the game begin.

    If I were Nancy Salzman I’d have an attorney on the phone ASAP.

  • http://www.m.e-veracruz.mx/nota/2017-11-29/sociedad/cuales-son-las-sectas-mas-peligrosas-de-mexico

    What are the most dangerous cults in Mexico?

    The enlightened or leaders of cults, promise to give peace to the most disturbed souls; however, they abuse, cheat and deprive of freedom.


    Sect NXIVM

    This organization operates in Mexico and the United States with a false objective that says to help parishioners, mainly women. They sell them the idea that women’s empowerment will help them to get ahead, while in reality, they are recruited to be submitted, since one of the requirements is to pose naked in order to check their bodies and that they have no signs of physical abuse. .

    However, at the moment when they plan to leave the cult they are threatened with these images so that they do not dare to leave the sect.

  • Lips are moving but all that the great and powerful Vanboy has to say are lie. When one does this for for decades one forgets other see reality. He might get a few to lie on the stand for him. They may forget, there is too much in writing that says he is the founder.
    Poor Vanboy wonderless he can only see the self projection of his self proclaimed brightness. Others who don’t drink the pool-aid only hear blaaaah blaaaah, blaaaaah.

  • Could it be that with Raniere in Mexico, and Clare in Fiji, that the Salzmans (Nancy, Lauren, and Michelle) are the only inner-circle members left in Clifton Park with the NXIVM servers?

    So when Raniere told them to post his idiotic attempt at salvaging his empire from the DOS damage, they threw a little shade at him by making him only the co-founder?

  • You teed it up for us, Frank. It means Nancy’s taking the fall.

    Too bad she can’t eat the tacos down in Monterey tonight

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