People Magazine Espanol reports Raniere in Monterrey, cites Frank Report


Here is the link to the story:   Aseguran que el líder del culto al que supuestamente pertenece el esposo de Ludwika Paleta huyó a México


Here is the English Translation:

They claim that the cult leader who supposedly belongs to Ludwika Paleta’s husband fled to Mexico

Mayra Mangal

November 27, 2017

The leader of a mysterious cult, which supposedly includes Emiliano Salinas, the husband of the actress Ludwika Paleta , as one of its members, has fled to Mexico.

This was announced this weekend by a source indicating that Keith Raniere, who had resided for years in Upstate New York, has moved to the city of Monterrey and apparently is living there with the help of wealthy Mexican followers.

According to the blog, Raniere would have fled the country aboard a private jet to avoid his imminent arrest in the US territory.

Raniere is the leader of NXIVM, a cult whose practices were exposed in an explosive article in The New York Times several weeks ago. There it was revealed that Raniere keeps sexual slaves that he marks with the cult symbol with a hot iron in the pubic area.

These slaves included wealthy heiresses from Mexico and the United States, including Clare and Sara Bronfman, the multimillionaire daughters of Edgar Bronfman Sr. , the founder of Seagram.

But it is the relationship between the founder of NXIVM and the husband of the Mexican actress – and son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari – that may have drawn the most attention, at least in Mexico, where some expected him to start his own political career. Emiliano Salinas has appeared in different photos and videos next to Raniere.

Now, it is reported that the charismatic leader has established his residence in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García where he lives with Carola Garza , another of his alleged slaves, and her husband, Héctor Cortés .


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  • I’m pretty sure Kristin and Kendra are out of NXIVM and have been for a while.

    Regardless, that sounds like Yoga methodology (with its reference to Chakras) and somatic release. I believe Kristin practices Yoga. I don’t think that has any relevance to the thought reform techniques of Keith Raniere.

    • I was not connecting either of these two women with the project. They were named by their owner which seems to have (had) at least some kind of connection to all the BS that is going on here. And let us be honest, it fits into the human growth & development category.

  • Nice to have a Spanish speaking magazine publishing the newest information about the case. Maybe the heat will reach him there as well. Btw, do you think this is somehow related to the Raniereverse? I found which is the same metaphysical stuff KR would promote. On top of that the owner/founder/leader states that about herself: Flashback to 2009’s Timeout for Teens I co-produced with Kendra Voth and Kristin Kreuk! Unforgettable weekend with some unforgettable teen girls and rotation leaders.

    Their Instagram shows Kristin Kreuk and Kendra Voth from Girls by Design which is strongly connected to KR.



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