Monterrey lacking coaches in aftermath of DOS

Coaches in Monterrey are leaving ESP in droves.  One ESP coach said she was worried because there are so few coaches, the work for remaining coaches is almost impossible to accomplish.

ESP coaches do not get paid for their work. In order to become a coach in ESP, one has to complete Level One training (which means the completion of the 16 Day Intensive) – and  recruit at least two people into ESP.

Jimena Garza [l] recently promoted to the Green Sash, and freshly branded as a DOS slave. She wears the initials of Keith Raniere on her pubic region. Pictured here with husband, Omar Boone [r]. There is talk around Monterrey about why a husband would accept his wife being branded with another man’s initials on her pubic region. A vulgar comment was made to me by one Mexican gentlemen: “Nadie podía creer que Omar se había quedado con Jimena después de que ella le había puesto los cuernos así.”

Jimena Garza wearing her NXIVM Green Sash.

Jimena Garza was promoted to the rank of the Green Sash after recruiting six Mexican women to be branded in June.

A rising tide raises all boats

Jimena Garza’s assistant, DOS slave Margarita Garcia, was promoted to the rank of the Orange Sash Sans Stripes.

The women of DOS were promised the fast track on the Stripe Path. Margarita wears her NXIVM Orange Sash. Scarred on her skin in her pubic region is the brand of Keith Raniere, sources in Monterrey tell Frank Report.
Rosa Laura Junco has achieved the rank of the Orange Sash, Four Stripes and bears the finely crafted, hand etched, hot iron cauterizing, scarified brand of Keith Raniere on her pubic region. Rosa Laura no longer lives in Monterrey. She has chosen to reside in Albany to be near Keith Raniere.



Clare Bronfman inherited great wealth from her father. Her fortune is put to use by Keith Raniere who uses it in litigation against enemies of NXIVM.

Dorina Lara, a proctor, [Orange Sash] has been ill. Sources say Miss Lara is a member of DOS and is likely branded. Friends say she has chronic fatigue. One source says it is caused by undernourishment. Miss Lara is unmarried and lives with a small dog.

She works as a volunteer for Rainbow, ESP and Jness and pays for many courses. She comes from a wealthy family which obviates the need to earn money.

Some ask why so many attractive ESP women are single.

A source explains:  ESP women are often single because, if they don’t meet somebody inside the center, they are not likely to be married. At ESP, the process is to get newcomers involved. At first, they make you feel happy to be love-bombed. They invite you to meetings, put you on committees, and importune you to attend events as if your absence would hamper everyone’s chance at enjoyment. Then, of course, there is the endless curriculum, the constant classes and the attendant cost.

Soon, you are spending all your time there. You disconnect with everyone outside the little world of ESP and it becomes your world. As you get further immersed, you are graduated to Coach. Then you work all the time for ESP for free.


L-R: ESP members, Luciana Garza, Nieda Lozano, Dorina Lara, with friends Cecilia and Ana Maria who are not ESP members.


Luciana Garza [the youngest sister of Jimena, Loreta and Carola Garza] is reported to be nearing the level of Coach. She is unmarried. Her sisters are DOS slaves: Loreta and Carola are involved in Rainbow. Sources believe Luciana is a DOS slave.

Nieda Maria Martinez Lozano has been promoted to Coach [Yellow, Sans Stripe]. Her husband, Luis Lozano, is a Proctor [Orange Sans Stripe].

Nieda learned a lesson about the teachings of Vanguard when she entered the Monterrey ESP center after hours, unannounced. She found hubby Luis getting private instructions from perennial ‘hot wife’ Ana Risoul [Orange, 1 stripe.]

Ana ‘Caliente’ Risoul works closely with male ESP members’ members to teach and learn the lessons of Vanguard who teaches that skin is an indivisible organ.

Nieda did not understand why Luis and Ana had to be naked to learn ESP. Luis explained that ESP teaches that sex is like playing piano. Just find one and start playing. He also explained that touching the skin of his penis is not different than touching the skin of his elbow. Skin is skin.

Nieda was merely a White Sash and not expected to understand advanced teachings. She stormed out and left Luis. Gradually, she understood. She took Luis back and was promoted to the rank of the Yellow Sash Sans Stripe and gave birth to a baby girl who, it is expected, will be enrolled in Rainbow and learn between seven and 13 languages. When she gets older, she will enter the Stripe Path and be branded on her pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere.

Gerardo Ayaya has achieved the rank of the  Yellow Sash Sans Stripe, a rank much lowlier than his wife, Ana Risoul.


Marcelo ‘Little Keith’ Ortiz has achieved the rank of The Orange Sash, One Stripe. Like Luis Lozano, Marcelo explored ESP skin teachings with Ana Risoul.


Little Kieth Ortiz is married to Carmen Garza who recently had a child.


The Mayor of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Clara Luz Flores Carrales has achieved the rank of The Yellow Sash Sans Stripe.


Many are called but few are chosen

A woman of Monterrey was an indifferent, largely unloved and unpromising ESP student. Then she inherited money.

ESP officials warmed up to her and revealed the striped path was open to her. She  enrolled in many classes.

Her children advised her to stop giving her money to ESP. Tension grew between the “selfish children” and the ESPians, who wanted nothing more than for her to be a better student.

The woman got herself a boyfriend who was not an ESP student. The boyfriend put his foot down and demanded – “leave me or leave ESP”.

The women quit, leaving behind the wisdom and love ESP had to offer, and the chance to rise high on the Stripe Path.



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