Reader suspects Frank working for Raniere

The following is from Jaimes Palacio.  

By Jaimes Palacio

Frank, Frank, Frank…. Frankly, I see right through you. So easy to frame someone. So easy to throw out accusations and paper these “facts” that on closer examination make absolutely no sense.  Let’s go through this Hercules Poirot style.

1.) You say you witnessed this because you were part of the organization. Yet, instead of gathering any photographic or other proof you … started a blog. A blog.

Allison Mack has been named as second in command of DOS.

2.) You seem to have information that no one has, and yet you are not part of the organization anymore. WHY, for example, would Allison Mack tell you she is going to confess. [See Allison Mack to confess: “I take full blame for DOS. Keith knew nothing about it!” ] That’s absurd. There would be no reason for her to share with you something she plans to do when YOU are the one accusing her.

3.) The main stories have broken out in the New York Post. Hmmm…  New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch. A Trumper. Trumpers lie. Are you a Trumper, Frank?

Perhaps the lady who has come out to show her “brand” [Sarah Edmondson] is a Trumper. Allison Mack was a strong supporter of women and a feminist. In fact, not only did I meet her briefly once at a nearby Cafe, but she asked a friend of mine to join. That friend was also a feminist fighting for women’s rights. Mack knew this and inviting such a strong person into the group would have been suicide IF everything you say was happening, was happening.

You know what I think? My “little grey cells” may not be as sharp as “that curious little Belgian”, but I think that  the one responsible for everything IS the leader of the organization.

I think you are still working for him, and you are trying to scapegoat Mack as the ringleader. (and now, apparently that Kristen Kruek is also a part of it).

I hate people like you. Insects of the lowest kind. You have nothing. You have no proof, so you invent lies, and hope that no one notices ‘nothing adds up’: That it simply is not logical for Mack to make such a violent and schizophrenic character shift. What’s sad is there are a lot of Trumpers that will believe this garbage.

When the authorities find out the truth, I hope they throw the book at you and your pal, Mr. Raniere.

Now sod off and die scum queen.

Keith Raniere has been described as a ‘pal’ of Frank Parlato.


Frank Parlato’s clarification: 

Allison Mack never told me she was going to confess. The story clearly states: “Sources have told Frank Report.”

The “main stories” did not “break out in the New York Post.” The New York Times broke the first big story.  The Times is not a Trumper publication.

I am neither a “Trumper” nor an anti-Trumper.

The last time I worked for Keith Raniere was in 2008.

I am not trying to scapegoat Allison Mack. Keith Raniere may be trying to do that. I have consistently taken the position that Keith Raniere is the founder and leader of DOS. I once wrote: “DOS is [Keith’s] proudest accomplishment.”


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Frank Report’s founder and lead writer Frank Parlato is one of the internet’s most acclaimed investigative journalists. His writing and investigations have helped expose major criminal organizations and scandals.

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  • Jaimes,
    If you look in the dictionary under idiot your picture is next to the word. What proof do you have about your psychobabble? You sir have not had to put up with Raniere and his marry gang coming after your for 1, 5 10, 15 or 20 years like some of have. Good try old chap now hurry on down to the pub and have your self some more of what ya been drinking.

  • Jaimes
    Sarah is a woman and a Canadian, so she is definitely NOT a “Trumper” ….haha ….
    Just an educated guess though.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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