Monterrey: Hey, Omar and Jimena: My trial has not started, stay tuned; plus pics and thoughts by ESPians

Behind these gated walls in San Pedro Garza Garcia, many an untruth it told. This is the ESP Monterrey Center.


Sources in Mexico tell me that ESP leaders are growing desperate. They are losing members left and right. Some people are not quitting outright, they are just not showing up for classes.

Some of the ESP leaders are lying to members, saying that everything written in the New York Times and 100 other media outlets in Mexico and around the world are lies and coming from me. They are lying and adding that the proof that everything I have written about Keith Raniere is false because I lost my trial in the USA and am headed straight to prison.

I have not had my trial.

One knowledgeable source wrote that I should post a message to the husband and wife team who lead the Monterrey ESP Center, as follows:

Hey, Jimena Garza and Omar Boone; too bad Jimena was branded. You guys are elucidating because many coaches have left the building, and because of the lack of sex between husband and wife, you guys are inventing I’m going to jail and that you won the case.  The case has not even gone to trial

In the United States, a person is innocent until proven guilty. I have not been convicted of anything. The trial is set for March 19, 2018.

Therefore, in the eyes of the US law, I am innocent. At the time of my trial, a jury of 12 Americans, not the government, not the prosecutors and not Bronfman-Raniere, but 12 citizens of the United States, will hear the evidence and they shall solely decide if I am guilty or innocent.

For years, Bronfman-Raniere have abused the legal system and corrupted justice. They have squeezed poor people into taking plea deals and forced others into bankruptcy. This time it is going to change.

I allege Clare Bronfman – at the urging of Keith Raniere – lied to the government to get me indicted and this will be revealed at my trial.


By the way, Jimena, if you are still denying that you are branded like a cow, why don’t you prove it to some of the women who you’ve told that branding is a lie?

Show them in private that you are not branded on your pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere.


Jimena Garza earned her Green Sash this summer after bringing six women to Albany to be branded in June 2017. Congratulations on your promotion.


Jimena Garza with husband Omar Boone. Hubby seems not to mind that his wife has the initials of Keith Raniere branded on her pubic region.


Do these fun loving people know the truth about branding?

Alejandro Betancourt, who was once told by Keith Raniere that he was formerly Benito Mussolini, gives sage advice on gullibility.

Powerful minds seek the truth and stop at nothing until they uncover it. Do these folks possess such minds?

The ESP Monterrey Center is in San Pedro Garza, Garcia, an affluent city in the greater Monterrey area. Is it a den of lies and deception?

Margarita Garcia, recently promoted to the rank of the Orange Sash. Did her getting branded like a cow help her advance on the striped path?


It’s a joke to some, no doubt. Funny how branded DOS slave Carola Garza acts along with the joke. She is a true Espian.

Translations of the above:

Mara Lozano writes: You beat me Paos. To whom to send photos and facts?

Paola Ramirez explains: Hahahaha; to only one human branding that is more fashionable than tattoos is a new modality in the world. In the news they say that they are marked with iron like cows, but for the connoisseurs of tattoos and those things, it is the same pen but hot instead of ink. And then you pose sexy.


Here is a counter argument from a woman who got out of ESP:

Help us build Miami; Keith Raniere wants to help you….


A new You Tube video tells a good story for those unfamiliar with NXIVM and Executive Success Programs, Keith Raniere … and DOS.

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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