Sources: Albany: Bronfman won’t pay Dr. Porter’s legal fees; Monterrey: The Contender aired for Espians to draw inferences of victim Raniere

Dr. Porter to represent himself?

According to sources, Brandon Porter MD is on his own. Clare Bronfman is not going to pay for his legal defense. Dr. Porter will represent himself pro-se before the medical malpractice board because he reportedly does not have the money to pay for a medical malpractice attorney.

Evidently, the malpractice insurance at St. Peter’s Hospital, where Dr. Porter used to work, will not cover his extra-curricular medical practices. Media exposure of Dr. Porter’s human fright experiments prompted the hospital board to ask him to resign.

Ironically, Clare Bronfman spends millions of dollars per year pursuing litigation against various perceived enemies of Keith Raniere, yet chose not to invest $50-$100,000 to defend Dr. Porter and possibly save his license and him from possible criminal exposure.

Being a member of Executive Success Programs, Dr. Porter likely has no savings. Viva Executive Success.

One has to wonder if is this a portend of things to come. Supposing that the underlings of ESP are charged with various crimes – crimes which Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere devised and encouraged them to commit – it looks like they’ll be left on their own to defend themselves.

Most of the Executive Success Programs members have no savings.

Kids, you’re on your own.


Did Allison Mack help buy this home for Dr. Porter?

Not long ago, Allison Mack was telling NXIVM members, that Keith Raniere advised her to file for bankruptcy. She claimed that her destitution was caused by a bad commercial real estate investment she made in Orange County.

According to sources, Allison told friends that, before she could file bankruptcy, she had to hide some assets. She said Keith advised her to hide the assets, which is bankruptcy fraud.

Sources say, she gave money to Dr. Brandon Porter to assist him in buying his home in Clifton Park. She also bought a vehicle for ESP teacher Marcelo Ortiz in Monterrey.

I could not find any online record of Allison Mack filing bankruptcy.

But if it is true, it is ironic since Keith and Clare Bronfman spent literally millions in legal fees intervening in bankruptcy cases of their enemies alleging fraud and the hiding of assets.


Things online are gaining traction for NXIVM and Keith Raniere.  On You Tube, there are now 527 search results for videos about NXIVM. Keith Raniere has 723 results.

Most of these videos have been posted in the last 30 days. I don’t have an exact count of the number of videos that were available prior to the publication of the New York Times article on October 17, 2017, that began the worldwide media interest in Keith, but my best guess is it was under 50 videos.


In Monterrey, Mexico, Jimena Garza has been showing ESPians the 2000 movie “The Contender”. This is not the first time this movie has been shown. It has been shown in Clifton Park during times when the media is reporting on various alleged crimes of Keith Raniere.

Some people believe that this is not coincidental and that Keith wants ESPians to recognize the parallels between Keith and the female lead in the movie,  Senator Laine Hanson.

The plot of the movie is:

U.S. President Jackson Evans must select a new Vice President following the death of his previous vice president. The President chooses to break the glass ceiling by nominating a woman, Laine Hanson, a senator from Ohio.

Approval from both houses of Congress is required. Standing in her way is Congressman Sheldon Runyon, whose investigation into Hanson’s background turned up an incident where she was apparently photographed participating in a drunken orgy as part of a sorority initiation.

The confirmation hearings begin in Washington, D.C.. Runyon addresses Hanson’s alleged sexual episode. Hanson refuses to address the incident, neither confirming nor denying anything, and tries to turn the discussion towards political issues.

Runyon starts rumors in the media saying the sexual escapade in college was done in exchange for money making it prostitution.

Hanson offers to withdraw her name, to save President Evans’ administration embarrassment. She refuses to fight back or address Runyon’s charges, arguing that to answer the allegations dignifies them being asked in the first place—something she does not believe.

President Evans meets with Runyon, informing him he will not choose Hanson as Vice President. Runyon recommends Virginia Governor Jack Hathaway, who is hailed as a hero after he recently dove into a lake in a failed attempt to save a drowning girl.

They make an agreement that Runyon will back down on his attacks if President Evans chooses Hathaway as Vice President.  President Evans requests Runyon make a public statement defending Hathaway.

Hanson, Hathaway and Runyon are invited to the White House. President Evans shocks them by showing an FBI report that proves Hathaway paid the woman to drive off the bridge into the lake, part of a plan to increase his approval ratings. Hathaway is arrested and Runyon is disgraced because he vouched for Hathaway’s integrity just hours earlier.

President Evans meets with Hanson, and she finally tells what actually happened that night in college. She said that she did arrive at a fraternity house to have sex with two men as part of an initiation, but changed her mind before any sex occurred. However, she did not prove her innocence, citing that by doing so will further the idea that it was acceptable to ask the questions in the first place.

President Evans addresses Congress, where he chastises Democrats and Republicans who blocked Hanson’s confirmation. He calls out Runyon, who leaves in humiliation. Although he declares that Hanson had asked for her nomination to be withdrawn, so he could finish his presidency with triumph over controversy, he remains adamant and calls for an immediate confirmation vote. Congress applauds.

Keith Hanson is proclaimed Vanguard Vice President.

The film justifies Keith’s not responding to allegations from the media. The difference is that the allegations were generally false in the case of Senator Hanson. But in the case of Keith Raniere, we have every reason to believe they are true.

Further, the allegation of sexual indecency alleged against Hanson were of the victimless crime category, even if they were true. The allegations against Keith Raniere are clearly that he is a predator and uses others for his gain and to their harm. There are many victims of Keith Raniere.

The film is a clever selection, however, worthy of a Vanguard.

Would Vanguard like his followers to see parallels between him and Laine Hanson in the Contender?
Actress Joan Allen plays Keith Raniere Laine Hanson in the 2000 movie the Contender.



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  • Clare is going to let Porter be the Fall Guy in this case. When it comes down to it she will say she had no idea what Porter,was doing with the money from the fund other than buying the equipment. He’s already lost his good paying good with malpractice insurance & health insurance for his family.
    Now his trapped in a low paying job for Clare, who could give a hoot about Porter and his family. Now he’s really trapped. Clare is traveling the world and he cannot even pay his house payment, student loans or for all his back trainings. He’s loyal to his Vanguard.
    What will it take to wake him up?

  • Paying for Dr. Porter’s defense would imply NXIVM is taking some responsibility for Porter’s hideous “experiments” in terrorizing unsuspecting young women.

    The company line is that NXIVM / Executive Success Program has nothing to do with all that.

    Even though Porter’s experiments sound like they are implementing Raniere’s patent for detecting “Luciferians” (sociopaths like himself). I suspect that Raniere hoped that Porter would find a woman so sociopathic that he could “share his joy” (in mind-fucking the gullible rich) with her.

  • They show this movie over and over whenever this issue comes up with “can’t keep it in his pants” ends up in the press. The difference is the woman in the movie was a victim and Raniere is perpetrator.

    When people are drinking the kool-aid, they will believe anything you put in front of them to explain away how poor little Keithie-poo is being attached by the media. How it’s all fake news and he’s the bright light drawing in the bugs.

    It’s a part of NXIVM mind-binding and keeps people from getting outside information to make a real informed decision.

    Instead of saying “go on line, read the articles and let have an open forum where all members can come in and asked questions to all members”. NOPE THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. All information is very controlled.

    Members are conditioned to not asked “hey have you been branded? Can you show me that you haven’t? Let me see that you are telling me the truth. Are you only taking in 500 calories a day? You know that is dangerous?

    Members some how know not to read anything outside of NXIVM to get any other information to make a decision based on any other facts other than what your mind-bending leaders want you to believe.

    If you inside, you know what I’m saying. I was there myself for many years.

    Your invited to watch some stupid movie and they pretend to interject Keithie-poo into the victim role. Total BS, but you buy it because you want to believe he’s what you have been paying those big bucks for all those year for. You want to believe the mission of building a better humanity exist.

    Sheep, kool-aid drinking sheep. You’ve lost the ability to really thing for yourself without running it through the NXIVM filter. Hey I totally get it, I was there. If you wake up, drink a few cup of reality based coffee, open your eyes and for a few hours think for yourself, do so outside research you will be as horrified as I was about what your involved in.

    What you need is time away from the cult long enough to do a little detoxing. Biggest issue with that is now the constant checking in with their coaches who keep track of them several times a day. If you don’t check back with them, hell will be paid.

    It’s up to you, continue to drink kool-aid or get your own mind back. at least if you decided to say in NXIVM your know what your choosing instead of some stupid fake message via a film.

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