Nicki Clyne quit acting, broke her contract with Battlestar Galatica producers to join NXIVM mission full time

Could Nicki Clyne be a good DOS governor?

Actress ended career when she got close to Keith Raniere

Nicki Clyne (born February 11, 1983) is a Canadian actress. She played Cally Henderson Tyrol on the Sci-Fi Channel television program Battlestar Galactica from 2003-2008.

She joined NXIVM around 2006, having been recruited in Vancouver. She would fly back and forth to Albany to take Intensives. Evidently, she was encouraged to quit acting by Keith Raniere and work for the higher cause of NXIVM’s mission: to create a more noble civilization.

In 2008, although she was under contract and at the height of her popularity from her recurring role in the series, she asked the producers of Battlestar Galatica to let her out of her contract. They agreed and, in an episode, her character was killed off.

She moved to Clifton Park and became a full time follower of Mr. Raniere. She began to work for Clare Bronfman and The Knife Media where she reportedly earns $15 per hour.

There is a rumor that she married Allison Mack in order to remain in the United States legally.  Ms. Clyne was active in promoting DOS and the branding and blackmail scheme it entails.

Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne, both members of DOS. They might be married.

Allison Mack also gave up her role in Smallville at the height of her popularity. She became a full time follower of Keith Raniere. She too was active in DOS and her initials along with Mr. Raniere’s have been branded on women in DOS.

Grace Park is believed to be a member of NXIVM but wants to keep her profile low with the bad publicity of blackmail and branding that has emerged recently.

Grace Park, another actress who joined NXIVM around 2008, may still be a member. This year she quit her supporting role in Hawaii Five-O at the height of her popularity. Ms. Park claims she quit because she was not being paid as much as the stars of the show and that it had nothing to do with the influence of Keith Raniere.

Some who attended an introductory session of Executive Success Programs in Vancouver, attended by Nancy Salzman, ca. 2008, recall a demonstration of the Exploration of Meaning therapy. A volunteer was asked for from among the attendees and Ms. Park was chosen. She was the demo of the EM therapy and was subjected to the hypnotic therapy of Ms. Salzman. Ms. Park under therapy spoke of her acting career and other matters.

Kristin Kreuk left NXIVM but is silent as to the reason why she left.

Kristin Kreuk was another actress in NXIVM. She left quietly sometime around late 2011 or 2012, according to sources. She continues in her acting career.

Hollywood Life and The Hollywood Gossip and other media have reported that Kristin Kreuk recruited Allison Mack into NXIVM.

Hollywood Gossip: Allison Mack: Recruited Into Sex Cult By Kristin Kreuk!

The Hollywood Life: ‘Smallville’ Star Kristin Kreuk Allegedly Brought Allison Mack Into NXIVM ‘Cult,’ Claims Ex Member 

BFMTV PeopleUne ancienne actrice de Smallville impliquée dans une secte d esclaves sexuelles

TV Fanpage: Accuse shock ad Allison Mack, la Chloe di Smallville capo di una

Some people think it is unfair that Kristin is being named in any story. Yet, for years, she promoted Keith and gave him credibility.  And her name was often used to offset any negative publicity that came his way.

To discount media reports about Keith Raniere’s alleged villainy, recruiters would often say to those they hoped to recruit, “If Keith was so bad, why would a TV star like Kristin Kreuk be part of this? Do you think she would risk her reputation if this was bad? Come to an Intensive. Kristin will be there as a coach.”

This year, Kristin has condemned Harvey Weinstein, and talks about making films about tough women who withstood the abuse of men or institutions.  She wants to star in big stories about brave women who spoke up to save others from suffering.

As a famous actress who left NXIVM, her voice today would go a long way to protect others from being abused. She has not yet responded to requests for comments about her role in NXIVM.

The man who recruited Kristin is actor Mark Hildreth. He left NXIVM in 2017 after, reportedly, some eye opening experiences he saw first hand concerning Mr. Raniere and the practices of DOS. To some observers, his silence is anything but heroic.

Mark Hildreth with former girlfriend Kristin Kreuk.







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  • Clyne’s career is still intact, if much reduced. Since Galactica she did some voice work, was, I believe, in a minor cutting room floor role in a movie, she hosted blaster tv on the SYFY site, and she has a web series coming out in just over two weeks from now. Some of this other evidence is disturbing, and I truly hope her involvement, if any, is on the outside kept in the dark level. She always seemed like a sweet woman.

  • Let’s be real here, Allison had her role reduced to a recurring status in the final season of Smallville. The finale was seen by about 2.97 million people, that’s not great. Allsion Mack has NEVER been a household name, even at the height of Smallville’s ratings, she was the fourth lead or the sixth if you counted Clark’s parents ahead of her. That’s not power, that’s C-List at best and she certainly slipped down that ranking once the show ended. The show came to prominence prior to the rise of social media and its stars have very little presence on those platforms, especially compared to the current darlings of its former home on The CW, the kids on Riverdale.

    Cally was never a vital character to BSG. She was easily killed off and no one missed her. If Allison was C-List I’d put Nicki at around an F.

    To be honest, NXVIM has probably thrived BECAUSE of the next to zero visibility of Allison and Nicki. If say, someone like a Kylie Jenner who has millions of Instagram followers and actual influence on young people, was recruited, this cult would be dunzo by now.

    • I hope your comment’s point is focussed on your last paragraph, and that you’re not suggesting that their safety and happiness is worth less than that of an A or B list actor, or that somehow they’re more deserving of their fate because they’re not as famous. These people would have been recruited out of Vancouver Centre, and it’s a small community. The film industry is tight-nit in “Hollywood North”, and even non-film folk are probably not more than 3 or 4 degrees of separation from these people. Even I’m 1 or 2 degrees from a few, though I’ve never met any of them. Despite that, or maybe because of it, in my opinion, we’re not really star-stuck here. If you had Kylie Jenner, famous for being famous, involved, ESP probably wouldn’t have been taken as seriously, as it would have from someone you’ve worked with, or around, for years.

  • Where are the families of these children? Where are the Nicki Clyne parents? Where is Allison Mac’s mother? What a kick ass show would it make for these three moms make to join forces and talk about their daughters trapped in this mind controlled cult with India mom.

    • They aren’t children, they are adult women in their thirties who are free to live as they choose. Their parents cannot dictate what an adult can or cannot do. While I am in no way condoning NXIVM or Keith, adults in The US are free to live as they see fit, this is not a country where parents get to dictate how their children have to live.

      • I don’t think “Family Ties” is suggesting their parents can dictate their decisions. Of course they are adults, but they are still somebody’s children, of people who hopefully, and most likely want the best for them. Just because they’re independent, doesn’t mean they cannot be affected by the concern and suggestions of loved ones, especially a mother, given that relationship had not previously failed.

      • Kat
        I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, but no one is saying that parents gave a right to control how their kids live, but those with common sense understood the point the previous poster was making. If parents see their children are going down a dangerous and unhealthy path they would naturally try to help them. If they are suffering from addiction or an eating disorder, they would try to get them the proper treatment . Normal people get this, Kat.

  • Oh God, not Cally. Allison is bad enough (because I love Allison since forever). But Cally was the best thing going on BSG before she was killed off.

  • I can see both sides of these types of posts.

    If no one spoke out about Harvey Wienstien he’d still be up to his abusive ways with women. Since then, Hollywood has been doing a wash & rise on sexual predators. I’m sure it was hard for the first few to speak up, but then it became the popular thing to do.

    These B-actress as you call them are big draws for some people when it comes to recruitment. Making an official statement saying they don’t approve of the behavior that has shown up in the press would go a long way. Much further than your average Jane or Jim Doe.

    I can’t speak for Frank, for me it’s not about a fetish, it more about what will it take to stop this group from their cycle of abuse. Had it stopped 10 years ago, most these woman would have their careers intact and their lives would be in a much healthier place.

    • I am not saying that he should not report at all. They use these women to advertise the organization and some celebrities might help with that a lot. But how is someone supposed to make a statement about NXIVM if that person is out somewhere between 5 and 8 years. There is a good chance that these people do not even know about the really weird stuff.
      Imagine you are dragged there and attend a few low level classes and are asked for a video interview. Do you think they would tell you all the details if they were half as bad as they look to be? Miss Edmondson was branded by surprise. She was in it how long? She learned about it earlier this year and was one of the most senior members leading Vancouver.
      I would imagine that most others were not even as close to the top and saw a much smaller piece of the picture. Maybe there should be a focus on the people in charge and those who have leadership positions.
      I mean Mack and Clyne are at least part of the cult while Kreuk is out for god knows how many years. On Park on the other hand there is not much known but an interview which seems to be done in one day. She might be in for some time or she might be not. In the end the last two I mentioned are still in the business and did not drop out on behalf of NXIVM as far as I can tell. At least there are projects mentioned for both of them and they are or were involved in projects over the last few years. This is something that can no be said about the other two.

      • I invite you to change your perspective Anonymous! You ask the question how is someone supposed to make a statement about NXIVM if that person is out somewhere between 5-8yrs? The answer is with courage & insight! Comparing to The Weinstein scandal, even celebrities that were not harassed/assaulted but still worked with him have condemned his behavior and the atrocities made against others. Even if people were not even close to the top and saw a much smaller piece of the picture (as you say)…SO what? Those people are still in the organization that is committing atrocities against people! The point is stand up and get out and put and end to NXIVM! A note also its Ms Edmondson..and she was not branded by ‘surprise’ but branded as assault. Anonymous your comment has no merit. It is not to late for you to change your thinking.. take the blinders off.

    • “Had it stopped 10 years ago, most these woman would have their careers intact and their lives would be in a much healthier place.”

      Then blame the authorities instead of B-list actresses who can’t do a thing. People have been complaining for years. Kristin Keeffe has spoken of the illegal activities. James Odato and the Times Uniom released a huge investigative report over five years ago. Why has nothing still been done? Now branding and slavery is still out in the open, and still nothing.

      Shouldn’t people be complaining about the NY idiots in power who apparently only give a shit about billionaire money and have let this farce continue for years? Are there any who aren’t corrupted?

      • You have raised the most important question of all: WHY THE FUCK HAS NO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL DONE ANYTHING TO BRING DOWN RANIERE’S CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE? From the Albany County District Attorney (P. David Soares), who allowed a high-ranking NXIVM member to work in his office to build a bullshit criminal case against one of Raniere’s enemies that was immediately dismissed – to the Albany County Sheriff (Craig Apple), who has simply sat on numerous complaints about NXIVM that have filed with his office over the years. And let’s not forget New York State Police Senior Investigator Rodger Kirsopp, who went from investigating some of the cult’s illegal activities to working with NXIVM’s attorneys to bring more criminal charges in Albany County against outspoken critics of NXIVM (All of those charges were dismissed). And the head of the New York State Police, Lt. George P. Beach, who still refuses to have his agency return computers that were seized from people who have since been exonerated of the baseless criminal trespass charges Kirsopp brought against them. And let’s not forget NYS Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who did nothing when he was NYS Attorney General to stop the NXIVM machine and whose then-staff told whistle-blowers to stop sending them incriminating evidence of NXIVM’s crimes. Nor current NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who has said that he will vigorously investigate NXIVM but so far has done NOTHING. Throw in the local FBI office, who used to meet regularly with one of NXIVM’s high-level staff to listen to complaints about NXIVM’s enemies – and the local Acting U.S. Attorney who is too worried about getting the job on a permanent basis to take on the all-powerful Keith Raniere. And there are lots of other agencies too: the IRS, the NYS Department of Health, the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance, the Albany County Department of Health, etc. And so the question becomes: WHICH OF THESE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS WERE BRIBED AND WHICH OF THEM WERE COMPROMISED?

        • good question in my opinion here is more than what is seen in plain sight and I think that keen raenier is just the tip of the iceberg of something bigger, think of mkultra and monarch project.

  • Frank,

    we all know that you have a fetish when it comes to some female followers, but I have to ask you again. Why do you do that? Isn’t there bigger fish to fry than some B-actress who has not appeared in a show for 10 years? And now you have a third year when Kristin Kreuk left. You have given 2009, 2011 and 2012 as possible candidates. Which one is it? Do you think it is smart to rely on guesswork?
    Lastly I googled miss Park and it was not only her but two male costars that left in the same season, which were all Asians. Maybe they did have a hard time there and left for a good reason they do not want to disclose.

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