The ‘Vigilant Citizen’ has powerful piece on NXIVM

As it turns out, Karma really is a bitch.
The Vigilant Citizen has published an excellent article:


Masters of Mind Control

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman
The opening three paragraphs of The Vigilant Citizen article set the stage:
Under the of an “executive success program”, NXIVM recruits rich women and introduces them into a bizarre secret society that brainwashes its members using rituals and trauma-inducing techniques taken directly from the MKULTRA handbook.When one learns about the dark, disturbing truths behind NXIVM (pronounced Nexium), it is difficult to understand how this organization has managed to remain active for over two decades. While accounts about the cult’s horrific methods first surfaced more than 15 years ago, NXIVM keeps recruiting rich women, funneling millions of dollars from elite families, and expanding across America.

Founded by the “charming and charismatic” leader Keith Raniere (who requires members to call him “Vanguard”) along with his associate Nancy Salzman (who is called “Prefect”), the organization sells self-help seminars for executives. However, within NXIVM is a secret society named DOS which turns women into slaves trauma-inducing methods resembling Monarch Mind Control….

Read entire story here:

The last three paragraphs are also revealing:

NXIVM has been recruiting and brainwashing people for the past two decades, subjecting its participants to horrific abuse in order to break them down. Using the natural charisma of Keith Raniere, the NLP knowledge of Nancy Salzman, and the elite money of Sara and Clare Bronfman, the organization has become a high-powered cult, apparently operating above the law.

After years of revelations being all but ignored by the media and law enforcement, recent stories appear to have finally blown the organization’s cover as a “multi-level marketing organization”. However, many unsolved mysteries remain and one can easily wonder if this is just the tip of a very dark iceberg.

These revelations prove that elite organizations can and do use ritualistic mind-control techniques to create mind-controlled slaves, and, further, that these techniques actually work. The stories here are of real women and their real experience with a real, operating organization. This is not a “conspiracy theory”. It is a fact.


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  • This story was not very well done as the facts were not very clear. It sounds like DOS has been running all 20 years and every woman coming through handed over pictures and were salve. Reporters need to do better research before they write a story or it’s just crap.

    • And when you don’t notice the difference between salve and slave, then your comment is pretty much crap.
      I read this article yesterday, on another site, and I thought it was a pretty good article. At least the writer knew the definition of slave .

  • All Cults use some form of mind control and manipulation. That’s how they persuaded them to drink the kool-aid…and to give it to their children first. Some people are too wise or strong-willed or whatever to buy into it….but many are not.

    But I believe the characteristic that makes a person truly “evil” is their desire for power and control over others. And this is the basis all Cults are built on – controlling other people.

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