Scheduled three years in future, SOP ‘Weekend’ topic: “Lost Collateral”

The Society of Protectors in a multi-level marketing company selling membership and seminars based on the teachings of Keith Raniere. The curriculum focuses on the gender differences between men and women.  The company’s targeted customer base is men.
At one time, there about 500 members paying $50 a month for dues.  Members were regularly pitched to attend ‘Weekends’ costing $1,000 and up.
Since the revelations of DOS, a secretive master slave group for women/slaves headed by Mr. Raniere as the Master, many, if not most men in SOP dropped out.
This is a screenshot of “Upcoming Weekends” schedule from the Society of Protetors wensite:
What could “Lost Collateral” mean? New Year’s Eve 2020 is a curious date. What does it mean to announce it so far in the future? And what exactly is “lost collateral”?
In Mr. Raniere’s DOS, the women have to give collateral in order to enter into this secretive world. Collateral for DOS women must be material that will destroy a woman’s life if Mr. Raniere were to order it to be released. Collateral for DOS women most often consists of  graphic nude photographs and videos, and video confessions to crimes. In short, blackmail-worthy material, meant to ensure the silence and obedience of the slave women in DOS.
As for SOP, the men’s group, it is not known what kind of collateral was lost.
In New York City this weekend, SOP has a seminar scheduled starting Friday.

If anyone does attend and would care to report on how it went, I will gladly share it with Frank Report readers. My phone is 716-990-5740.

It’s possible that the upcoming SOP Weekend will be canceled for lack of attendance. The last ESP “Intensive” scheduled in Albany appears to have been canceled, possibly for lack of attendance. A July intensive in Vancouver was also canceled when nobody signed up.

According to its website, “SOP is an international men’s movement, whose members seek to be the voice of character and honor in the world. The world is in desperate need of a unifying principle; a group that is independent of religion and stands against hate. This organization helps men to become more powerful and influential members of society by giving them tools and a network of honorable men for support. SOP is not only curriculum, it involves practical tests [emphasis mine] to strengthen us with respect to readiness, responsiveness, character, honor, strategic thinking and leadership.”
Do any of the “practical tests” require giving Mr. Raniere collateral?  And will we have to wait until New Year’s Eve 2020 to find out how it was lost?

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  • The FBI should pursue theft by deception (felony), and money Laundering charges. Their Cult is so money driven.

  • Considering that SOP men are (allegedly) trained to dominate and “humble” their women, I always suspected they demanded collateral from women as visual proof of their sexual dominance…to keep control of their women, or maybe to entertain Vanguard and earn kudos from the Master.
    Regardless, no collateral from any man or women in NXIVM is ever “lost”…it is transformed into blackmail.

    • If long-time SOPer Mark Hildreth made such “visual collateral” of his famous ex-girlfriend, the Frank Rpt would blow up!

  • Wonder what the odds are of ESP still being around by the time the SOP workshop in New York City is scheduled to be held. Guess it all comes down to whether any law enforcement authority actually does something this time about the criminal enterprise being run by Raniere and the Bronfman brats.

    • Oh my. …Lukie …..
      Your use of the 💪emoji leads me to believe there may be a little IMPERSONATION going on here. You know what I mean, son. (BTW , I’m not your Mother) and the use of that term is just to demonstrate how young you seem to be.

      I wonder Luke, if, by chance, you may know anything about my bizarre computer problems? Namely how someone hacked my Facebook account so that a suspected NXIVM informant has his account linked to a fake facebook account impersonating my old friend? Do you know why when the suspected informant accepted my friend request that both pages became inaccessible to me, and then this problem corrected itself when he unfriended me? I don’t get it, Luke, and I won’t be accepting KGs new friend request.

      But all this proves to me is that everything that I believed was linked; really is linked. But I guess I’ll need a computer expert to sort out how this bullshit was done.

    • Keith I love you and the way you keep all the women I love safe, warm, and branded.

      You take care of the girls and I’ll pretend to be the muscle.

      Can I take care of your computer?

    • Luke, help me take this mask off so others can see the evil man I truly am. You know I enjoy destroying value son.

  • At least they seem to have humor. Lost collateral must be one of the more interesting themed meetings. It is a shame that it is still three years away until we can hear from it.

  • This is the embarrassing collateral required of SOP men….pix of them cumming on their own faces.

    • This was a challenge for Luke and many of the other impotent SOP men. However, I have heard he loves to volunteer to receive bukkake.

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