Will Kristin Kreuk’s role in NXIVM be questioned by reporters?

Over the past few weeks, women [and men] have come forward to accuse Hollywood powerhouses of assault. One of the biggest names is Harvey Weinstein, who actresses like Cara Delevingne and Angelina Jolie have alleged he victimized them.

The silence of Kristin Kreuk on Keith Raniere is in contrast to this trend of outing sexual predators.

One reader recently commented that it is “inevitable” that Ms. Kreuk will be asked about Keith Raniere.

It is INEVITABLE now….
With Kristin doing press for her upcoming TV show and publicizing a movie on sexual assault, some reporter soon will ask about the related sex abuse story involving her former friend and co-star [Allison Mack] …. so those eager to hear her comments will get their wish.
I’m surprised that (so far) the yellow rags hawking this DOS story haven’t thrown in her name, unjustly, just to hype the celeb power.


The actress’ role in NXIVM was significant. Ms. Kreuk recruited, among others, her costar and friend, Allison Mack, who has recently garnered media attention for her role in DOS, a subgroup of NXIVM.

Miss Mack seems entrapped inside the cult, and many see her as half victim, half abuser. Miss Mack leads a subgroup for women called Jness, and has participated in the branding of women, through the sorority of women called DOS.

Miss Mack hosted branding ceremonies at her home, according to women who were branded. Her initials ‘A-M’ appear on the branded pubic regions of female ‘slaves,’ alongside that of Keith Raniere [K=R].


If I was Kristin Kreuk’s publicist, I would advise her not to wait until she is outed as a leader and recruiter for the cult, but to make a statement condemning the blackmail and branding scheme of Keith Raniere; disavow any further connection with him, or his cult; call for law enforcement to investigate; and make a public offer to help any women [or man] still trapped in the cult, especially Allison Mack.

I have been told by a reliable source that Ms. Kreuk quietly tried to encourage Miss Mack to leave the cult several times in the past without success.


Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk at a NXIVM retreat on Necker Island. Ms. Kruek brought Miss Mack into the cult.


According to sources, Kristin Kreuk left the group around 2012, after six years inside it, the last of these as a coach. Her name was often used by NXIVM recruiters as an example of their star power membership.

Ms. Kreuk may not have known about the allegations of sexual abuses going on when she was a member. However, much of it was made public. She may have read about claims of pedophilia made against Keith Raniere.

Front page stories in the Albany Times Union appeared in early 2012. Online videos posted on the Times Union website appeared showing adult women who claim they were raped when they were children by Keith Raniere.


According to sources, in 2009, Ms. Kreuk collaborated with Nancy Salzman, second in command of NXIVM, to start a social networking group to attract and teach teenage girls.

Ms. Kreuk, along with NXIVM coach, Kendra Voth, started a website called Girls By Design.

The Huffington Post reported on May 25, 2009.

“Girls by Design” will be an online social network and content creation site for teen girls, with the intent to build self-esteem, self-expression, and encourage young women to improve themselves and their lives in an introspective and passionate manner.” … Kreuk … and partner Kendra Voth came up with the idea and the girls retreat they’re doing this month. They’ve even got uber chic beauty site b-glowing.com supporting the cause by sending fair trade, organic products for the event, like Adara oils. Girls can sign up right now at www.girlsbydesign.com

Girls by Design is still online, but is password protected. However some posts can be viewed by Googling “Girls By Design” and”Kristin Kreuk.

Girls by Design was announced in the Huffington Post, one month after Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones and seven other women in NXIVM  announced they were leaving NXIVM because Keith Raniere was having improper sexual relations with members of NXIVM’s executive board and also with his students, and also because Mr. Raniere was using student’s money to invest with disastrous results. For instance, he “invested” $65 million of sisters, Clare and Sara Bronfman’s trust funds  in purported commodities investments. The entire $65 million was lost.

One source told Frank Report about the origins of Girls by Design:

Girls by design was a brainchild, or part of a brainchild, of NXIVM. I was around the Cult at the time it was being developed and overheard Nancy Salzman talk about it more than once. Kristin Kreuk even stayed at Salzman’s house … when planning ‘Girls by design’…
I don’t think Kreuk knew that the man behind the curtain [Keith Raniere] had plans for her, or her young girls.
I haven’t been around for a long time. I hope she got out and stays as far away from the cult as she can. They will bleed every penny she has ever made out of her and tell her being an actor is a bad thing. Look at Alison Mack, what a sucker she is, they have her hook, line and by her bank account.

A number of Girls by Design You Tube videos exist online. One of them, “Allison & Kristin Talk About Girls By Design” features the voices of Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk and is described as “Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk talk about their new project and its impact on girls.”

Kristin Kreuk’s character on a You Tube video.
Allison Mack character. Her voice is used on a Girls By Design video.


Memes have recently appeared on the website imgur.com tying Ms. Kreuk to NXIVM and the practices of DOS, which she very likely did not participate in.





https://imgur.com/a/AYhtk                                                                                                                                                                                                    This meme was created by someone who posted it on imgur.com. The photo is a still frame of a filmed interview of Keith Raniere by Allison Mack, posted on You Tube. 



Harvey Wienstien.


Although Kristin Kreuk does not appear to have been a victim of Harvey Wienstien, she recently spoke out against him at the Cannes Film Festival. She also predicted there would be  more female stories in the wake of the Harvey Wienstien scandal.

Ms. Kreuk is also marketing a documentary about someone who fought sexual abuse: :https://twitter.com/PhoolanTheMovie/status/927600203753861120

She remains silent on Keith Raniere.

Keith Raniere ca. 2009.




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  • It’s been said a lot of this blog about NXIVM”s NDA and it’s a major cop out to say I’m afraid I will be sued it I speak out.

    If you don’t return their training materials when you leave, they might sue you. Several have left and never turreted their so I don’t know if they have a leg to stand on other than if you had a center. if you talk about their training and share their materials they will sue you and that is covered under the NDA.

    If you live in Mexico where they can use money to bribe judges, they will do so.

    NXIVM NDA has been ruled on in court system already It only covers their training materials for Executive Success and NXIVM training course where sash’s are worn and the mission statement is read before the training. Other than that the NDA is worthless.

    If they try to sue someone for disclosing personal information their NDA does not cover that.

    Wonder why they don’t sue for defamation? They can’t, the depositions alone would do them in.

    They have attempted to file criminal charges the last few years since they can’t win in civil court. It won’t be much longer and the criminal courts will not be buying the BS either. It’s becoming the boy who cried wolf too many times. Or should I say girl since it’s Clare filing the fake charges.

    Now they are the ones under investigation. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • CORRECTION: The memes originated on 4Chan, not imgur. You can thank the weaponized autists over at 4Chan for them. The news of this cult has motivated them to deal with Keith Raniere. You can expect that he will be going down very soon. They’ve taken down people much bigger than Keith in the past.


    • I always have likened 4 Chan denizens as socially awkward males who live in their mom’s basements and hide behind their keyboards and monitors when they are not rubbing one out. But if they have a hand in bringing Keith to his fucking knees that would be just dandy.

  • …her situation was different.

    Frank says: “Over the past few weeks, a number of women and men have come forward to accuse Hollywood powerhouses of assault…..The silence of Kristin Kreuk on sexual predator Keith Raniere is IN CONTRAST to this trend of outing sexual predators…”

    The contrast is…KK was not a victim. Not of sexual assault, not of branding. That said…how to deal with the inevitable press questions, and her deep involvement in the cult…mostly unwitting?

    I STRONGLY agree with Frank’s idea she should be proactive, and productive: “If I were Kristin Kreuk’s publicist, I would advise her not to wait until she is outed as a leader and recruiter for the cult, but to make a statement condemning the blackmail and branding scheme of Keith Raniere; disavowing any further connection with him, or his cult; calling for law enforcement to investigate; and making a public offer to help any women [or man] still trapped in the cult, especially Allison Mack.”

    That may be Kristin’s best way to deal both with her “scandal” and actually help her fellow cult members. It would be a smart PR move in keeping with her public image that also would help those less fortunate than herself.

    She is now producing a movie about a sexual abuse victim who bravely fights back…Kristin coming forward in this proactive, productive fashion could make her the “star in her own movie.”

  • She’s never been a “leader” for the cult. She was a love-bombed celebrity member, a course taker, and a coach for a year or two. She’s a “recruiter” just like any other course taker is encouraged to recruit other participants in an MLM scheme like Amway does. This doesn’t entail she had significant involvement in recruiting others to sleep with the leader, only to recruit for courses she thought were beneficial to her and might help others. You keep forgetting that there are layers to a cult and knowledge filters down via a pyramidal like structure. Kristin wasn’t even at the level of Bouchey or Donnes, let alone Keeffe. She was either lucky enough or smart enough to disassociate from the group five years ago either for her career, or when the media noise surrounding it started to get louder, and she saw that her values conflicted with the values of the leader. Why do you think Girls By Design no longer exists? Others can leave too without her broaching a statement on the situation. Her last involvement is not even temporally close to the current situation. She might make a statement if she is requested to, as long as she understands the legal ramifications associated with it, which means it may be a canned statement written by lawyers, since she was involved with the group and wouldn’t want to get into any legal binds.

  • Those videos are fake, and feature computer voices.
    Come on, hold yourself to a standard. More people might be directed here, and you include false information in a post.

  • That picture of Kristin Kreuk is fake.

    As for her involvement, and whether GBD was used to recruit, any members who were part of it in the beginning, said Kreuk never said anything about JNESS or NXIVM. So she was not using it to avtively recruit, at least not yet. Some of the girls who were part of the first groups, were also members of a smallville message board, and knew of her NXIVM involvement. But heresay is heresay.

    Kristin had discussed starting some sort of magazine for young girls before she was ever involved with NXIVM.

    These groups prey on the good intentions of naive liberal-leaning people.


    Looks like Keith still has you working for him after all. He couldn’t sully Kreuk in bed, but you’ll try and help him through your site.

    “Memes have recently appeared on the website imgur.com tying Ms. Kreuk to NXIVM and the practices of DOS, which she very likely did not participate in.” BUT YOU WILL POST IT ANYWAY

    • Kristin Kreuk had a role in the exploitation of women in NXIVM. It may have been an unwitting role, or again maybe it was not entirely unwitting. She chooses to be silent about it, which is her prerogative. But it is simply not fair or accurate not to report her role in the history of this abusive cult. She was the first celebrity to become deeply involved and Keith Raniere milked that for all it was worth. Kristin Kreuk had a major role in the growth of NXIVM. Her quiet departure allowed it to continue and grow. Does she have no responsibility to speak up about what she saw then and now?

      • It is true she is silent and was silent upon leaving, but remember that they require members to sign nondisclosure agreements, and use private information to blackmail them.

        The reason its difficult to go after cults is that almost everything they do is legal. ALMOST.

        • NDA’s do NOT cover illegal activities. If she is being blackmailed because of “private information” that’s HER problem. She has an obligation to the women and men currently trapped in the cult to speak out about this. Anything less than that is bullshit, and it makes her complicit in the continued abuse of cult members.

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