Guest View: Stop blaming victim, Kristin Kreuk; the villain here is Kieth Raniere

People are reading this blog who have struggled to get their friends and family out. This cult has ruined lives….

Kristin Kreuk brought Allison Mack into a cult that may destroy her. Kristin got out of the cult safely. A reader says Kristin should not be blamed if she is afraid to speak out. Law enforcement is to blame.


I cannot imagine the guilt Kristin Kreuk must feel knowing what has happened to Allison Mack since she left. I cannot imagine the guilt that others who have left feel if those they recruited remain. My heart goes out to everyone in that position. . My heart goes out to everyone in that position

Sarah Edmondson spoke out and likely saved many women from Keith Raniere’s brutality.


Sarah Edmondson, and others who contributed as sources for the New York Times article, and who are speaking out now, are heroes, and should be commended for their bravery.

Nothing should diminish that.  They have the support of an entire community behind them, who have their backs, and the feeling of momentum, with the recent deluge of NXiters  [Those who have left NXIVM].

People who have left, one-by-one, over the years, in the past, have been terrorized and threatened, and had their lives completely ruined by Keith Raniere in endless, legal nightmares, drawn out over many years.

Anyone who has spoken out in the face of that fear is an extraordinary person, and should be commended, but anyone who has been victimized by this cult, and has been frightened of speaking out shouldn’t be blamed either.

It wasn’t enough for Keith Raniere to have dozens of adoring slaves, some of them wealthy and willing to donate money to his every whim. Instead, he found it necessary to coerce, swindle, blackmail, deceive and abuse people who trusted him. For those who tried to leave him, his determination to destroy them was intense. He was relentless in pursuing his enemies, almost all of whom were his former friends and lovers.

The villain here is Keith Raniere, not anyone else (except perhaps the authorities who have looked the other way for so many years, while knowing exactly what he is).

Let’s not focus on tearing down his victims, and pointing the finger at them for not doing more. Let’s not forget that Keith is the only one truly responsible for this situation; that he’s the sole architect of this living nightmare, and that he’s used the power and wealth he’s amassed by conning his victims to create a culture of fear that has completely terrified anyone who left for many years.

Rather than tearing down victims that Keith has hurt, where is the scathing focus on the police and attorneys who have waved off all complaints for so many years? I would rather see detailed pieces on this blog regarding the members of the Albany law enforcement community who have chosen to look the other way for years, so people can raise complaints and maybe build up some actual momentum, while stories are airing on Albany news outlets regularly each night.

Those are the people who have truly, truly, allowed this nightmare to continue, and those are the people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public, because their job is to protect the people in their jurisdiction, and they are, knowingly, allowing this to continue in their own backyard when they could have put a stop to it years ago.

Laying the blame for Keith continuing to operate in the open at Kristin’s feet is worse than useless right now. Stop choosing the low road at every opportunity you get.

The New York State Police have received complaints for years about Keith Raniere.

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Randy Carlisle
5 years ago

Reading these comments, you would think that a meme is somehow justice. Obviously, the authorities who turned a blind eye are as complicit in this as anyone, but they’ll never be prosecuted. This, however, doesn’t take the blame away from anyone, including Allison Mack, who was old enough and should have been smart enough not to fall for this kind of cult. She is old enough to know that branding someone is wrong, that holding them against their will is wrong, that sexual abuse is wrong. She is as culpable as anyone.

"...people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public"
"...people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public"
6 years ago
Reply to  ANON

we need memes targeted at the authorities…not joke memes

6 years ago

Humiliating them by making fun of them is a valid tactic. It works. We will move on to the authorities at the appropriate time. Leave this to the professional Meme Warriors. We know what we’re doing. How do you think we took down Hillary Clinton?

The Judge
The Judge
6 years ago

Victim of her own stupidity

6 years ago
Reply to  The Judge

This implies that there is something wrong with the survivors in the story, as if they knew ahead of time that they would be branded, or that they were joining an organization that harmed people. This suggests that all in this group were mentally deficient. Furthermore, by not mentioning the value in the group, it adds to the misconception that only foolish, non-thinking people join this group, and for no good reason other than to participate in self-harm or harming others. Nothing could be further from the truth.

"...people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public"
"...people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public"
6 years ago

Good point….that law enforcement, prosecutors, health officials, etc, should be named and shamed.

Maybe memes can be created with the photos of those in power who turned a blind eye (or took a bribe) that say, “Ask me about my part in the pussy branding cult.”

6 years ago

Just give us some names. Who are the authorities working the case who have refused to prosecute? We also need some kind of link for proof because we can’t go around memeing people who can’t be legitimately connected to this.

"...people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public"
"...people who should be named, shamed, and humiliated in public"
6 years ago
Reply to  ANON

Up to you, Frank! Days ago you said you were starting Law & Order: NXIVM and “shifting focus to going after the authorities”….this is would be a meme-ingful start.

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