Reader: Kristin Kruek was in the cult; everybody knows that; she has NO obligation to speak out against Raniere

Some people would surely say that Vanguard had no interest in adding Kristin Kreuk to his harem or that, if she was still in the group, to have asked her be part of DOS.

A reader, using the name, ‘SOS’ wrote that Kristin Kreuk is right not to speak out against Keith Raniere.

The reader did point out the Kristin Kreuk was not just a stray student. She became a coach of ESP.

Guest View:

 Dear SOS;

You must not have been around when Kristen Kreuk was in NXIVM. She did more than just bring in Allision Mack, or she would have never gotten the rank of ESP coach; you don’t get to be a coach by bringing in only one person.

She was involved with Albany and other centers at the time.

She went to extra training.

She would have never gone to Necker Island with the highest of high values students when Sir Richard Branson invited them all for a jolly good time.

She would have never been part of being on the guest panel of a Capella Innovations (NXIVM big cover up a Capella contest to attempt to get young people enrolled into the cult.)

She was also involved with Jness program.

She would have never been an overnight guest at Nancy Salzman house to help plan “girls by design” – a way for her and Allison Mack to start a group to influence “young” girls to be more empowered. It was to be a cover-up for a hunting ground for the creepy one. Allison and Kristin had no idea that was the real plan. Now everyone knows, creepy likes them young.

Yes, the plan was all clearly designed by the great and power Oz to slowly hook her as he so evilly did to one of her ‘besties’, Allison Mack into his harem.

Good news for her is she wised up to the fact that something wasn’t right in NX-ville.

It appears that Kristin Kreuk’s highest value was working on her career and it wasn’t her then boyfriend Mark Hildreth or her spiritual journey which, at the time, meant sleeping with the creepy one, like Allison still thinks, is going to get her something she is seeking.

Kristen was around for a few years so it wasn’t like she took one course, brought her best friend in and than left.

I’m glad she out, I’m glad she dumped Mark, I’m glad she’s safe from the creep. It’s well known she was involved with NXIVM, just Google it.

Does she need to come forward, nope. It was all over this and other blogs, so the word is out there. No one of can get away from it, if our names are on any blogs, newspapers, magazine articles; we’re branded that way.

Yep, ex-cult members.

Kristin Kreuk was highly touted by NXIVM as a student. She became a coach. As of a August 2011 report in Saratoga In Decline, Kristin held the rank of Yellow Sash with Two Stripes.
Kristin Kreuk with ESP members at Necker Island for an ESP training.


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  • “It appears that Kristin Kreuk’s highest value was working on her career and it wasn’t her then boyfriend Mark Hildreth or her spiritual journey which, at the time, meant sleeping with the creepy one, like Allison still thinks, is going to get her something she is seeking.”

    Did Kristin Kreuk have sex with Keith Raniere?

  • “She did more than just bring in Allision Mack,”

    I never said she didn’t do more. My previous comments were directed only at the content of the caption that I quoted and responded to.

    I don’t disagree with anything that you have said. What I’ve always disagreed with is the notion that Kristin was aware that she was being used to promote the underhanded scheming of “Oz” (as you call him), or that she would ever promote such values if she was aware of it, and therefore she should feel no guilt nor any responsibility for bringing anyone in as if she did, and by extension, have any urge to speak out against it.

    • I agree that KK seems like she was mostly an unwitting poster girl for NXIVM.
      She may have enjoyed her status and was pretty deeply involved for years….but probably was love-bombed into thinking she was a model ESPian and coach, when actually she was being “used” to draw in others (actors, college kids and young girls) and was more of a pawn than a NXIVM queen.

      • Oh, she was CLEARLY targeted by VanDouche as more than a recruiter due to her celebrity status. She was definitely a cum fuck conquer for him. I know people have their own subjective views on beauty but she’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve seen. She also fits the mold of what VanDouche seeks in women: beautiful, slender, a long haired brunette, nubile, young looking, smart, small breasts, makes a lot of money, etc.

    • I don’t think KK had any bad intent with any of her part she played NXIVM. I found her to be a wonderful person and enjoyed spending time with her.
      I also don’t think she “should” come forward. I don’t understand not wanting to warn people the bridge is out ahead.

      I don’t see anything wrong with saying I was a part of an organization that on the outside looked really good but when I got more information on the inner workings I found things that didn’t fit my values and I left.

      After the NYT and People magazine articles most ex-NXIVM members have found out that some really dangerous things are happening to woman (etc) and speak up saying they don’t support this behavior.

      A good media person could help anyone explain they were sold a training program that on the outside looks like an average training (mostly back then, it would be harder today to say this). It’s only when one gets deeper deeper into the workings you find the well hidden cult. Within that cult, things that are happening that to women people who no longer involved would never support nor recommend the training programs to their friends and family to take. .

      Look at how many people in Hollywood are coming out now saying they were involved in sexual harassment or misconduct. How many women have stepped up to the plate to say they were raped to warn others that a powerful man was a predictor? It’s common now and people are heroes when they speak up now. It’s the only way to stop this cycle of abuse. Silence allows it to continue and personally I have spoken up many times with my name to ink.

      • Kristin Kreuk wants to be in the public eye and have it all her own way. The CW Network is warning interviewers not to ask her anything about the cult.

        Kreuk was named in Joe O’Hara’s Feb 2012 lawsuit for assisting and/or profiting from criminal activity. She was exposed as a part of the Necker Island cult summit by John Tigue who accused the attendees, Kreuk included of discussing money laundering, including hiding money in the Caribbean. She was named in the Feb 2012 Times Union expose as a cult member, the same expose where victims of Keith Raniere’s pedophilia came forward and revealed they were raped by him as children, complete with police report. Kreuk stayed in the cult at least another year and was still supporting the cult at least as recently as 2015, two years before Frank broke the DOS story.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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