Reader: In Defense of Kristin Kreuk: She’s right not to speak out against sex cult branding master Raniere

A caption from a photo of Kristin Kreuk stated that, “Kristin Kreuk was used to promote the cult of Keith Raniere. She brought in Allison Mack, who, in turn, brought in other women. Kristin slipped away. Look for her under a rock, or in some creepy crevice. She’s out there publicly condemning Harvey Weinstein, but ignoring the perv she personally witnessed: A man who is enslaving women and branding women on their pubic region.”

Kristin Kruek [r] with Mark Hildreth.
The only true statement in the above is that “she brought in Allison Mack.”

Yes, Kristin was probably used to promote NXIVM due to her ‘small’ celebrity, but not the “cult of Raniere”. She’s neither hiding under a rock nor in some creepy crevice either (she’s always been rather private) nor is she “out there publicly condemning Harvey Weinstein”. She was asked about the situation surrounding the latter once in an interview and gave her opinion. There is also no evidence that she ‘ignored’ “the perv she personally witnessed”, a statement that implies that she knew all about the internal machinations going on.

You should cast the potency of your negative criticisms upon those involved proportional to their degree of responsibility instead of sullying people who don’t deserve it as it mars your credibility.

How about the government individuals who have been effectively silenced or even bought off by Bronfman money as some other commentators have suggested here, e.g., Albany DA David Soares, or those involved in other governmental organizations that turned a blind eye to the activities and let the group continue well after the award winning investigative series of articles released by the Times Union back in February 2012?

You too were once fooled by the Vanguard and only because you’ve had criminal charges filed against you where you could face considerable jail time, have you taken action against it, so I wouldn’t take your criticisms of others – especially those who aren’t worthy of it – so far that it steps into ‘sensationalization’ territory.



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