KR Conversations Down; YouTube Videos of Salinas interviewing Raniere yanked; hellish week for Salinas as Mexico is boiling hot against female branding


The rotten empire of Keith Raniere shows signs of crumbling. His Keith Raniere Conversations were pulled off-line as of midnight today.  Frank Report does not know when or if –  they will go back online.

In addition, all of the conversations between Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas have been pulled down. It is as if the two men never knew each other….

Adoring disciple Emiliano Salinas speaks with his Vanguard. But somehow all the videos disappeared today.


Vanguard, AKA Keith Raniere, speaks with his disciple, Emiliano Salinas.


Emiliano Salinas
Emiliano Salinas teaches a class on the greatness of his Vanguard and his teachings.
Emiliano [l] and Keith Raniere are on a series of videos that, up until today, were online on You Tube and on Keith Raniere Conversations. Today, they were yanked off line. Some speculate that with all the hostile Mexican media coming out against Raniere-Salinas and their branding of women, they did not want to be viewed by reporters and the public.
Jimena Garza is branded on her public region with Keith Raniere’s initials.
Monterrey lawmakers have asked the Attorney General to look into Salinas and Raniere for human trafficking.
Salinas tried to explain how he has nothing to do with branding and blackmailing women.
The brands on the women are scarred on with a white hot iron on the pubic region.
Keith Raniere [center] defended using his initials on the branding of women by comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln [l] and Bill Gates [r]
The brands are formed with the initials of Keith Raniere.


Emiliano Salinas [front] with his gay lover Alex Betancourt [rear]. Both men obey their Vanguard.
The women of Keith Raniere [center] must do what they are commanded.
Branded slaves Loreta Garza and Meliissa Rodriguez.


Branded slave Lauren Salzman.
Branded slave Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O.. She is the one who performs the branding on the women.
Ana Risoul has taken naked photographs – and given them to Raniere. This is the first step to becoming a slave and then branded.


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  • What a joke that Emiliano Salinas is feigning ignorance of DOS and the women being branded. Cue Amy Poehler and Seth Myers –


    • “Determine your own path. Yes, decide what you want and where you’re going. It’s your road and your journey. Why would you want anyone else to determine your path?”

      “Be self-caring. Somewhere in life most of us were told us that we shouldn’t be selfish, and we should continually think about others. I love Michael Jordan’s quote: “To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. Once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don’t isolate.” According to Mark Drummond, a psychologist who specializes in personality disorders, people mistake self-caring for self-centered. We must focus on ourselves if we are to forge our path.”

      It’s just like what I’ve felt for a while: “me, me, me”. Just like their douche-bag leader.

      They’ve redefined what selfishness has meant for centuries. I don’t know of any philosopher or personality that said don’t consider yourself and only others. Many have said things like “it’s better to give than to receive”, or “don’t do unto others what you want don’t want done unto yourself”. Even those who have dedicated themselves to a life of religion or altruism, e.g., nuns, priests, and the like, still need to satisfy their needs in order to help others with their needs. The key word being “needs”. Even fulfilling your own desires have never been an issue. It’s when those wants override the needs of others, promises made to others, what is ontologically right and proper, etc., that it crosses into the domain of selfishness.

      Another thing worth mentioning is it’s ironic how all of those who take more and more courses to forge their “own” path end up primarily walking along the NXIVM path.

    • Yes, quite an interesting read from some of those who knew and interacted with him. I wish there was more. Presuming a somewhat truthful recounting, you can form a picture of the foundations of the so-called “nature of the beast” and can kind of retrospectively see how it got to such the point it is today. As current events seem to suggest, much of what was said in those conversations reminded me of many of the bullet points laid out in this article:

    • Thanks for posting. So even back in the early 80s, Keith was going after his ex-lovers after they’d dump him. The difference is that back then, the poor Lilly girl had friends that had her back and were probably ready to beat the crap out of the fake Judo puss. Along with hypnosis, Keith learned his lesson and now makes sure he has the friends of his ex-lovers help him to haunt the women who kick his lazy azz to the curb. Lauren, Nancy, Kristen, KAREN etc. should be ashamed of themselves for helping Keith get vengeance on the brave women who have left him. As Kristen has shown, your time will eventually come. (unless the Big C gets you first)

      The other link with the signs of a sociopath is also a must read of anyone who’s been around Keith. It’s like the article was specifically written about him.

  • So a neighbor in Knox Wood’s posted that another neighbor sprayed Keith with a hose the other day while he was out on a walk! I cracked up. Soon they will all have to move!

    • OMG, this cracked me up. I.almost spit out my beverage. They really sprayed him with their hose. Oh how I would of loved to seen that. So funny. Next time, catch something like that on film and send it to the Frank Report.
      Snowball fight and a.lose snowball, be so funny.

      • The lady who posted that her neighbor sprayed Keith was not one of my direct neighbors but she lives here in KW. There are over 500 town homes/carriage houses and condos in Knox Woods made up of various associations. The NXIVM units that are not rentals all have cameras. Allison Mack’s unit has a realtors lock box on it. It is empty. Keith and Allison Mack are in town. They were seen together yesterday on a walk.

  • Oh man, I was really enjoying them. Great entertainment on a Friday night. Grace Parks must be happy. Hope someone recorded them. I know they were showing up on mainstream media.
    Oh well, so much for NX-Ville, Maybe they will refill from Fiji

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