Video: Catherine Oxenberg on Megyn Kelly Today; Pleads for Authorities to Stop Nxivm: ‘Extortion Is Not Consent’


Catherine Oxenberg appeared on Megyn Kelly Today to plead with law enforcement to pay  attention to the litany of crimes being committed by NXIVM and its conceptual founder, Keith Raniere.

November 2nd, 2017

Catherine Oxenberg talks about her fight to save her ‘hijacked’ daughter

Best known for her role on “Dynasty,” actress Catherine Oxenberg joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to talk about her struggle to save her daughter India from a controversial group called Nxivm that she alleges systematically makes women “submissive and suggestible.” She adds that “brainwashing is not consent” and says that going to the media is her “last resort” to save her daughter. has a clip of Miss Oxenberg’s appearance.  

Jezebel also reported on it.

New York Post Page Six 

Daily Mail

Miss Oxenberg also appeared in the print edition of People Magazine.

Vanguard has not run into the likes of Catherine Oxenberg before. While other parents – including some quite wealthy and famous – say nothing, Catherine is fighting to save her daughter. Keith Raniere has coerced her daughter, blackmailed, and branded her.
India Oxenberg is under orders to obey Keith Raniere and to serve as his slave for her entire life.



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  • India is fortunate to have a mother who loves her unconditionally and who is willing to pull out all the stops to get her home safely. I don’t know how the Bronfman trusts were written but if Edgar Bronfman had had the balls to declare his daughters were in need of a financial conservancy ESP/NXIVM et al would be dead in the water and India would never be in the situation she is now.

    I honestly think Keith, the Salzmans, and Bronfmans have met their match. Much as the Vancouver community has rallied around Sarah E, there is a legion of mothers and women who will help Catherine tear this motherfucking cult down.

    • This was good. The one criticism I have is Megyn Kelly should have asked Rick Ross to discuss NXIVM, more so than the TImes Union representative. It would have been more impactful to the audience since he is considered a known authority on cults has personally dealt with NXIVM specifically.



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