Dalai Lama Video Where He Tells Raniere to be transparent and for the media to investigate Keith Raniere

After accepting a substantial donation said to be $1 million from Clare and Sara Bronfman, The Dalai Lama presents their Christlike Vanguard with a white scarf costing $20.

Here is the portion of the 2009 video where the Dalai Lama tells Keith Raniere to be transparent and for the media to investigate him to get the truth out…

See video here

Transcript of Dalai Lama’s suggesting that media investigate Keith Raniere:

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  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama recognized AUM leader Shoko Asahara as great Buddhist leader including a written statement and this is his next big case. In the monastic Buddhist tradition the receipt of a donation by a monk is honoring the donor and morally legitimates his power (i.e. as a king). Buddha himself did not want his monks to receive money in any form but later this was allowed in the Mahayana tradition and one of the reasons for the schisma dividing Buddhism in Theravada and Mahayana. But donations of $ 1 Million for a camera show to spiritually advertise a psychopathic and sadistic cult leader was unthinkable for Buddha as total damage of his basics. The statements of His Holiness are not convincing as they were in the past. On one hand he was a long term CIA agent (“there were contacts”) on the other he described himself as “fifty percent marxist” (speaking to left orientated students). When he received the peace Nobel price he called himself an “ordinary monk”. Contrary he received a special and long upper class education to prepare him as leader of Tibet which followed his recognition as reincarnated Daila Lama when he was a child. And contrary to the Nobel price he was an anti-communist warlord which is documented by photos showing him as military tank commander to take the salute and inspecting troops. From a buddhist point of view it might be wise to look after friends who are not involved in such dark activities like working together with the CIA in black operations. And the call of transparency? Where is the transparency of all the money donations which were made to His Holyness and his community? There was neither transparency as he received million dollars from the CIA nor there is today. But the good news: On the true path of love, compassion and happiness is Sarah Edmundson. This is the woman who had the courage to speak out thereby opening the door for liberation of those enslaved in the cult. In my thoughts I bow before her and I know that Buddha was absolutely impressed and enjoyed by such women also mentioned in the pali canon and the later texts of the tantric tradition.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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