10 minute video: People TV: Catherine Oxenberg trying to save my daughter

See below for the link to Catherine Oxenberg’s video on PeopleTV.com –

This is a link to the longer 10 minute video on People TV.

Catherine Oxenberg trying to save my daughter.



Catherine Oxenberg appears on People TV.

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  • Dearest Catherine,
    Even though we have never meet my heart reaches out to you.
    I am saddened by your story and am holding you and your family close me in the days to come while we all wait for an awakening to happen.
    Being an ex-member I was never deep into the cult aspect of NXIVM. Like you,. I found too many things to be creepy the more time I spent taking classes.
    When I discovered there was a cult aspect behind the training, I left right away. I wished I could of done more upon my leaving so you and your daughter would have had a warning to not even go.
    The good news is more truth is coming out now and hopefully enough exposure will happen that many more will be saved from enrolling.
    I don’t have family inside but I do have people who are dear to me still inside. Even though they have shunned me for leaving and I am dead to them, my hope is that someday when they awaken and see the light again, we will rekindle our friendship that is now lost both of us .
    I pray that this will happen for you and your daughter sooner than later and that she will regain her health , regain her mind and regain the family that has meant so much to her throughout her life.

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