Raniere in Clifton Park, Alison In Ecuador and other NXIVM News

Raniere in Clifton Park

Keith Raniere was seen outside his house at 21 Oregon Trail this morning. He was entering his home, accompanied by Lauren Salzman. There were a half dozen cars parked in Mr. Raniere’s driveway (Probably a get-together for the Bills game).  And Lauren’s car was reportedly parked in the driveway of the house where her mother, Nancy Salzman, lives – just a few doors down from Keith on Oregon Trail.

Jness #11 at Apropos.

Jness #11, an eight day intensive, may be losing students or cars.

The classes are conducted at Apropos, on Route 9 in Half Moon.

Jness #11 is co-ed. The parking lot was full both back and front on Thursday.

The number of cars today dropped. Today, it appeared there were only about 9 cars in front and possibly 20 cars in the back.

The Intensive is expected to continue for several more days.

It might be possible that the drop of cars is due to car pooling. Or because the front page story in the Albany Times Union today about the potentially illegal human experiments might make some people skittish to have their license plates visible.

Jen Kobelt, who was interviewed in the Times Union story, reportedly was subjected to a human fright experiment. Reportedly, that experiment was conducted at Apropos.

A nearly empty parking lot at Apropos on Sunday, hours after the Jness 11 intensive began for the day
Did the front page of the Times Union make some people doubtful about the future of Executive Success Programs and its Vanguard, Keith Raniere?


Lucas Roberts on and off again Facebook posting

Lucas Roberts posted a pro ESP statement on Facebook.  It created a rash of comments both pro and con. I was personally surprised that Mr. Roberts permitted any comments critical of ESP. Free speech is not big at ESP.

No sooner than I thought about it, Mr. Roberts took down the post. Happily, several people captured the comments and forwarded them to me. They make an interesting snapshot of who is still in the cult that blackmails and brands its women.

Dr. Porter’s actions called “deplorable”, may be a felony 

Dr. Brandon Porter resigned from St. Peter’s Hospital last week. A spokesperson with the hospital says Dr. Porter’s actions with NXIVM have nothing to do with the hospital and called them “deplorable.”

A cognitive brain researcher told Frank Report yesterday that Dr. Porter’s actions described in a Times Union story published today is a felony. I will provide more details later.

NXIVM is the route to selling short in the legal profession. You get good money upfront then, as you descend into the dishonest bowels of Bronfman-Raniere legal abuse syndrome, you become a shyster. Soon, everyone knows. In the long run it costs you money.Paul DerOhannesian [above] is reportedly Bronfman-Raniere’s newest Albany lawyer.
High profile Albany attorney Paul DerOhannesian is reportedly NXIVM’s newest Albany attorney. He appears regularly as a “legal expert” on WRGB [Channel 6] and elsewhere on Albany TV.

I wonder how much demand there will be for him for TV appearances once it becomes widely known he defends the Bronfman-Raniere cult that brands and blackmails women.  He might consult with Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred’s daughter, who boldly stepped forth to represent Harvey Weinstein and when the media coverage grew explosively negative, fled for cover. It seems to have tarnished her reputation.

Mack in Ecuador?

Allison Mack was scheduled to appear at the comic convention, Budokan 2017.  It was held from October 21 to 22 at the Palacio de Cristal in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, according to a El Universo story entitled ‘ Budokan 2017 will present Dross, Kevin Sussman and Allison Mack in their sixth edition’.

It is unclear if the DOS-branded former TV actress actually appeared. Her Instagram account seems to suggest she still is in Paris.

Allison’s reputed spouse, Nicki Clyne. is reportedly in Boston possibly at another comic convention.


I wrote an article in June, published in Frank Report and Artvoice: Will Mad Doctor Roberts be charged with professional misconduct?

I suggested then that victims consider contacting the the NYS Department of Health’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct. Some victims did and they were ignored.

Curiously, Antonio Novello, who was the New York State  Commissioner of Health for the State of New York from 1999 to 2006, was used in ESP promotional material. She reportedly took the course and encouraged many of her staff to also take the course, a source familiar with ESP told me.

I wonder if any of those Department of Health staff are still with the agency and whether they had a hand in deep-sixing the complaints against Dr. Danielle Roberts and Dr. Brandon Porter prior to the Times story coming out.

Or then again, maybe Dr. Roberts is just a good physician. Dr. Roberts has written about her view of the practice of medicine on Facebook and it seems to me she is drawing a metaphor of branding with the best practices of medicine.

“I believe medicine is more than the cliche Band-Aid that covers the cut, more than just putting out the fires of eminent danger, much more than shaving off the tip of the iceberg so the deeper disease appears disappeared.



Time.com published the Associated Press’ story ‘Women Say They Were Burned and Branded by Doctors During Initiations Into a Secret Sorority’.

Many publications carried the AP story on the blackmail and branding scheme of Keith Raniere. AP based its story primarily on the New York Times more comprehensive story  Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded.


What was curious about Time’s publication – and this may be foreshadowing – Time put the story under the category of ‘Crime.”


Anytime you want a refresher course on the real Keith Raniere try this You Tube video: Keith Raniere has ongoing sex with 12-year-old. It will help you get perspective on your Vanguard.


Following the New York Times story on Keith Raniere’s branding women, Improbable.com posted a page on Keith Raniere’s improbable patents.

Writing “Here are three {Raniere] patent applications that relate to things other than branding women”, the website details three of Keith Raniere’s best inventions with Mr.  Raniere’s sketches submitted with his patent applications:

Determination of whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated

‘That patent application contains this drawing, which perhaps summarizes the idea as clearly as is possible’


If anyone can know if a Luciferian can be rehabilitated, it would be a Luciferian.



Rational inquiry sash

This patent application “included this drawing, which explains the concept of a rational inquiry sash as well or better than does the text that accompanies it in the document on file with the patent office”:

The Rational Inquiry sash. Does that look like Sara Bronfman? By the way, it does seem like someone has stolen Keith’s sash idea, I’ve seen something suspiciously similar at Macy’s, only they called it a scarf.


Apparatus and method for preventing a vehicle from running out of fuel

“The patent application includes this summary, in the form of a drawing, of the proposed solution to that problem:”

The patent application seems to draw inspiration of Aesop’s Fable,  ‘The tortoise and the hare’.


Keith Raniere is the subject of many popular YouTube videos.

As mentioned above, I recommend the video about him raping a 12 year old.

Maybe that is one way of determining whether a Luciferian can be rehabilitated. If he rapes 12 year old girls, he likely cannot be rehabilitated.

Keith Raniere around the time he was raping teens and pre-teen girls.

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  • The Question is where is she in the news about this, nothing showed here is in the NY Times. If something is going on, is hard to believe that is anything how is showed in this sensationalist posts of this guy. But if this is truth we still waiting for real News. One thing is sure Frank Parlato has a bunch cognitive researchers, and I am sure that he has Mediums to support his posts too. But with so much information nothing of this go in trustworthy and well-known newspapers, like the NY times, at least not yet, maybe because his sources are not the regular or just came from an invention.

  • Wonder if Allison would show her brand if you asked her at a convention?
    Like the pointed ear on the sash left ear, just one sided
    Is Raniere wondering if Porter can help heal him from being a Luciferian:

  • Allison is in Ecuador and is just posting older photos from the Paris trip. You can easily find photos and videos of her at the Ecuador convention scattered across social media. She has another convention scheduled next weekend as well.

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