New York Times Follow-up story; Nxivm, a Secret Group That Branded Women, Is Under Review; Dr. Brandon Porter resigns (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Follow-up story in New York Times.

Nxivm, a Secret Group That Branded Women, Is Under Review




Nueva York Times seguimiento de la historia; Nxivm, un grupo secreto que las mujeres de marca, está bajo revisión; El Dr. Brandon Porter dimite

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  • Dr. Brandon Porter most likely was asked to resign from his job or he’d be fired.
    How can he support his wife and three children off what Clare Bronfman is going to pay him?
    How is he going to ever get a real job as a doctor ever again with the crap he’s pulled with those women.
    What was he thinking? Did he get off watching their reactions with his Master Vanguard while showing those horror films?
    I hope he gets his medical license taken away and a big fine to help those women with their therapy.
    Wonder if his wife knew about it and what she thinks?

  • If I’m not mistaken, India doesn’t even know who her father is, correct? In other words, she never really had a father who raised her, or a strong father figure in her life. If that is the case, then it makes it unsurprising that she would still be drinking the kool-aid of this cult.

    • Although mom never named India’s father, actor Casper Van Dien essentially raised India as his own child along with her two half sisters. So, I am going to disagree that she didn’t have a strong father-like presence Casper seems to be very involved with her still based on posts on her social media accounts even though he and Catherine split.

  • St. Peter’s Heath Partners is should read. There is no St Francis Hospital up here in the Capital District. Barry has the wrong Saint.

    In other news. India Oxenberg is still drinking the Kool-aid. She posted on Facebook that she is just fine, the article is about her friends and colleagues and basically nothing to see here.

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