Blueprint of Raniere criminality and insanity found in Keeffe comments to Bouchey (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Keith Raniere used to promise women he wanted to have sex with that they would have his firstborn child. It would be an avatar child.

Kristin Keeffe had his firstborn child. She fled from Vanguard with her child in 2014.

If anyone should know Vanguard, it would be her. She was with him more than 22 years. On March 24, 2015, she made extensive comments about Vanguard to Barbara Bouchey. This is a slightly edited summary of some of what she said.

As the spotlight comes on Keith Raniere in the next few weeks, her comments may be useful for law enforcement as they likely chalk out their case against Mr. Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and Emiliano Salinas.

He does the hard part – the talking.

Crazy, Vengeful, Lazy, Keith

I went to Nancy Salzman and said, “Look at his fucking life. He’s so lazy, he cam’t get anything done. All he does is spend all day long fucking around with women, walking around the neighborhood, playing fucking volleyball, and giving speeches.”

“He’s asking us to sacrifice our lives doing this work we hate, going after his ex-girlfriends, and what the fuck is he doing? He’s doing nothing!”

I went to Nancy and said, “It’s like being a fitness fanatic does not make a person a renunciate.”

She was drinking coffee and she literally spit out the coffee laughing. She was like,
“You’re right!”  I was like, “Obviously, this man is not enlightened!”

He’s got everything exactly the way he wants it. This is exactly how he wants his life to be. He doesn’t care about the [lawsuits and businesses]. He’s not trying to succeed; he’s trying to enslave.

Keith Raniere has creative ideas on how best to destroy his enemies.

How many stupid walks I did with Keith where he’s saying these things [about going after perceived enemies] and I’m saying, “oh, that’s a great idea,” but in my mind I’m thinking, ‘he’s a madman.’

Computer Trespass

That civil complaint is completely, provably perjurious, and fraudulent, and a malicious prosecution. They state in that complaint that they discovered the trespass in early 2012, when they discovered it in early and late 2011. …  It shows that they were willing to lie in the civil case….

It was just Keith doing what he does, which is committing fraud and lying, and thinking
he’s not going to get caught.

Clare Criminality

Keith does not have his name on anything. Clare has her name on everything.

Clare has a complete and total commingling of her personal finances and
her role with NXIVM.

Clare, under direction of Keith, [attempted to illegally] obtain personal financial information of adversaries to use to harm them and harass them. She got financial information on every judge in every case that they were involved in.

Keith would decide what was ordered…. Canaprobe would … fax the financial information…  Clare spent over a million dollars!

Clare got information on her father, Morris Sutton, the World Jewish Congress, Israel Singer, the Rabbis, everybody that ever wrote a negative article…

Keith’s whole thing was that it was a big Jewish conspiracy, which was his way, you know, of enslaving Clare.

Clare [left] with sister, Sara Bronfman [2009].
Pam Nichols … hired another firm in New York City … and they brought a private investigator who looked at all the [Canaprobe] stuff and said, ‘I think this is bullshit.’

Pam Nichols and Clare flew to Canada on more than one occasion to … vet the information, to get some of the money back…

Clare can’t say, ‘I was paying for this [illegally obtained information] and I didn’t know what it was.’ Clare went to Canada! This was going on for months!

Mexican Plot

Keith and Emiliano ‘bribed a Judge in Mexico to issue an indictment’ against Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie and Susan Dones. The women were to be lured into Mexico, and put in prison.

I saw the Judge’s decision. Keith helped write it, and there were issues about Emiliano translating it.

Keith’s plot was to have the women thrown in prison where he expected them to be raped and rot. That was his strategy and belief. They were going to be put in a miserable, horrible, violent, vile place.

Keith and Emiliano did their plotting through a Gmail account. They would communicate by writing drafts. They would log on and communicate.

When the Edward Snowden story came out about the NSA, Keith realized that Gmail saves everything, even the drafts. It gets stored on the Gmail server and uploaded to the government.

Tax Evasion and Money Laundering

I worked in app processing and we use to put all the wire transfer applications in a scholarship.  It would be logged on the system as a scholarship and cash was kept in Nancy’s house.

NXIVM used to record the names of students who paid for classes as having received scholarships into the accounting system.

Edgar Boone used to accept applications with wire transfers to his personal bank account and for Mexican trainings. Nancy Salzman, Loreta Garza, and a whole bunch of people used to bring the cash over the border. The cash was kept in a safe in Nancy’s house.

If Keith ever had to go into hiding, it was Keith’s off the grid fund. The last I heard, there was two and a half million dollars in it. Now, I’m sure it’s ten times that.

An FBI interview with Loreta Garza should reveal Keith’s name is not on anything.


Money Laundering

In the Ross case, when everything was going down about NXIVM lying about the trade secrets, NXIVM was concerned that there might be a court order requiring them to image the NXIVM system, and the NXIVM computers, and the server, to authenticate what NXIVM was producing in response to discovery.

Keith had Karen Unterriener and Steve Ose wipe the whole system and change out all the hard drives.

Karen went back in and cleaned up all the records of the scholarship to
make it look like that money was received…. that’s federal money laundering and Steve Ose is complicit in destroying evidence. …  It could be proven because the bank deposits will not match the scholarships. NXIVM was at Bank of America….

What NXIVM represented was its damages in the Ross case isn’t going to be accurate because of the malfeasance in the accounting practices.

Keith was trying to groom Danni to be a hacker …

Keith Raniere teaches ethics are more important than money. So, if you have money, he will take it and give you his ethics.

Danni Fernandez worked with Clare to embed a picture of a bear, because Clare’s
father’s nickname for her was “Clare bear.”

With a key logger, which is a type of virus that, when you open the picture, it downloads onto your computer and it records all the keystrokes, so you can get all his passwords, and everything that he’s doing.

Clare sent an email [with a key logger] to her father, with a note: “Oh, look at this thing and look at this”, but he never opened the picture.

She went down to his office and met with him, and said, ‘I want to show you this picture.’ She went on his email with him and downloaded the virus onto her father’s computer herself.

Danni spent a year reading all of Edgar Bronfman’s emails… Then reporting on the contents to Keith and to Clare.


Keith ordered Dani Fernandez to remain confined in a bedroom for 18 months because she would not join his harem.


Dani Fernandez’s Imprisonment

Ben Meyers knew about Danni Fernandez’s imprisonment…  Danni reached out to him more than once for help. He went to Keith very upset. … Keith was livid that Danni did this…. He thought he was going to lose Ben….

Ask Ben, “Why did you go along with Danni Fernandez being locked in that room for [18 months] and do nothing about it?”

Crazy Rainbow

Jennie Ose kept the fraudulent set of books for Rainbow Cultural Garden. There were the official set of books with people that were legal and being paid on the books, and there was the unofficial books, with the illegal aliens, and people being paid cash. Or people who were in the country on fraudulently obtained Visas and who could only be paid by certain parties or in certain ways.

Jennie kept all of those transactions, and the email address that all the invoices and everything went through was Jennie’s email address.

Some people were just flat out illegal like Cami Fernandez. Some were in the country on fraudulently obtained visas.

Clare was involved with every aspect of this

Clare’s foundation, the Ethical Science Foundation, was obtaining visas for teachers in connection with an alleged scientific study about the language development in children.

The Rainbow teachers had to be paid a certain amount of money in order to get the visa. They had to kick back a portion of the money, or they had to work it off.  That was one level of fraud.

The second level of fraud was there were teachers who came in on a student visa and were going to school at SUNY Albany, or Hudson Valley. They weren’t legally allowed to work in exchange for Clare paying their tuition. Yet they worked at Rainbow… some worked for Clare personally for free. … Clare wrote the tuition off on the Ethical Science Foundation.

Matt McMorris signed those tax returns.

Rainbow Madness

Clare oversees everything to do with the finances, the personnel, and the management of Rainbow.

Rainbow has hundreds of thousands of dollars running through it in tuition.

I’m sure Rainbow’s never filed taxes.

Rainbow is owned and operated by Mexican national Loreta Garza who lives in the US on a management visa for NXIVM.  She’s not a manager for NXIVM. She’s the owner of Rainbow, but she’s not claiming it. She’s in the country on a fraudulently obtained visa.

Danni Fernandez and her mother were living imprisoned in a room while illegal alien, Cami Fernandez, is downstairs teaching the Rainbow children, including Steve and Jennie Ose’s kid.

Clare owns the house.

Nannies were being paid that didn’t have legitimate visas, and some were kicking back the money. Cami Fernandez, the head teacher was formerly Nancy’s maid, who came into the country illegally, lived there illegally, and had no education except a GED that she got when she was 18 years old, here in the U.S., when she wasn’t even supposed to be here. She’s the head teacher and they’re running classes with her mother and sister locked in rooms upstairs.

They use to take the kids upstairs to visit the imprisoned women.

Clare completely co-mingled her personal expenses with the NXIVM Corporation and First Principles.

Vanguard havin’ quite a time.


The name on the door is a little misleading.


Class action lawsuit?

Keith created a whole training that is completely and totally prejudicial against
women. He created a whole new J’NESS training, and then he created this men’s
movement…. And, it’s the most disgusting, suppressive, and on its face completely prejudicial towards women.

You have deceptive trade practices and fraud in relation to the trainings themselves. Then you have civil rights violations in regards to the prejudice.

People could sue if they feel they were damaged as a result of training, and
what happened to their life because of taking training with NXIVM

When Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman’s roles are exposed, people will likely come out of the woodwork, saying, “Oh my god, I got divorced, I lost my confidence, I lost my job, I lost all my money because I spent it all on these trainings. I was degraded by this degradation of women.”


Based on Miss Keeffe’s above comments, law enforcement should interview the following people regarding money laundering, tax evasion, and immigration fraud:

Nancy Salzman

Edgar Boone

Loreta Garza

Karen Unterriener

Steve Ose

Ben Meyers

Jennie Ose

Cami Fernandez

Kathy Russell

Matt McMorris





Plano de Raniere criminalidad y locura encontrados en Keeffe comentarios a Bouchey

Keith Raniere solía prometer a las mujeres que quería tener relaciones sexuales con que tendrían su hijo primogénito. Sería un niño Avatar.

Kristin Keeffe tuvo su hijo primogénito. Huyó de vanguardia con su hijo en 2014.

Si alguien debería conocer a Vanguard, sería ella. Estuvo con él más de 22 años. El 24 de marzo de 2015, ella hizo comentarios extensos sobre Vanguard a Barbara Bouchey. Este es un resumen ligeramente editado de algunos de lo que ella dijo.

Como el centro de atención se acerca a Keith Raniere en las próximas semanas, sus comentarios pueden ser útiles para la aplicación de la ley, ya que probablemente tiza su caso contra el Sr. Raniere, Clare Bronfman, y Emiliano Salinas.

Loco, vengativo, perezoso, Keith

Fui a Nancy Salzman y le dije: “mira su puta vida.” Es tan vago, que cam’t hacer algo. Todo lo que hace es pasar todo el día jodiendo con mujeres, caminando por el vecindario, jugando al puto voleibol, y dando discursos.

“nos está pidiendo que sacrifiquemos nuestras vidas haciendo este trabajo que odiamos, yendo tras sus ex novias, ¿y qué coño está haciendo?” ¡ no está haciendo nada!

Fui a Nancy y dije, “es como ser un fanático del fitness no hace a una persona un renunciante”.

Ella estaba bebiendo café y literalmente escupir el café riendo. Ella era como,
“¡ tienes razón!”  Estaba como, “obviamente, este hombre no está iluminado.”

Tiene todo exactamente como lo quiere. Así es exactamente como quiere que sea su vida. A él no le importan los [pleitos y negocios]. No está tratando de triunfar; está tratando de esclavizar.

Cuántas estúpidas caminatas hice con Keith donde dice estas cosas [sobre ir tras los enemigos percibidos] y estoy diciendo, “Oh, esa es una gran idea,” pero en mi mente estoy pensando, ‘ él es un loco. ‘

Intrusión de equipo

Esa queja civil es completamente, provablemente perjurius, y fraudulenta, y un procesamiento malicioso. Afirman en esa queja que descubrieron la intrusión a principios de 2012, cuando la descubrieron a principios y finales de 2011. …  Demuestra que estaban dispuestos a mentir en el caso civil ….

Era sólo Keith haciendo lo que hace, que está cometiendo fraude y mentir, y el pensamiento
no va a ser atrapado.

Clare criminalidad

Clare tiene una mezcla completa y total de sus finanzas personales y
su papel con NXIVM.

Clare, bajo la dirección de Keith, [intentó ilegalmente] obtener información financiera personal de los adversarios para usarlas para perjudicarlos y acosarlos. Obtuvo información financiera sobre cada juez en todos los casos en los que estaban involucrados.

Keith decidiría lo que se ordenó …. Canaprobe … fax la información financiera …  ¡ Clare gastó más de un millón de dólares!

Clare obtuvo información sobre su padre, Morris Sutton, el Congreso Judío Mundial, Israel Singer, los rabinos, todo el mundo que alguna vez escribió un artículo negativo …

Todo el asunto de Keith era que se trataba de una gran conspiración judía, que era su camino, ya sabes, de la esclavitud Clare.

Pam Nichols … contrató a otra firma en la ciudad de Nueva York … y trajeron a un investigador privado que miró todas las cosas [Canaprobe] y dijo: ‘ creo que esto es mentira ‘.

Pam Nichols y Clare voló a Canadá en más de una ocasión para … Vet la información, para obtener parte del dinero …

Clare no puede decir: ‘ yo estaba pagando por esto [información obtenida ilegalmente] y yo no sabía lo que era. ‘ ¡ Clare fue a Canadá! ¡ Esto estaba sucediendo durante meses!

Parcela mexicana

Keith y Emiliano sobornaron a un juez en México para emitir una acusación contra Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie y Susan dones. Las mujeres debían ser atraídas a México y encarceladas.

Vi la decisión del juez. Keith ayudó a escribirlo, y hubo problemas sobre la traducción de Emiliano.

La trama de Keith era que las mujeres fueran a la cárcel donde él esperaba que fueran violadas y podridas. Esa era su estrategia y su creencia. Iban a ser puestos en un lugar miserable, horrible, violento, vil.

Keith y Emiliano hicieron su trazado a través de una cuenta de gmail. Se comunicarían escribiendo borradores. Entrarían y se comunicarían.

Cuando la historia de Edward Snow den salió de la NSA, Keith se dio cuenta de que gmail lo guarda todo, incluso los borradores. Se almacena en el servidor de gmail y se carga al gobierno.

Evasión fiscal y blanqueo de dinero

Trabajé en App Processing y usamos para poner todas las aplicaciones de transferencia de alambre en una beca.  Sería registrado en el sistema como una beca y el efectivo se mantuvo en la casa de Nancy.

NXIVM utiliza para registrar los nombres de los estudiantes que pagaron por clases como habiendo recibido becas en el sistema de contabilidad.

Edgar Boone solía aceptar aplicaciones con transferencias de alambre a su cuenta bancaria personal y para entrenamientos mexicanos. Nancy Salzman, Loreta Garza, y un montón de gente solía llevar el dinero a la frontera. El dinero fue guardado en una caja fuerte en la casa de Nancy.

Si Keith alguna vez tuvo que esconderse, fue Keith el del fondo de la red. La última vez que oí, había dos millones y medio de dólares. Ahora, estoy seguro de que es diez veces más.

Blanqueo de dinero

En el caso de Ross, cuando todo estaba bajando sobre NXIVM mintiendo sobre los secretos comerciales, NXIVM estaba preocupado de que podría haber una orden judicial que les exigía la imagen del sistema NXIVM, y los ordenadores NXIVM, y el servidor, para autenticar lo que NXIVM estaba produciendo en respuesta al descubrimiento.

Keith había Karen Unterriener y Steve OSE limpiar todo el sistema y cambiar todos los discos duros.

Karen regresó y limpió todos los registros de la beca para
hacer que parezca que el dinero fue recibido …. eso es federal blanqueo de dinero y Steve OSE es cómplice en la destrucción de la evidencia. …  Podría probarse porque los depósitos bancarios no coincidirán con las becas. NXIVM estaba en el Banco de América ….

Lo que NXIVM representado fue sus daños en el caso Ross no va a ser preciso debido a la mala conducta en las prácticas contables.

Keith estaba tratando de arreglar Danni para ser un hacker…

Danni Fernández trabajó con Clare para incrustar una imagen de un oso, porque Clare
el apodo de padre para ella era “Clare Bear”.

Con un registrador de claves, que es un tipo de virus que, al abrir la imagen, se descarga en el equipo y graba todas las pulsaciones de teclado, para que pueda obtener todas sus contraseñas, y todo lo que está haciendo.

Clare envió un correo electrónico [con un registrador clave] a su padre, con una Nota: “Oh, mira esta cosa y mira esto”, pero nunca abrió la imagen.

Bajó a su oficina y se reunió con él, y le dijo: ‘ Quiero mostrarte esta foto ‘. Ella fue en su correo electrónico con él y descargó el virus en la computadora de su padre.

Danni pasó un año leyendo todos los correos electrónicos de Edgar Bronfman … Luego informar sobre el contenido de Keith y Clare.

Encarcelamiento de Dani Fernandez

Ben Meyers sabía sobre el encarcelamiento de Danni Fernández …  Danni se acercó a él más de una vez por ayuda. Se fue a Keith muy molesto. … Keith estaba lívido que Danni hizo esto …. Pensó que iba a perder a Ben …

Pregúntale a Ben, “¿por qué fuiste con Danni Fernández encerrada en esa habitación durante [18 meses] y no hiciste nada al respecto?”

Arco iris loco

Jennie OSE guardó el sistema fraudulento de los libros para el jardín cultural del arco iris. Había el conjunto oficial de libros con personas que eran legales y que se les pagaba en los libros, y había los libros no oficiales, con los extranjeros ilegales, y la gente que se paga en efectivo. O personas que se encontraban en el país con visas fraudulentamente obtenidas y que sólo podían ser pagadas por ciertas partes o de cierta manera.

Jennie mantuvo todas esas transacciones, y la dirección de correo electrónico que todas las facturas y todo lo que pasó fue la dirección de correo electrónico de Jennie.

Algunas personas eran simplemente ilegales como Cami Fernández. Algunos se encontraban en el país con visas obtenidas fraudulentamente.

Clare estaba involucrado con todos los aspectos de este

La Fundación de Clare, la Fundación de ciencia ética, estaba obteniendo visas para maestros en relación con un supuesto estudio científico sobre el desarrollo del lenguaje en niños.

Los profesores del arco iris tuvieron que pagar una cierta cantidad de dinero para conseguir la visa. Tenían que patear una parte del dinero, o tenían que trabajar.  Ese fue un nivel de fraude.

El segundo nivel de fraude era que había maestros que venían en una visa de estudiante y que iban a la escuela en la Universidad de Albany, o Hudson Valley. No se les permitía trabajar legalmente a cambio de que Clare pagara su matrícula. Sin embargo, trabajaron en Rainbow … algunos trabajaron para Clare personalmente de forma gratuita. … Clare escribió la matrícula en la Fundación de Ciencias éticas.

Matt McMorris firmó esas declaraciones de impuestos.

Locura Rainbow

Clare supervisa todo para hacer con las finanzas, el personal, y la gerencia del arco iris.

Rainbow tiene cientos de miles de dólares corriendo a través de él en la matrícula.

Estoy seguro de que Rainbow nunca presentó impuestos.

Rainbow es propiedad y es operado por Loreta Garza nacional mexicana que vive en Estados Unidos en una visa de gestión para NXIVM.  No es Gerente de NXIVM. Es la dueña de Rainbow, pero no lo dice. Está en el país con una visa fraudulentamente obtenida.

Danni Fernández y su madre vivían encarceladas en una habitación mientras que el extranjero ilegal, cami Fernández, está abajo enseñando a los niños del arco iris, incluyendo Steve y el cabrito de Jennie OSE.

Clare es dueña de la casa.

A las niñeras se les pagaba que no tenían visas legítimas, y algunas estaban dando la vuelta al dinero. Cami Fernández, el profesor principal era antes la criada de Nancy, que entró en el país ilegalmente, vivió allí ilegal, y no tenía ninguna educación excepto un GED que ella consiguió cuando ella era 18 años, aquí en los e.e.u.u., cuando ni siquiera se suponía que estuviera aquí. Es la maestra de la cabeza y están haciendo clases con su madre y su hermana encerradas en las habitaciones de arriba.

Usan para llevar a los niños arriba a visitar a las mujeres encarceladas.

Clare mezcló completamente sus gastos personales con la Corporación NXIVM y los primeros principios.

¿pleito de acción de clase?

Keith creó toda una formación que es totalmente perjudicial contra
mujeres. Él creó un nuevo entrenamiento J’NESS, y luego creó este hombre
movimiento …. Y, es el más repugnante, supresor, y en su cara completamente perjudicial para las mujeres.

Usted tiene prácticas comerciales engañosas y fraude en relación con los entrenamientos mismos. Entonces usted tiene violaciones de los derechos civiles en lo que respecta al prejuicio.

La gente podría demandar si sienten que fueron dañados como resultado de la formación, y
¿Qué pasó con su vida debido a tomar el entrenamiento con NXIVM?

Cuando los papeles de Keith Raniere y Clare Bronfman están expuestos, la gente probablemente saldrá de la carpintería, diciendo: “Oh Dios mío, me divorcié, perdí mi confianza, perdí mi trabajo, perdí todo mi dinero porque lo gasté todo en estos entrenamientos.” Yo estaba degradado por esta degradación de las mujeres.

Basándose en los comentarios de la señorita Keeffe, el cumplimiento de la ley debe entrevistar a las siguientes personas con respecto al blanqueo de dinero, evasión fiscal y fraude de inmigración:

Nancy Salzman

Edgar Boone

Loreta Garza

Karen Unterriener

Steve OSE

Ben Meyers

Jennie OSE

Cami Fernández

Kathy Russell

Matt McMorris

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6 years ago

Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman and now Alex Betancourt are using the same tactics that have been used in the United States for years but now are spreading this reign of terror to Mexico and Canada.
They are using the legal system to intimidate people into keeping their mouths shut about what is happening inside the community of NXIVM to keep their members enslaved through a lack of information about what goes on behind the veil of lies and deceit. This deceit keeps member misinformed so they will continue to believe they are building a better world while their leadership satiates and destroys value.
The cover-up by Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Alex Betancourt and other so-called leaders within NXIVM keeps people blindly and happily enrolled into programs and a community that if known some would leave because it goes against their moral and ethical compass. It is clear that when the truth of what Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salaam, Alex Betancourt and others are up to “after hours” of training, people do choose to leave NXIVM.
One only has to look at the facts that this is evident by how many people left NXIVM after Bouchey and eight other women left in 2009. Once again, after the discovery of branding and what comes with the entire DOS movement, many people of their own free will left the organization of NXIVM. Three NXIVM Centers closed down within the United States and Canada.
Was this due to ex-members attempting to destroy NXIVM? No, it was because people who got accurate information found that NXIVM no longer fit within the moral standards. Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Alex Betancourt, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and others lie and continue to lie all the time to suck people in so they can continue profit off their enrollments, about what “other” activities goes on behind the scenes of the training of NXIVM.
NXIVM the company or the training that has not been the subject of attacks when members leave. Maybe the hypocrisy of teaching one thing and behaving another way has been mention. Other on blogs like this some mention tactics that are used to keep members under Raniere “spell” like NLP or hypnosis but that is not a part of NXIVM trade secret as NXIVM can’t use that in their so-called patent pending status.
None of NXIVM trade secrets have exposed when one leaves and shares what they believe is immoral behavior. How is branding a trade secret? Haven’t ranchers been using it for over a 100 years in all of North America? How is wife swapping a trade secret? Who knows how long swinger clubs have been going on? Masters & Slaves, outlawed in the United States 1863, Outlawed in Canada in 1833, Mexico 1892, NXIVM – going strong in 2017 US, Canada and Mexico
Does this not make the leadership of NXIVM hypocrites of the highest regards. Raniere, Salzman, and Bronfman charge thousands of dollars for their training. Salinas and Betancourt sell hundreds of these training a year and in return receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in return for the sale of these training in commissions. So far so good, fair exchange of a contract.
Isn’t their course called “Rational Inquiry”? Helps you be a more logical thinker, find more joy, be more ethical and to build a better world? How is it when one finds out that behavior outside of the training of NXIVM does not fit into one’s ethics and or morals compass? They want to leave, share that information with their friends they have concerns for (that has nothing to do with the course materials), and soon themselves getting sued or criminal charges pressed against them? Can anyone say INTIMIDATION! Intimidate one; others will keep their mouths shut.
I did some investigation, and a Judge has already ruled on a final decision regarding NXIVM confidentiality agreement.
1. Every official NXIVM event, Training or Instruction is customarily preceded by an oral recitation of the NXIVM Mission Statement, which includes the following sentence: “Part of the condition of being accepted into ESP is to keep all its information confidential.” Each official NXIVM Instruction or Training requires the participants to wear colored sashes denoting their rank and status in the organization.
2. Every official NXIVM event, Training or Instruction is customarily preceded by an oral recitation of the NXIVM Mission Statement, which includes the following sentence: “Part of the condition of being accepted into ESP is to keep all its information confidential.” Each official NXIVM Instruction or Training requires the participants to wear colored sashes denoting their rank and status in the organization. The term “Instruction” refers to specific, formal NXIVM events at which students are given training in NXIVM’s materials and information and that the term does not refer to personal or private meetings with NXIVM member or agents.
3. The term “Instruction” refers to specific, formal NXIVM events at which students are given training in NXIVM’s materials and information and that the term does not refer to personal or private meetings with NXIVM member or agentsNXIVM argued for an expansive definition of the term “Training” in the Confidentiality Agreement that would cover anything related to NXIVM’s business. As discussed, infra, the Court does not agree with NXIVM’s interpretation of that term. The Court construes the term “Training” to relate to information provided to students by NXIVM instructors and contractors during formal classes and Instructions. In a similar vein, by signing the Intensive Program Application, a NXIVM student agrees to certain “Student Terms and Conditions,” including an agreement that the “materials, methods and information” are confidential and proprietary assets of Executive Success Programs and NXIVM. As with the Confidentiality Agreement, the Court construes the phrase “materials, methods, and information” relatively narrowly to encompass only that NXIVM information provided in the ordinary course of Instruction or Training. It does not cover the entire scope of information about NXIVM, its business or its agents and affiliates.
What does this mean? What happens outside a NXIVM training room with no sashes, no mission statement read is not covered under their confidentiality agreement. It is not fraud, not a criminal or civil charge.
NXIVM leadership is attempting to bully ex-members who tell other members what is going on with Keith Raniere’s, Emiliano Salinas, Clare Bronfman, Alex Betancourt or others behavior outside of training is covered under their agreement. It isn’t; sexual behavior, money laundering, double sets of books, human trafficking, fixing computers to later show up in criminal cases as if someone did an illegal crime that they believe is not within their morals or ethics.
They do not own their members; you are not slaves. You have the right to be informed and to inform others as to what is the moral fiber and ethics of NXIVM’s leadership?
NXIVM share their opinion of what you should and shouldn’t do.
You shouldn’t eat meat; you should weight a certain weight, wear your hair a certain way, enroll a certain number of people, quit your job and come to Albany and work for 15.00 an hour, you shouldn’t go to Starbucks; you should drink coffee at NXIVM’s cafe, you shouldn’t read this blog or the Ross cult education website. This list goes on and one.
Isn’t getting all information to make an informed decision a good idea? Isn’t logical thinking so you can figure out what is right vs. what is wrong for you a good idea? Are you just going to live your life being a sheep?

V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta
6 years ago

Like I said before, this guy is just a sociopathic criminal who uses the notions of executive success and ethics along with the Bronfman millions to siphon off money into his own hidden shell accounts, and in the process uses LGAT thought reform practices to brainwash women into having sex with him. The cult guru facade and leaving his name off of all corporate documentation is just a cover to hide all of these shenanigans and fool the naive into doing all of his dirty work for him. Too bad the latter doesn’t absolve him from RICO.

What did you people think? That some short, pudgy little white guy who ripped off Amway’s model and had multiple failed businesses and past trouble with law suddenly, who hides from most people in his little Albany shell and let’s other people (mostly women) do his work, became some ethical guru who could bring the world into a more noble civilization?

Give me a fucking break.

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