More info on Betancourt Mexican prosecution of Zarattini and more than 20 others

According to sources in Mexico City, Monterrey and Clifton Park, we have gathered this additional information:

Lic. Ricardo M. Olmedo Gaxiola is serving in the twin role of prosecutor and attorney for Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas.

He is with the law firm of Olmedo Gaxiola & Abogados, S.C. He is also the ‘chief attorney’ of the criminal investigation in Mexico looking into more than 20 individuals targeted as being involved in a “cooperative destructive network” to destroy NXIVM corporation.

Ricardo Olmedo [r] is the chief investigator for Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas. [It is not clear if/how it would effect his investigation, if the woman on the left were to be branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials.]
It is alleged that this ‘destructive network’ has a goal of persuading people who participate in the ‘NXIVM corporation community’ to stop paying money to NXIVM for trainings in executive success.

He appears to be planning on alleging these 20 plus people have conspired to use ‘fraud, coercion, extortion, harassment, stalking, theft of trade secrets, including client lists, criminal conspiracy, computer crimes and corporate espionage’ to destroy NXIVM.

So far, we have learned that the targets include Toni Zarattini, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Kristin Keeffe, Joseph O’Hara and Toni Natalie.

Mr. Olmedo has offered to assist some targets of his investigation by offering them an opportunity to speak with him.

Mr. Olmedo has drafted papers accusing Mr. Zarattini of being an extortionist.

 Toni Zarattini is a farmer living in the Monterrey area. He is the target of Alejandro Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas.

Mr. Olmedo’s ‘evidence’ against Mr. Zarattini is:

1: A statement signed by Alex Betancourt alleging that Toni Zarattini spoke on the telephone to a certain women in an ESP office where he allegedly made a threat that he would reveal the ‘trade secrets’ of ESP – and attempt to destroy it by defaming it – if he did not get $2 million from Mr. Betancourt.

He also allegedly demanded that Mr. Betancourt drop his criminal investigation against Ms. Bouchey, Ms. Dones, Ms. Keeffe, Ms. Natalie and Mr. O’Hara in addition to the $2 million payment.

2:  Ana Risoul, a proctor in ESP’s Monterrey Center, stated she knew Toni Zarattini from college and that Mr. Zarattini called her on the telephone to state that ESP is ‘dangerous’ and ‘unethical.’ She said that what he told her, in her opinion, would destroy the company and she has not spoken to him again.

3: it is believed that Mr. Olmedo produced Mark Sanchez, who allegedly claims Mr. Zarattini called him and told him ESP was dangerous and unethical similar to what he allegedly stated to Ms. Risoul.

The problems with Mr. Olmedo and Mr. Betancourt’s case are:

The phone number Mr. Zarattini allegedly called does not appear to exist. At least when Frank Report called it, it was not an operational number.

It is not known if the woman who allegedly took the call actually ever spoke with Mr. Zarattini or if she is a fictional person.

Frank Report has been unable to ascertain if Mark Sanchez is a real of fictional person. If anyone knows a Mark Sanchez connected to ESP, kindly inform me.

Rosa Laura Junco is a linchpin in this prosecution. She may be deployed to shore up the Monterrey ESP Center. Because of her father’s power as a publisher, she is being trotted out as a pillar in the NXIVM organization and used to embolden the prosecution.

Ana Risoul gave testimony in the prosecution of Toni Zarattini.


Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt are leading the efforts to prosecute some 20 plus Americans, Canadians and Mexicans who are allegedly trying to topple NXIVM in Mexico
Rosa Laura Junco is a pillar of the Keith Raniere community. She is one of the leaders of DOS, the master-slave group that is led by Mr. Raniere.

Ms. Junco’s father, Alejandro Junco, has made no official statement concerning his daughter’s involvement with ESP or DOS. It is assumed by ESP members that he supports his daughter in her work for NXIVM. He is said to have attended ESP classes in the past.

Alejandro Junco publishes newspapers in Mexico.

Rosa Laura Junco is the armor that protects ESP from bad press in Mexico. Alejandro Junco is one of the most powerful publishers in Mexico.

If you get a call from Mr. Olmedo, you should expect you are being recorded. You should not talk with him without a lawyer present; you should not under any circumstances accept an invitation to meet with him in Acapulco or anywhere in Mexico.

While he may offer to assist you in getting out of this investigation, Mr. Olmedo’s true intention is to lure you into appearing in Mexico where you can be apprehended.

It is believed that Keith Raniere is the strategist behind this prosecution of the alleged conspiracy, and the ties to the named co conspirators are tenuous to each other but all of them have run afoul of Mr. Raniere over the last 20 years.

Screen shot from a video Mr. Raniere appears in with actress Grace Park. Mr. Raniere discusses ethics.

I believe that Mr. Raniere is using a corrupt Mexican criminal justice system to illegally attack his enemies and intimidate the present members of ESP into remaining in the organization.

This magazine cover photo of Keith Raniere seems to have been altered to give him a more Mexican look.

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  • If NXIVM had a case of ‘fraud, coercion, extortion, harassment, stalking, theft of trade secrets, including client lists, criminal conspiracy, computer crimes and corporate espionage’ to destroy NXIVM with those that lived in the United States they would be pressing those charges within the United States.

    Problem #1 NXIVM has no proof, and they have tried to no avail several times to bring some or all of these charges against all of the above charges against Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Joseph O’Hara and Toni Natalie before. Each time they have lost in a court of law. Now they are attempting to move these charges south of the border to Mexico in an attempt to “buy’ their justice.

    Problem #2 Mexico has to prove to the United States that they have enough proof against any American before the US is going to extradite one of their own to Mexico to stand trial.
    Problem #3 All four have already been found innocent of all of these charges in a court of law. How does Licence Ricardo M. Olmedo Gaxiola, Emi or Alex think they can pull a double jeopardy with the US Justice system?

    Problem #4 None of the above people learned any level 2 training. O’Hara and Natalie only took one course. Dones turned all her training materials over to NXIVM through the court after several unsuccessful attempts of trying to get NXIVM to take it back. All of Level 1 training is on the internet and proven in Dones court case with NXIVM. What trade secrets can any of they expose?

    Problem #5 In Dones court case, her Judge said that NXIVM did not own their clients and that she and others had a right to contact anyone in NXIVM she wanted to.

    Problem #6 The Judge dropped NXIVM and the Bronfman sister’s cases against Bouchey.
    Problem #7 The civil and criminal computer trespassing cases NXIVM logged against O’Hara, Natalie and Bouchey were dropped by both Judges.

    Problem # 8 Keefer was actively involved in the prosecution of Dones, Bouchey, Natalie, and O’Hara, while she was Raniere’s right legal aid. Would there not be trust issues if there was going to be a “gang” to work together? After Keefer left, she went into hiding and was not talking to just everyone. How to you, as a group, conspire if you’re not communicating as a group?

    Problem #9 Bouchey and Dones stopped talking with each other shortly after leaving NXIVM. How could they work together to conspire when not talking to one another.

    Problem #10 Joe O’Hara was not available for almost three years via phone/computer. How do you work together to do all the above crimes when one is “out of the loop”?

    Problem #11 Harassment, this is a clear case of projection and the pot calling the kettle black. One legal case after another. If not one of person it’s another having to fight another legal battle. Treats of being kidnapped and taken the Mexico to be tortured, raped and killed. Houses with cars parked outside for countless hours, wondering if the car behind that has been following for an hour is NXIVM? Who’s the new person who moved in next door? Dones hear via the grapevine that she is responsible for the Vancouver BC center closing. She didn’t even know there were issues within NXIVM until after she got a text that the Vancouver BC Center closed.

    Problem #12 What is destroying NXIVM is Raniere’s behavior that he is projecting onto others. He teaches one thing and does another. He is blaming others that NXIVM is falling apart, that Centers are closing, that people are leaving. His values are different than others, and when some people find out about what his true values are, they leave.

    They should be free to leave without punishment.

    Why not have a group of like-minded people who enjoy the same values within NXIVM? Would that not be more pleasant for everyone? Raniere wouldn’t have to worry about people becoming upset, leaving and telling others about their values conflicts.

    He could have Centers full of like-minded people if he were just honest about what his values and intentions were upfront. There are a lot of people that follow him and seems to embrace his values openly.

  • VanTartd is so unoriginal, he can’t even come up with a new way to railroad someone who has seen him for the fraud that he is. Just like he’s ripped off other people’s ideas and methods for the material “taught” in the business front that hides his sex cult, he simply takes an already existing idea that he used and failed with and just adds a new person to it, attempting to throw mud at a wall in Mexico and have it stick.0

    His made up accomplishments, pretentious CV, his harassment of former intimate partners and others via litigation, hedonism, manipulation, parasitism, control, branding, misogyny, etc., validate that the clown is nothing more than an unethical, self-serving criminal. He’s even worse, because he hides behind a front of ethics to manipulate people (mostly women) into sex and being his slaves. He’s only the Vanguard of douchebags.

    • Well said V for Vendetta. Keith is a wimp. Can’t even do it his own dirty work. Alex is one of keith’s most loyal flying monkeys and is equally psychotic. I’m sure they will have fun in Fiji together. Or in jail.

  • Daddy dearest may have actually referred his own daughter to ESP. Per the old ” coaches list’:

    Rosa Laura Junco de la Vega
    Austin, TX
    email: day: referred by: Alejandro Junco
    eve: rank: Orange, Edge, 0 stripes
    cell: 512-820-6119 coach: Clare W Bronfman
    fax: – birthday: Apr-22

    John Tighe had the whole membership list up to a point in time, but never published the whole thing. Back in 2011-2012 there was a big battle in the comments of the SID blog of what names he should publish. People who had only taken a few courses and then went on their way were afraid of what their association with any form of ESP would mean for them (and rightfully so). So John only published names and numbers of known active ESPians. In retrospect he only grazed the beast. His war on NXIVM may have curtailed growth in the Capital District but the satellite offices and especially Mexico appear to not have been effected. Mexico if anything seemed to thrive and grow.

    • The bad thing about this is always the same as in the great tragedies that were annihilated people who know that something bad happens but does nothing to prevent it and allows other people to be affected, sadly it is a story that is always repeated

      • I’m sorry … problems with the translator here (were annihilated) I wanted to desir – great tragedies announced

  • I know you are all going to attack me for doing the right thing but Barbara Bouchey demanded for $2million and now Toni Zarattini demands $2 million. How could that be a coincidence ? Then Joseph O’Hara and Toni Natalie always wanted to destroy Vanguard. And Kristin Keeffe stole Vanguard’s Baby who he loved so much. And Susan Dones destroyed the Seattle Center. Now you add all that up and it becomes clear that there is a monstrous conspiracy to destroy someone so good. Was not Christ crucified by such as these ?

    • no, I do not think so, they are very beautiful and attractive. I’ve always thought that about allison, but I do not think they’re prettier now than before taking all these ESP courses and fucking keith and staying close to him like flies around the trash is definitely not better nor are they more sexy in fact I have seen women up to 77 years old much healthier and sexier because they live their lives fully and because they also know how to take care of themselves and I say it CLEARLY so that you understand how they know how to CARE themselves same ones not following a false self-help guru who needs a lot of deceived, manipulated and brainwashed women to take care of him, so I ask myself when you say that they are very hot you say it because they cooked a lot in the hot water, and when you say that keith can change a person I must say that I believe you in fact I think we all believe you just look what happened to you

      • really laughs you wonder what you are saying you know or only told you the high ranks of ESP because everything you say is equal to what other ESP people who are still as hooked as you to keith lies maybe not you manage to think that if so many people came out of ESP saying the same the problem is keith and not they remember that what you know is very different from the truth even if the revealed here by frank was true in only one part would be too much to be worried like this that I invite you to stop repeating only what you are told the high ranks I investigate for your account otherwise it will be inevitable that you stop being seen as someone who is just one more of a cult that does not think for yourself you are like a heroin addict saying I’m very well the heroine made me become a better person we should all use it

    • Vandouche is nothing but a sperm donor and you are an asshat and freak. There are those who live around NXIVM village who saw Kristin walking her son around the streets of Knox Woods or he was outside playing in the yard at 1 Flintlock. But never was Vandouche seen with said child.

    • Bouchey, Dones, Woolhouse, and others wrote an email asking to be paid what they argued they were owed: the circa $1.5 million of Bouchey’s savings Raniere “lost in the futures market” and the circa $500k Dones and Woolhouse invested in the Tacoma ESP center. But Raniere hounded them for over a decade, because rhey knew too much.

      Toni Natalie never asked for money, just to be left alone, but Raniere hounded her for over a decade, because she knew too much.

      O’Hara never asked for money, but Raniere hounded him for over a decade, because he knew too much.

      Raniere arranged an elaborate farce through Barbara Jeske to deny his paternity of Kristen Keeffe’s son (some reports say that she hid the pregnancy to avoid being ordered to abort it). Keeffe fled with her son in horror of the psychological experiments done on him in Rainbow Cultural Garden.

      Please cite the evidence that Zarattini asked for money to stop telling the truth about the blackmail, slavery, and genital branding of DOS. It’s far more credible that he simply saw fhat ESP and JNESS were nothing more than fronts to feed sex-slaves to Raniere, and wanted to stop it, ratherthan to profit from it continuing.

      • He did not lose the money Edgar Bronfamn stole the money from Keith it is.l not fair that extort Keith to lay it back. She should have gone after Edgar B.

    • Pea Onyu
      No attack needed, your facts are just one-sided.
      Have you seen the resignation letter Bouchey wrote? Do you know Raniere borrowed money from her and lost it gambling in the commodities market? What if she and others were just asking for money owed to them from Raniere and Salzman? Do you know NXIVM attempted to have extortion charges brought against them, but it wasn’t extortion, so no charges happened?
      All Alex has to prove that Zarattini asked for 2 million is a copy of Bouchey’s resignation letter (which only went to Salzman and Raniere). Alex was not on the board at the time, he became a board member shortly afterward Bouchey, and eight other women left.
      Where is your proof that O’Hara and Natalie want to destroy Raniere? What if they would like to move on with their lives, but Raniere keeps them in one lawsuit after another? Raniere has done his part in attempting to destroy their lives. If you care to educate yourself, check out how Raniere has sued each of them over and over again. Raniere, Salzman, and Keeffe kept Natalie in bankruptcy court of eight years, she finally won but really, eight years.
      How can a mother steal her baby? Raniere lied to the community when the baby was born. He wouldn’t even admit that was his son but came up with a story how it was a friend of Barbar Jeske’s. Raniere isn’t even on the birth certificate.
      Dones only closed the building she was renting that housed the Seattle Center. Why would she continue to pay rent on a building when she was no longer going to be involved. Two other Proctors Wendy Rosen-Brooks and Charmel Bowden moved the Center to another building in Seattle. Shortly after Vancouver BC opened their Center, which Dones worked for years to help build long before Edmondson came to NXIVM.
      Some people did leave after Dones left due to their own values conflicts with Raniere’s behavior. People have free will, and as her Judge decided in her case, NXIVM does not own their clients and Dones had the right to inform them of her concerns. It was a value conflict and how does that destroy value when people are upholding what is important to them. You have to ask yourself what’s important, giving Raniere money at the expense of upholding one’s values.
      So this can be played out both ways of who is conspiring against who. Bouchey, Dones, O’Hara, and Natalie have all been sued by NXIVM. NXIVM has always lost in these lawsuits. Now they are trying to bring these false charges “again” in Mexico because they cannot prove them in the United States.
      What is destroying NXIVM is Raniere’s behavior and the latest brainchild of DOS. Bouchey, Dones, O’Hara and Natalie have nothing to do DOS or the breaking news of DOS. None of them talk with people actively involved with NXIVM unless they have contacted them first wanting information of why they left.
      From what I’ve heard from each of them, they just want to move on with their lives.
      I had a short talk with Dones not too long ago, and she said she doesn’t care what NXIVM members are doing, it doesn’t affect her as she has no contact with active members. She got contacted by a friend who has a son/daughter in law involved. They had concerns and wanted her to talk with them. She agreed if they contacted her and wanted information why she left. They made a called, were happy being involved and that was that. When Dones talked with the concerned family after the call, her advice was to “just love them, they are adults, and we all have to make our way” She shared it was important was not to push them away if you want to have any relationship with them.
      Pea Onyu, I think what you don’t understand is when people leave NXIVM they go on to build a life beyond NXIVM. No one wants to drag an anchor of angry and revenue by trying to destroy NXIVM or Raniere. Really if you step back and take a good look, no one has to do that, Raniere is doing a fine job of that himself by his behavior equation.
      Natalie leat after the very first interview, O’Hara left after he found Keeffe was involved in illegal activity in the Ross case, Bouchey and Dones left in 2009, but NXIVM continued to grow. Since Mark and Sarah left, three centers have closed, and Mexico seems to be falling apart. Albany has never been up and running unless they can import people from outside areas and Level II’s. If the numbers are correct and DOS was exposed, NXIVM has taken a tailspin.
      So how is it that the people who left so many years ago are responsible for the downfall of NXVIM?
      Is this just fake news you bring? Where are your facts? Post your facts to back up what you accused these people off or are you just spouting off bull shit?

    • PEA on your face- your comments are beyond retarded. EVERYONE knows that Keith wanted nothing to do with poor Galen. He wouldn’t even admit he was the father, like the cowardly child that he is- so he could maintain his fake monogamous relationship that he had with Barb Bouchey at the time (she didn’t know about his harem, and he needed her for her money/gambling addiction). I was in ESP at the time and we were told that Galen’s mom died in child birth, and left the baby to be raised by Barb JESKE. The whole thing was a giant, fabricated story to protect keith’s sex addiction. Lame story Keith. The smartest man in the world is definitely NOT the most creative. PEA- get your facts straight. And by the way, you seem really vested in being right. What responsibility are you trying to avoid by being right? I think you need an EM.

      • Denintitely EM’s all around for Pea’s vestedness. “What do you lose if you are WRONG?” (Which you are), what’s the rest that could happen? (Which it will)

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