DOS diet creates angular look, like Nicki Clyne (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)


The DOS diet give a woman the body of a pre-teen.  The breasts shrink. The women really do not have hips anymore.  The women do not have curves and begin to look like little boys.

The  body of a boy, the mind of a child…

For years, Keith was able to have sex with pre-teen girls, but now the law is far too tough to risk it. He has to be careful now when he is having sex with pre-teens.

One friend of Keith thought he might have ‘mommy issues’ and got stuck as a teenager at a certain age. Keith has a preference for pre-teens and is trying to turn his DOS women into pre-teens to satisfy his fantasies.

Keith, the scientist, is trying to recreate the look of 12 -13 year old girls with 30 plus year old women.

Keith likes the flat chested woman, Like Nicki Clyne.

When Nicki first came on the ESP scene, she looked young, but she had some dimensions that looked womanly.

Now she looks angular.

She is about 5’5″; and weighs about 100 lbs.

She was also a rising TV star. She appeared in Battlestar Gallatica from 2004-2008. She ran into Vanguard around 2007. He seems to have persuaded her that playing TV roles in sci-fi is not executive success.

Taking TV roles was her ‘attachment’ which, he taught her, was going to be an impediment to her growth. He taught her that she really needed to work on her attachments to improve in her executive success. She successfully removed the impediment and achieved the desired state of being a brainless moron. She left TV and works for Clare Bronfman for $15 per hour.

It appears she had sex with Vanguard before Allison Mack did. Allison is very jealous of any of the other women. She enjoys the power that goes with being the head of DOS, but it gets to her that he is fucking all the other women. Nicki is no exception.

As for Clare Bronfman: Nicki and Clare often speak quietly together. But that does not mean Nicki likes Clare. Clare is dangerous, so people suck up to her. They kiss her ass so they don’t get punished.  Clare is quite capable of punishing people.  It actually seems to be her greatest joy in life. And, of course, Keith teaches that “He who has the most joy wins” Clare is most joyful when punishing the other women who are more attractive to Keith.

Nicki may look like a boy, but she did like men at least until recently. Once you get in DOS, women don’t talk about men. Their dreams of children and husbands go away. The low-cal diet and sleep deprivation help.

No boyfriends or babies for Nicki. But she’s allowed to have pets. Even real ones.

Nicki had a boyfriend before DOS. She slept with Mike Baker. Mike was in Simply Human. Mike still plays volleyball with Keith. He used to be in SOP. He seems distant. Nicki has suspended all relationships to concentrate on DOS and Vanguard. Mike is nice, but he is no Vanguard.

Who is?


La traducción al español

La dieta dos crea aspecto angular, como Nicki Clyne

La dieta del dos le da a mujer el cuerpo de un pre-Teen.  Los senos se encogen. Las mujeres realmente no tienen caderas más.  Las mujeres no tienen curvas y comienzan a parecerse a los niños pequeños.

El cuerpo de un niño, la mente de un niño…

Durante años, Keith fue capaz de tener relaciones sexuales con niñas antes de la adolescencia, pero ahora la ley es demasiado difícil de arriesgar. Tiene que tener cuidado ahora cuando está teniendo relaciones sexuales con preadolescentes.

Un amigo de Keith pensó que podría tener ‘ temas de Mami ‘ y se quedó atascado como un adolescente a una cierta edad. Keith tiene preferencia por los preadolescentes y está tratando de convertir a sus dos mujeres en preadolescentes para satisfacer sus fantasías.

Cuando Nicki apareció por primera vez en la escena ESP, se veía joven, pero tenía algunas dimensiones que parecían femeninas.

Ella es cerca de 5 ‘ 5 ‘; y pesa alrededor de 100 libras.

También era una estrella de TV en ascenso. Ella apareció en Battlestar Gallatica desde 2004-2008. Se topó con Vanguard alrededor de 2007. Parece que la convenció de que jugar papeles televisivos en Sci-Fi no es un éxito Ejecutivo.

El tomar papeles de la TV era su “accesorio” que, él le enseñó, iba a ser un impedimento a su crecimiento. Él le enseñó que realmente necesitaba trabajar en sus apegos para mejorar su éxito Ejecutivo. Ella eliminó con éxito el impedimento y alcanzó el estado deseado de ser un idiota descerebrado. Salió de la TV y trabaja para Clare Bronfman por $15 por hora.

Parece que tuvo sexo con Vanguard antes de que Allison Mack lo hiciera. Allison está muy celosa de cualquiera de las otras mujeres. Ella disfruta del poder que va con ser la cabeza de dos, pero llega a ella que él está follando todas las otras mujeres. Nicki no es una excepción.

En cuanto a Clare Bronfman: Nicki y Clare a menudo hablan en voz baja juntos. Pero eso no significa que a Nicki le guste Clare. Clare es peligrosa, así que la gente la chupa. Le besan el culo para que no sean castigados.  Clare es muy capaz de castigar a la gente.  En realidad parece ser su mayor gozo en la vida. Y, por supuesto, Keith enseña que “el que tiene más alegría gana”.  Clare es más alegre al castigar a las otras mujeres que son más atractivas a Keith.

Nicki puede parecerse a un niño, pero a ella le gustaban los hombres al menos hasta hace poco. Una vez que entres en dos, las mujeres no hablan de hombres. Sus sueños de hijos y maridos se van. La dieta baja en calorías y la ayuda para la privación de sueño.

Nicki tenía un novio antes que dos. Se acostó con Mike Baker. Mike era simplemente humano. Mike todavía juega voleibol con Keith. Solía estar en SOP. Parece distante. Nicki ha suspendido todas las relaciones para concentrarse en dos y Vanguard. Mike es bueno, pero no es vanguardista.

¿Quién es?

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  • I truly hope this is inaccurate. Nicki has been acting since Galactica, if much less frequently, and even has a web show coming out next month, she’s also been active on the fandom side of things. But unfortunately too many things make sense. Her and Mack were said to be friends even prior to when they would have joined this cult. I’ve heard rumors of her having been in some cult. She claimed to have gone from vegetarian to full vegan, again around the time joining this cult would have occurred. I don’t think she’s any skinnier than she was years ago though, she’s a naturally thin person. But she has mentioned the knife and her involvement with it.

    This would be incredibly disappointing since when I started following her blog and twitter back in ’05 she seemed a kind and insightful person.

  • This is a response to Yes and No’s query – the difference between Stockholm syndrome and victims of an abusive and controlling relationship is that in the case if the latter, the victim enters the relationship voluntarily – with the former, the initial encounter is non-consensual.

  • Wasn’t Mike Baker also one of the failed founders of that group called SOP?

    I had a friend up in CP that knew him – they worked together at a restaurant. He was selling a bunch of BS about manhood and honor – he tried to get me to join that crazy group. Handsome guy though. Rumor around town was that he was cheating on his girlfriend with one of the waitresses at the restaurant.

    After that I heard that he knocked up some Mexican girl. Turns out the Vanguard charm rubs off on his minions. So much for ethics and care for humanity…

  • I think you birches are insane who comment on this website. These girls are hot and smart and sexy as hell. They get that way because of the diet and what Keith’s teaching. I agree that the diet alone might be not enough but when you add the nourishment of Keith teaching then they are well fed. So shut up and tell the person who uses the name Van Douche that he is libeling Vanguard. And stop tt.

    • > nourishment of Keith teaching then they are well fed.

      This is an example of exactly the sort of thought process that comes out of anorexia (as I understand it). Being able to be convinced that listening to Keith can replace physical nutrition is not psychologically competent and is the sort of story an anorexic tells himself or herself to keep the continuing behavior acceptable.

    • Yes, these girls are indeed hot and smart and sexy as hell. But they should go to college and get properly educated by being exposed to a diversity of ideas.

    • PEA ONYU – you are obviously on Keith’s concentration camp “diet” because your brain doesn’t have enough nourishment to remember how to spell – birches? Listen to yourself – you sound 100% brainwashed YOU STOP TT!! (BTW TT is not word!)

    • no, I do not think so, they are very beautiful and attractive. I’ve always thought that about allison, but I do not think they’re prettier now than before taking all these ESP courses and fucking keith and staying close to him like flies around the trash is definitely not better nor are they more sexy in fact I have seen women up to 77 years old much healthier and sexier because they live their lives fully and because they also know how to take care of themselves and I say it CLEARLY so that you understand how they know how to CARE themselves same ones not following a false self-help guru who needs a lot of deceived, manipulated and brainwashed women to take care of him, so I ask myself when you say that they are very hot you say it because they cooked a lot in the hot water, and when you say that keith can change a person I must say that I believe you in fact I think we all believe you just look what happened to you

  • It’s true Clare is quite capable of punishing people. It’s also true Nicki is capable of punishing people. She has gotten better and better over the years! IME she has become more and more arrogant, self-involved and bitchy. Maybe Clare has been mentoring her in that.

      • I agree that the gif of laughter is inappropriate.

        But Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing, and members of Raniere’s harem should be allowed to make that defense.

        Sadly, the legal system isn’t geared up to deal with this stuff.

        • I think the women involved might have a much stronger defense than Stockholm Syndrome – a 500, 800 or even 900 calorie diet is basically designed to cause anorexia – Look up stories of the mental effects of that sort of diet – the people that experience it don’t think that there is a problem, but the brain has stopped receiving sufficient quantities of nutrients. If someone has been consistently on those calorie intakes, they are essentially psychologically incompetent even thought they think they are fine and might even be able to appear functional – major critical thinking and other mental processes are badly warped and non-functional. (To my understanding. I am not a Dr., consult one).

          • I would also check whether or not the effects of anorexia were covered in any of Keith’s undergrad Psych courses. If they were, then this is ntentional.

          • Correction – I should have said “might be intentional”. I have no way of knowing actual intent.

        • according to cult extraction specialists DOS women are not suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – they are suffering from the effects of a controlling and abusive relationship

          • Not actually disagreeing with you, but I’m not sure I understand the distinction. I consider “Stockholm syndrome” to be the adoption (at least temporarily) of your “captor’s” values under the duress of “capture.”

            The difference between that and cult indoctrination is subtle, if it exists at all.

      • In the looks department Nicki is little better than your average white woman. Regardless, sexiness has nothing to do with the idiocy of giving up a more lucrative career to hang out with a cult to be fucked by a near 60 year old man-child, who had his enablers brainwash you into thinking he’s something special and that your life is better now that it ever was, which is total bullshit. It’s nothing but psychological manipulation of the pathways in the brains of those with the neurological chemistry that makes them more susceptible to it. Why the fuck do you think he has his minions doing periodic EMs, courses, and intensives on his followers? You guys should be shamed for such silliness. You guys aren’t some special group that is more noble than anyone else. You’re just a bunch of sheep following a con-man who can’t keep his dick in his pants, ironically.imposing upon yourselves a mechanism that further impresses upon your own thought reform.

      • Are you saying Pee on you is your real name? Glad you think Niicki is hot & sexy, you can have her. The point is, she is brainwashed and gave up her acting goals to do what? NOTHING worthwhile

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