Part 1: Monterrey ESP: an investigation into suppression of free speech

Behind these gated walls in San Pedro Garza Garcia is the ESP Monterrey Center.

Frank Report is preparing a series of stories about the Monterrey ESP Center.  Its focus is on oppression of ESP members who might want to quit. The story includes the role of the co-owners of the Mexico City ESP Center, Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Betancourt.

Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt has filed a criminal complaint against former ESP coach Toni Zarattini.

The reason I name Mr. Salinas and Mr. Betancourt as ‘gay lovers’ is because in evaluating the motives of the people involved in this matter, it is important to know relationships.  These two are more than business partners; they are lovers who may wish to advance personal and private agendas through their actions.

Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta married Emiliano Salinas in 2013. The true nature of their relationship, if known to the Mexican public, might have an unfortunate effect on Ms. Paleta’s popularity. If the Mexican public becomes informed about Ms. Paleta’s role in DOS, her fan base might disappear completely.

Some may be surprised to learn that Mr. Salinas has a gay lover since he is married to Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta.

As one source wrote, 

Emi {Salinas] did not break up with Alex [Betancourt] before dating and falling in so called love with his bride to be [Ludwika Paleta]. Alex found out about it after the fact. He was heartbroken for awhile, but now that Emi has returned to his bed they are as thick as thieves again.

A former ESP coach in Monterrey, Toni Zarattini, has become a target in a criminal complaint.

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Behind these gated walls in San Pedro Garza Garcia is the ESP Monterrey Center.

Messrs. Salinas and Betancourt are trying to put Mr. Zarattinni in prison.  They have claimed that Mr. Zarattini conspired with others to extort $2 million from ESP, alleging that was the amount Mr, Zarattini wanted to be paid  in order that he not disclose their industrial secrets.

In furtherance of this charge,  an ESP proctor in Monterrey, Ana Risoul, gave  testimony about Mr. Zarattini saying he told her about the highly secretive women’s group called DOS and advised her not to join it.

Ms. Risoul is the daughter of the owner of Risoul Company, an electrical equipment company with more than 20 locations and 500 employees in Mexico.

Ms. Risoul may have been coerced into giving testimony because of collateral she may have given to Mr. Raniere. She might also be unaware of how her testimony is being used to construct a narrative of possible distortion.

Her testimony appears to support Mr. Betancourt’s narrative that forms the basis of the criminal complaint against Mr. Zarattini.

I have called and texted Ana Risoul seeking comment. She has declined to respond.

I would like to discover if DOS has ‘collateral’ on her, such as compromising photographs, videos, audio confessions or the assignment of assets to Keith Raniere or his agents.

I tried to contact Ms. Risoul’s husband, Geraldo Ayala, her ESP coach, Marcelo Ortiz, as well as Messrs. Salinas, Betancourt and Raniere.

None have returned my calls or texts.

In my next post on this topic, I plan to publish my texts to Ms. Risoul, Mr. Ayala and Mr. Ortiz. I hope that they may yet contact me to help clarify several murky points about what is happening in ESP in Monterrey.

Toni Zarattini is a blueberry farmer living in the Monterrey area. He is the target of a criminal apprehension order based on a complaint made by Alejandro Betancourt on behalf of ESP.
Keith Raniere operates ESP worldwide with a decided preference for non-disclosure, non-transparency and the punishment of dissenters.


The ESP Monterrey Center is in San Pedro Garza, Garcia, an affluent city in the greater Monterrey area.


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  • NXIVM tried the same strategy in 2009 against the nine women who left due to Keith and Nancy behavior.

    NXIVM tried to file criminal charges saying the nine women were attempting to extort millions from NXIVM owners Keith & Nancy

    This was not true,.They were asking for money owed to them. Keith& Nancy didn’t see it this way & attempted through both criminal and civil means to make the extortion changes stick like glue.

    Since we know NXIVM will lie to the police & courts,.the truth does come to the surface, it just takes time. NXIVM always comes out losers.

    Clare, who was not on the board in April of 2009, has even tried through legislation to say she was the one the extortion plot was against. Not true, didn’t work. As it’s been said, she makes the worse witness and she cannot keep her lies in order on the stand. She gets that from NXIVM who can’t keep their lies in order throughout a lawsuit. That is why telling the truth is always easier.

    Now it appears Alex, who was not on the board in April of 2009, is attempting to say the same thing in Mexico. He is saying Toni Zarattini has tried to extort millions (with others) from Alex.

    Third verse same as the first.
    Keith & Nancy
    Now Alex

    Is it possible to get a copy of the legal documents regarding Toni Zarattini changes to see who the others are who supposedly have conspired with Toni in Mexico to extort money from Alex?

    Why don’t we know that information?

    Who is Alex & Keith trying to throw under the bus with Toni?

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