Expian: Women warned about Keith, Clare, Lauren and Allison

The women are all told that Keith wants to be only with them, but takes on the other women to help them spiritually.

Editor’s note: The following is from a former Espian [Expian] who was once a so-called “harem member” and, thus,  part of the “circle of women” who cater to every need and whim of  ESP founder Keith Raniere.

If you are woman who has sex with Keith, be warned.

He convinces all his women to lie to his other women. His other women may act nice to you, but what you don’t know is that he has completely and utterly demonized and disparaged you to other woman in his harem.

It would shock the shit out of you if you knew what they really think of you. They are all coached to “ACT” super nice and supportive to you.

They are all fools too.

Do the math. What each woman doesn’t realize is this: Keith does the same thing to each and every woman with whom he has sex.

Every woman, behind their back, is demonized to the rest of the harem. Each woman thinks she is the star and  that every other woman is a disastrous failure, and Keith is only with the others because he is a spiritual martyr and took them on to help them.

Each woman thinks she is the one who will save Keith from all these other women failures who have burdened his spirit.

If you are having sex with Keith, or have had sex with him:  All the other women he’s involved with hate you and will do everything to facilitate you to fail in life in every way.

Ignore their false niceties.

Is Clare Bronfman your boss? Run. She wants to financially destroy you.

Is Allison Mack your leader in some way? Run, she wants to eliminate you. Do you think she wants to share Keith with you or anyone else?

Are you getting EM’d by Lauren, Nancy, or Karen? Run, they are jealous beyond words. They wish you were gone. Do not trust anything they say, or any opinions they have. They want you to fail.

Yet the truth is every other woman Keith is having sex with is told: You are the failure.  You are the ‘fuckup’.  You are his cross to bare.

Lauren Salzman thinks this.

Clare Bronfman thinks this.

Every woman in Keith’s harem thinks she is Keith’s savior and will marry him and have his special, spiritual golden children as the reward for all her endurance of these horrible fucked up other women Keith is martyring himself for.

Allison Mack thinks this.

Ask yourselves? What horrible things has Keith said about his other women to you?

What disparaging things have your heard from anyone in the group about other women?

What makes you think that Keith and the other women are all not saying the same things about you?

12417677_1194283393930157_5372163590533480244_n (1)
Lauren Salzman on a visit to Wakaya Island, Fiji. If Lauren ever has to relocate here, she will be a guest in the home of Keith’s true love, Clare Bronfman. And subject to her rules.
The women are all told by Keith that he wants to be only with them, but he must take on the other women to help them spiritually.
Pam Arstikaitis knows that Keith only wants to be with her, but he is such a great spiritual soul that he has to sacrifice himself by having sex with the other women to help them. As soon as he helps them enough, Keith will be beside Pam till the end.
Capture bbbbbbb
Keith Raniere says he is working to find methods to build a ‘more noble civilization.’
Allison Mack gets sad because Keith has to help so many women for the sake of the mission. He wants to be only with her, but he has to sacrifice himself for the mission to save the world. But she is jealous of the other women, even though she knows he is only with them to help them – and that he really only enjoys being with her.


Allison Mack always brightens up after Keith mentors her. She knows Vanguard wants to be only with her but he has to teach the other women.  Allison knows he will spend more time with her soon and they will marry and live happily ever after. She only started DOS to help the women realize that Keith is her husband and not theirs.

Ivy Nevares [far right] has known for 15 years that Keith wants to marry her and have babies with her just as soon as he finishes helping the mixed up women. Lauren Salzman [left] knows that Keith really wants to marry her and have babies and will do so just as soon as he can heal the mixed up women.
clare and nickiu
Clare Bronfman [r] with DOS slave Nicki Clyne. Clare knows she is the true wife of Keith and someday soon, maybe on Wakaya Island, the two will be together – without the cumbersome distraction of other, less advanced women.  Clare may bring Nicki along since she only gets paid $15 per hour and they will need slaves to serve them in paradise.

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Ericksonian is badass
Ericksonian is badass
6 years ago

Keith is very creative on how he runs the alpha males off. His ace in the hole is the exact same thing he does to his harem. He talks negatively about the guys and cuts them off at the knee. (I’m sure Prefect has noticed this pattern: Keith is a master of utilizing the negative behavior patterns he teaches about – that’s why his teachings on these things are actually pretty good)

Alpha males see Keith as weird, over-hyped, creepy, and fake. The women say he’s not fake and we initially give him the benefit of the doubt. Alphas ask questions to try to make sense of the whole thing. Questions aren’t good. The answers to the questions cause head scratching and lead to more questions. Alpha males inevitably leave – which is welcome, because Keith has been cutting them off at the knees behind their back (they all have low self esteem, low IQs, aren’t spiritually or emotionally advanced, etc. etc.), and because their continual questions have proven them to be dangerous to the pretend mission.

The reality is, Keith just wants the girls for himself. I agree with a prior comment from someone – Keith doesn’t have an endgame. He was a scrawny, fatherless, gutless, clumsy, nerd for his entire childhood and early adulthood. He needed to find a way to use his above average intellect to get laid. So he did. He made a fake bio and learned hypnosis. He’s just not very good at it all. If he was good at it, he wouldn’t need to keep a large harem. Way too much work to keep everyone in the harem happy. And too legally dangerous. Keith is still a failure. Just like he was when he was getting beaten up on the playground.

6 years ago

It’s a known fact that the demographics of cults are typically ~75% women and ~25% beta male bitches. That’s because women are more emotionally malleable and more prone to have their head screwed over, which makes them easy prey for manipulative sociopaths. VanDouche is also a beta male bitch who leeches off the money of wealthy women like Pam and Clare, and has to be driven around and have things done for him, so he surrounds himself with lesser beta male bitches because the alphas would see through his charade and then kick his ass. Instead of some women being enemies to men, they should realize that there are a lot of good men out there raised and/or protected by good fathers, uncles, brothers, etc., who are part of the reason that women are successful and don’t fall for douchebags like Keith Raniere.

6 years ago
Reply to  VanDouche

That should be:

they should realize that there are a lot of good women out there raised and/or protected by good fathers, uncles, brothers, etc…

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