Wakaya Island

DOS slave Bibiana Huber renovates Wakaya Island cottages

Bibiana Huber has been busy on Wakaya Island in Fiji, designing the cottages and other accommodations on the 2,200 acres island.

Clare Bronfman purchased 80 percent of Wakaya Island.

Sources say the renovation is going on and the cottages or bures [boo-rays] may one day be the new home of NXIVM Village.

Bibiana, a DOS slave, and Clare’s mother, Georgina Havers, have worked together on the project.

As it stands now, there are not enough bures to accommodate the NXIVM Villagers in Clifton Park, and more may have to be built if all the DOS women are to go with Keith Raniere in the event there is a sudden need to relocate.

Although he rarely travels outside of Clifton Park, Keith Raniere has been to Wakaya Island recently, sources say.

Ocean View Bures

Each bure is 1,650 square feet with:

  • Secluded garden leading down to the beach, and two covered outdoor decks
  • With cathedral ceilings, each bure has a king size bed clad in the finest Fili D’Oro 100% cotton sheets from Italy, a gracious living space with wet bar, tea and coffee, and a sound system
  • Bathroom with soaking tub, open-air, lava rock shower and separate W.C. and bidet
  • A double hammock, strung between coconut palms, just outside the bure
  • Hunter fans, in addition to air conditioning, throughout


Keith’s next bedroom?


Keith’s new bathroom?
Keith new hot tub?
Bibiana Huber is a designer and has been to Wakaya Island in Fiji recently getting it renovated. She was last seen there in August just prior to V-Week 2017.
Keith’s new bedroom? Will designer Bibiana Huber be invited in for private mentoring?
Setting up for work.
Is she dreaming of Vanguard? Bibiana Huber is still too plump for Vanguard. But if she could lose that ‘baby fat’ and drop another 5-6 pounds she might get her Vanguard interested.

flies in

This hand made textile is being used by Bibiana in Wakaya.
magi magi
Magi magi
set up
Set up.
Wakaya Island
working view
Working view
worl in progress
Work in progress
Will Vanguard suddenly leave Clifton Park and head directly to Wakaya Island?

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  • Keith has been talking for years about starting a utopian society and has had everyone drinking the kool aid. If they are this far along, Wakaya is the plan. Hopefully, the feds stop looking so stupid and make the first move. Just think of all the “suicide by kayak” incidents that will occur when Keith is living on an island.

  • Does Jack Levy know his hot wife is in DoS? He is telling all of us here in México that DoS Is made up. Just lies. I wonder if she is branded. Does anyone know?

  • So the “next Buddha” is going to run away to a tropical resort bought by a multimillion dollar heiress? I remember a long time ago, Mark Vicente said Keith Raniere was so ethical that he showed his concern with the environment by cutting paper towels into four pieces and used only that portion which was necessary. That was an actual example given of how great this guy was. Yes, I was laughing at that time too. Now the “next Buddha”, who unlike the original Buddha gave up his princely title and wealth, used the wealth of a “poor little rich girl” to buy an island he can run off to.

    These people are such fucking frauds and clowns.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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