Ladies you can make yourself appealing to Keith Raniere; here’s how:

You can achieve the right body weight if you stick with Vanguard's 500 calorie per day diet.


Keith Raniere likes women with certain hairstyles and ideal weight:

Don’t cut your hair, if you want to please your Vanguard.

1. If you are a woman he is intimately involved with, he will likely tell you that he likes your hair long and to never cut any of the length.
2. If you look at the women closest to him, you will observe their hair is long – either because they are intimately involved with him or they want to be.

Vanguard has a standard of beauty that far surpasses the average person’s ability to appreciate or comprehend. Whatever weight he tell you to weigh, be assured he alone knows what’s right for you.

1. He tells you, in his scientific opinion, what your ideal weight should be – which, if you reach it, you will look very thin.
2. He tells you, if you are heavier than this ideal weight, that it has a negative effect on his energy level and it’s hard to be around you.
3. Because there are other women competing for his time and attention, there is a fear he will not see you, and, instead, see those that are thinner.
4. If you are around the women closest to him, you will observe they are obsessed with their weight.
5. You will also observe how often they are on liquid diets, fasting, doing coffee enemas, and doing other “diet tricks”.  Some have even become bulimic.

Allison Mack is bulimic. She often vomits after meals.

She is also nearly bankrupt.

Inscrutable are the myriad methods Vanguard uses to teach his great ethical teachings.


“The soul is the source of all fundamental human secrets – the secret, unexplainable nature of what it is to experience being human.” – Keith Raniere.
One year of 500 calorie per day dieting is all it takes. And you can qualify to share the gorgeous Keith Raniere with a dozen other women.
tubby raniere
Keith Raniere loves his women slender and puts them on low calorie diets. As women know, men do not need these low calorie diets, as one look at Mr. Raniere demonstrates.
You can achieve the right body weight if you stick with Vanguard’s 500 calorie per day diet.
Keith Raniere can only be with women who are at the right weight.
If you really want to be with Vanguard, you will have the discipline to attain that perfection of body that comes from 500 calories per day and a lot of running.


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Keith Raniere says he is working to find methods to build a “more noble civilization”.  It begins with getting women – who are unable to keep their word – to sleep less and eat less.


look at that fatso on the left.
cake eater
Keith Raniere has forgotten more about diet than you’ll ever know.


While she may have a brain the size of a pea, she has a heart as big as a marble. And Clare Bronfman is the only one who has been faithful to him on her 500 calorie diet. While she has that rare beauty that comes from obedience to her Vanguard, somehow Vanguard just cannot seem to develop any amorous propensities when she and he are alone.
Clare is on a low calorie diet and required to run lots of miles per week.

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