Defender: Next to Keith, Lauren is ‘most inspiring’

Lauren Salzman

Frank Report allows contrary opinions. The policy is transparency. Here is a guest view by a supporter of Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman and Executive Success Programs. Her name has been withheld at her request because she fears retaliation from the ‘vicious and vengeful group who have left’ ESP.

Lauren Salzman appears on stage with Emiliano Salinas,

By Yolanda Roas [A fictitious name]

Your criticism of Lauren Salzman is one of the most unfair things I have ever read. Let me tell you a little something about Lauren so your readers who don’t know her don’t get a disfavorable impression.

Lauren Salzman joined ESP in 1998. She is one of the leading authorities in the world on Rational Inquiry®.  She has been on ESP’s Executive Board since 2001.

She is constantly working, overseeing multiple teams responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing facilitation of training programs and ESP’s high standards.

She designs facilitator and staff training curriculums and materials. She has taken the lead in designing and reviewing systematic methods for evaluating the proficiency and effectiveness of ESP programs.

She is smart too. Her keen intellect allowed her to realize that Rational Inquiry®technology, is scientific and has a ‘systematic reproducibility of the model. That is why it is the most superior training in the world. Other than Keith Raniere, our founder, she is the most advanced of anyone in ESP.

She has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to learning the model and sharing it with others. She is one of ESP’s top international head trainers.

She travels throughout North and South America, Europe and elsewhere, leading trainings for thousands of individuals per year.

She works as a coach with some of the highest level executives and CEOs and with people in very high government positions, A-list Hollywood actors and top entrepreneurs.

She also consults on creative projects.

Because she studied under Keith Raniere, she was able to create a new, experiential performance art process geared to move audiences through a deeply introspective, interactive philosophical inquiry.

She was the leader of the creative team of the world renowned Anima Inc., a Mexico City performing arts company that performed at the Bicentennial Celebration of Mexico. She personally directed and choreographed the opening and closing ceremonies for the Pan American Games.

Lauren Salzman has a great passion for helping others. She has both enthusiasm in pursuing her own personal growth and the desire to make Rational Inquiry® accessible to everyone in the world regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin.

She is, next to Keith Raniere, the most inspiring figure of our time.

Lauren Salzman




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  • Poor Lauren better hope NXIVM and the small side companies she makes money off of never ends. Otherwise she would have no way of making ends meet in the real world. Sure she could get a “normal” job but it would be low paying. Who is going to hire an ex-cult leaders daughter and love interest.

    She is basically lazy. Slept her way to the top. Was given things unearned by giving head to become a head trainer and will do what ever her Master tells her.

    Maybe if they do fly to the magic island Clare Bear will pay her to pull weeds in the garden for 15.00 an hour. Someones got to grow the food or clean the rooms. Not many EM’s or head training jobs be happen there.

    Not enough to do all that online shopping is it Mama girl

  • Lauren got to where she is by being Salzmans #1 & fucking the great and powerful vanguard.
    Other than that she would of had nothing to offer them to get her to the top
    The leadership picks who they let do what based not on merit, but how braiwashed you are and what your willing to do for the family.

  • Slave- “May I please go to sleep Master?”
    Lauren- “No. I need you to do something for me. I know we told you to NOT read the Frank Report. But this is a one time exception. Someone wrote something mean about me on his blog. Can you please tell them how great I am?”
    Slave- “Of course Master! What do you want me to say?”
    Lauren- ” You can find some bullet points on my bio. Pull from there and then just write from the heart”.
    Slave- “Yes Master, consider it done”
    Lauren- “Thank you. You are my number one slave. Please don’t tell the other slaves…”

  • Lauren has done nothing, zero, zilch with her life other than serve a sociopath and she’s a back-stabbing, liar. I hope Keith takes her to Fiji with him so she can spend her life in purgatory to atone for being such a horrible person like her mother. Lauren’s role in the branding is particularly awful.

  • Please tell me, from an insider’s perspective, what ethical actions does ESP impart on society and the world?

    From an outsiders view, it appears ESP is a slavery promoting sex cult. Is there something I am missing?

    If later is correct, Lauren requires years and years of therapy and probably cannot figure out simple problems in the real world.

    Very, very sad that anyone would follow these people.

    • Hey temple. As a former insider, we thought we were changing the world, one person at a time. We thought that if we could help people with their issues, they could become better people and do more in the world. Blah blah blah. And yes. Lauren for sure needs real therapy. One of the things that never sat right with me was that the top leaders in the company were so miserable. Lauren has had the most obvious issues but no one said anything about it. No one would give her feedback. She was always on an absurd diet (even before DOS) and was almost always sick. Her posture was terrible when she trained intensives and she spent most of the time on her computer watching Netflix or shopping for more oversized clothes. And yes, It is indeed sad that we followed her and this group. We really did think we were bettering ourselves. Now I am out, I am seeing a real therapist and i can see where it all went wrong. I hope the same for Lauren. She is a good person who get head fucked by a sociopathic genius…in my opinion of course.

      • This group is chock full of irony. All of the leaders are miserable, but they talk about joy and like to show their exaggerated smiling faces to the cameras and tell everyone how happy they are. The main leader talks about suppressives, parasites, and grifters, yet he appears to be the biggest of them all!

      • Revolutions change the world, wars, political movements change the world, great leaders can change the world but they do so with institutions and organisations behind them. Change speaks to the era: anti-imperialism, anti-capitalist, pro-democracy, environmentalism. NXIVM isn’t about change at all, it’s about scientism, capitalism and individualism. There is nothing change-making about any of that.

    • The last time these guys game closest to going to college is when they formed “Acapella Innovations” to try and recruit college students (even though they lied and said they weren’t trying to) and got their ass intellectually handed to them in the thread when some of the students raised concerns about all the negative news surrounding the group.

        • The CASA material is fantastic. I love this bit, when Keith Raniere uses a threat:

          And where the CASA founder lays it down:

          Some bright spark wrote this on Allison Mack’s blog at the time:

          May 2, 2008 at 1:29 am
          My goodness, reading around the internet and the website, it sounds like A Cappella Innovations has turned into a real minefield. Or rather, turned into a dense mess of things unsaid, competing agendas and expectations, and personalities and groups pursuing banal – but real – forms of power. People react badly in those situations.

          As for NXIVM, oh no! Run away! Anything like this – a dominant central figure, promises of exclusive and excluding forms of knowledge, the demand of commitment to those things – is a free-form structure of domination, a power structure in the raw. It will hurt, no matter what.

          • How about this written by livingfiction:

            “I can’t say I blame NXIVM for not parading out people who have been involved in it’s program. It might make life easier for them, but look what happened to Allison and Nicki. They’re working to start an online networking company, they come to an a cappella festival, offer free admission to the members of that festival for the launch party of this company, and find themselves getting treated in a way that has best been described by each of them on this very forum. Neither of them work for NXIVM, the company they are starting is not affiliated with NXIVM, but this is the result of their forthrightness about their involvement in it’s programs.”

            So Ally and Nicki were “fearful” of a bunch of college students, eh?

            Let’s fast forward almost ten years to now where times have changed. Ally and Nicki are not only “working” for NXIVM, but are now part of Keith’s harem, have been branded near their vaginas, and are active participants in the sex recruitment, blackmail, slavery, low-calorie diets, etc. of a sex cult.

            So, who should they have been more “fearful” of?

          • Did you read her remark where she felt threatened or encroached upon? She says something like never in all my time in the public eye have I felt so threatened and writes something about this is what happens when people in her position try to mingle with commoners (my interpretation lol). Apparently one of the Acappella groups (The Crosby’) accosted her at the after party and questioned her.

            Also the comment from one of the event attendees about Siobhan Hotaling being Horrify-ling awesome. Does that mean she is so bad she is good?

          • I’m sorry to say but Allison is fucking lost. It’s not totally her fault or anyone’s really except VanDouche’s and his minions. Instead of working in an industry where she has some talent (acting, directing and singing), settled down with someone her or near her age, she’s a now thirty five year old woman who has burned through all or most of her money and is fucking a near sixty year old sociopath sharing him with other women as a “sister-wife”. That should tell you enough about how mind-fucked she was by this sick cult.

  • Um no Lauren Salzman did not personally direct the opening and closing ceremonies for the pan American games. Haha these claims just get funnier and funnier. I believe it’s true she wants to help others, but her brain has been so scrambled by Vantard that she is very confused and misguided in her approach and is causing far more harm to others than good. She is also an excellent liar so don’t believe her apparant ‘kindness.’ She will stab you in the back faster than you can say ‘inner deficiency’.

    • Meh. Helping others and lying about non-existent issues in order to keep the money coming in are mutually contradictory.

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