The inside story: Basit Igtet rally in Libya a laughable bust; and Raniere probably laughing hardest

Libya is a deeply divided country where conflicts over Muslim ideology merges with political tyranny, armed insurgents, and forces for democracy. The United States

Basit Igtet, the high-living Muslim married to Jewish liquor heiress Sara Bronfman, held a rally yesterday to overthrow the American-backed government of Libya.

He failed.

Mr. Igtet held his rally at Martyrs Square in Tripoli where supporters were expected to convene based on his Facebook shout-out. They planned to meet up with radical Muslim terrorists outside the city and install him as premier.

The agenda was that radical Muslim forces, long held at bay outside the city, would combine with Mr. Igtet’s tens of thousands of hoped-for followers. The tens of thousands would overwhelm government forces, and push open the gates of the city, allowing the radicals to come in.

Then radicals and Mr. Igtet’s supporters could unite and topple the existing government and hand it over to America-hating, Jew-hating Muslims led by Mr. Igtet. It failed largely because there were less than 1,000 Igtet supporters who showed up.

Mr. Igtet, who arrived at the last minute to Tripoli, on the morning of the planned protest, headed to Martyrs’ Square expecting to greet a vast throng.

The Security Directorate – and other militia leaders in Tripoli – had warned that violent protests would not be allowed. When Mr. Igtet arrived, he found more people calling for his ouster from Libya than those who supported him.

Anti-Igtet protesters accused him of being a front for Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and other hardliners in the former Libya Dawn movement. Fortunately for Mr. Igtet, he was protected by the security forces of the government he sought to overthrow.

Once his supporters saw that the police would ensure their safety, they came sporadically to Martyrs Square and peacefully stood for a while. The most honest estimate of actual supporters, according to people who were at the scene, seems to have been between 700 – 1,000.

In Tripoli, both sides were kept safely apart by security forces of the government.  Numbers fluctuated during the afternoon as people came and went.

Mr. Igtet did not make any speech.

Many in the crowd seemed to take no side concerning Mr. Igtet but merely came out to see the curious event. Some noted the irony of Mr. Igtet trying to install himself as president through violence of radical fundamentalist Muslims, while he is funded by his Jewish wife, an heiress of the Seagram’s Liquor fortune. Fundamentalist Muslims are forbidden alcohol. Libyan law does not allow a man who marries a non -Libyan to become president of Libya.

While many in Libya know that Mr. Igtet’s wife is Jewish, and some know that she funds Mr. Igtet’s endeavors which some have called delusions of grandeur, up until recently only a small percentage of Libyans knew that Sara Bronfman is a high-ranking [Green Sash] member of a for-profit sex cult called NXIVM.

The cult is located in Albany, New York, where Ms. Bronfman’s leader [she calls him her mentor], Keith Raniere resides.

Ms. Bronfman and Raniere’s other followers refer to him as Vanguard. Ms. Bronfman left the sex cult temporarily following her marriage to Mr. Igtet and moved to London.

Ms. Bronfman seems to have discovered that Mr. Igtet misled her about the true status of his own wealth, according to sources who know the couple. After a couple of years away from her Vanguard, Ms. Bronfman returned to Albany and bought a home there. Mr. Igtet followed shortly after.

Ms. Bronfman has been personally taught sexual mysteries by Mr. Raniere. After coming to live in his wife’s home, reliable sources say, Mr. Igtet was closeted on occasion with Mr. Raniere, who gave him counsel on how to overthrow the government of Libya.

Just prior to meeting Mr. Igtet, Ms. Bronfman seduced the assistant for the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan monk, Lama Tenzin Donden. They had a torrid affair until the Dalai Lama issued an ultimatum – either stop participating in the sex cult with Ms. Bronfman or give up your monk robes.

Lama Tenzin returned to the Dalai Lama and left the sex cult. Ms. Bronfman was said to be brokenhearted by Lama Tenzin’s departure.

It was not long before the brokenhearted but amorous nymphomaniac, Ms. Bronfman, met up with a fortune hunting Mr. Igtet. When Ms. Bronfman seduced the gigolo, she did not know about his impecunious status and thought he was as wealthy as she was.

It is not clear when Mr. Igtet broke the news to her that she would have to fund his extravagant lifestyle.

It is said that Ms. Brionfman went to her Vanguard to ask him to teach her wastrel husband and he agreed and set the stage for his now foolish demonstration of ineffectiveness at Martyrs Square yesterday.

While Mr. Igtet wants to rule Libya, he has no desire to spend any more time than necessary in that country. As soon as the last stragglers paraded by in the afternoon, Mr. Igtet headed to Zliten then left Libya.

The laughable demonstration had no effect on the current political situation, other than being seen as a failed attempt to align the hapless Igtet with the strong anti-Jew Muslim radicals.

Recently, there have been a number of attacks on social media against Mr. Igtet, focusing on his Jewish wife, her funding with booze money the planned overthrow of Libya, and the fact that Mr. Igtet doesn’t want to live in Libya. More recently, there have been attacks on him for his wife’s association with the for profit sex cult of Mr. Raniere.

While the demonstration was going on, a clueless Sara Bronfman was busy tweeting away about such topics as Meryl Streep,  Jimmy Stewart and a new children’s book called ‘My Little Angel.”

it is not clear she had the slightest idea of the true politics or the colossal absurdity of the entire affair.

Other than readers of Frank Report, I doubt anyone comprehends the laughable nature of the entire episode, except of course Vanguard who orchestrated it all.

Meantime, Ms. Bronfman and Mr. Igtet probably await their Vanguard to tell them what to do next, now that Mr. Igtet did not become president of Libya.

Perhaps the only disappointing aspect of the whole charade for Vanguard is the violence that was expected to erupt based on Mr. Igtet’s intemperate calls for Muslim extremism, failed to occur.

No one died at Martyr’s Square in Tripoli on September 25, 2017. But for that we must not thank Vanguard, Sara Bronfman, or Vanguard, but rather the security forces of the Libyan government they tried to overthrow.

Anti American Libyan Basit Igtet with his wealthy Jewish wife and sex-cult member Sara Bronfman.




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  • NXIVM’s 11th Commandment in (failed) action?
    Where followers pledge to “ethically control as much of the money, wealth, and resources of the world as possible,” since “it is essential for the survival of humankind for these things to be controlled by successful, ethical people.”

    Libya after all, is one of the major North African nations rich in oil & gas.

  • Libya Herald, , Tunis, 26 September 2017:

    “It is reported that one of Baset Igtet’s security advisers died in a shooting incident just hours after he was with Igtet yesterday.

    The man, named as Bashir Garira, is said to have died after being shot outside his home this morning in Suq Al-Juma.

    Yesterday he was photographed as part of the welcoming group for Igtet on his arrival at Mitiga airport from Tunis.

    The family say that he was killed while he was cleaning his gun. There are other claims, however, that he was followed home and shot, although no reasons have been given as to why anyone would want to kill him.”

  • Libyan Express |Wednesday 27 September 2017

    “Basi Igtet, who is the leader of September 25 Demonstrations, has announced his plan to form a new all-agreed-upon Libyan government by the end of October.

    In a social media footage from Tajoura – Tripoli , Igtet said that the government is needed by all Libyans who took to the public squares in Tripoli, Misuratam Gharyan, Al-Zawiya, Sabha and other cities on September 25 in support for their rights to choose their government and their country’s fate.

    He also said that the government he will form is going to have consensus from all parties, not mentioning any further details, but saying that the September 25 movement will go on till they achieve their goals.

    This came as UN-backed Libyan Political Agreement players met in Tunisia on Tuesday and proposed scrapping Article 08 about military and sovereign roles in exchange of having a new Presidential Council, with new leaders and new government under the UN supervision.”

    Igtet apparently helieves that if he says that his “governmenr” will be a concensus of all parties, that makes it true.

    Vanguard would be proud!

  • Google Translate can go from English to Arabic, producing Arabic script.

    The many FrankReport readers in Libya may appreciate that….

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