Update: Five Mexican media publish Francisco Rodriguez’s ‘The cult of Emiliano Salinas Occeli: threats, money and sex’!

Well known Mexican journalist Francisco Rodriguez is on to Keith Raniere and his confederate Emiliano Salinas. He writes of the vicious and destructive cult of Keith Raniere, only he is calling it [and rightly so] ‘the Cult of Emiliano Salinas Occeli.’

Frank Report posted earlier today that journalist Francisco Rodriguez published what I suspect will be an historic and landmark story that appeared in the El Heraldo de San Luis Potosi, one of the largest circulation newspapers in the San Luis Potosi metro area(More than one million people).

El heraldo San Luis Potposi was founded in 1942. It is a daily paper.

His story is entitled:

‘El Culto De Emiliano Salinas Occeli: Amenazas, Dinero Y Sexo’

Translated into English: ‘The cult of Emiliano Salinas Occeli: threats, money and sex’

Here is the link to the story

In addition, to the El Heraldo de San Luis Potosi, Mr. Rodriguez’s story also appears in:


Indice Politico

El Independiente de Hidalgo

Peninsular Digital


It would be great if any of the readers of Frank Report felt ambitious and cared to comment on any of websites. That might encourage further interest…

Logos for the publications:



Emiliano Salinas [left] with his cult master, Keith Raniere, in a filmed interview.

mex elheraldo



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  • The original column ran 9/8/2017. I didn’t see any way to comment on the El Heraldo article and it was under “Columnistas”. more like an OP ED. I wonder what the comments were on the Facebook page? Hopefully some of the Mexican readers of the Frank Report can report back

    Mexicans are good, kind. religious, family oriented and hard-working people (at least the ones I have met including many who work the fields and send home money to their families). NXIVM is those antithesis to those values of family and religion.

    Obviously the Mexican Press isn’t scared off like the Albany Times Useless, etc. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end.




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