Souvenirs and memories of old Vanguard and his clan

Keith Raniere with three of his inner circle: Karen Unterreiner, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske. {Cafrtiz and Jeske died.]
Back in the 1990s, Keith Raniere wanted to learn how to gamble and he lost a lot of money at it.
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Keith Raniere lived on Flintlock and had sex with a lot of women and girls; he especially liked girls in their early to mid-teens.
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Two of his earliest harem women were Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz. They recognized at once that harem life was for them. But on the outside, to ESP students, they were two Purple Sashes, who were highly advanced in the evolution and inner realization of Keith Raniere’s teachings. The students of ESP were deliberately misled into thinking that Mr. Raniere was above all carnal desires. In reality, he was having sex constantly and these two Purple Sashes aided and abetted that deception. Oddly, both women died young of cancer.
His loyal wing woman, Pam Cafritz. She enslaved a lot of women as members of Raniere’s harem, but now she’s gone.
As ESP acquired an odious reputation in the US, he found a new following in Mexico. Nancy Salzman, middle front row, was his front woman. Emiliano Salinas, front row left, and his gay lover, Alex Betancourt, ran ESP’s Center in Mexico City.
In 1998, Keith Raniere brought Nancy Salzman into his sway and, together, they formed ESP. He had sex with Nancy and found her daughter, Lauren, worthy of his sexual attention as well. He promised Nancy Salzman that she would be rich through the company and he promised daughter, Lauren, that she would have his first-born child,. Both of those promises turned out to be lies.
While Keith Raniere always wanted his women thin, he selfishly never wanted to make any sacrifice himself. He ate like a pig all his life, while guilting and berating his women into starvation diets.


Keith Raniere’s original hard core harem included Karen Unterreiner, Pam Cafritz and below Barbara Jeske. When Keith wanted to bring new women into the harem, he would begin by pretending the new woman and he were in a monogamous relationship. When the woman would ask about his secret harem, he would tell them that Karen was so ugly that he only kept her around out of sympathy, Pam had the mind of a child, and Barbara Jeske was lesbian.


Karen Unterreiner had such low self esteem that when she lived with Keith alone as his girlfriend, she helped him have sex with teenage girls thinking she could keep him faithful to her if she pandered to his sexual proclivities.


Karen with Jim Del Negro, a longtime beta male whose dimwitted confusion makes him an ideal foil for Keith Raniere. He makes Keith look smart and is a useful idiot, helping out by putting businesses in his name to keep the authorities from finding out how much Keith is raking in.


Espians of days gone by.

When Michelle was a teen, she was pretty to handsome Keith Raniere…
Barbara Jeske was never as great a wing woman as Pam Cafritz. Her main talent was to lie for him, and earn money for him. To disguise his sexual relationship with her, Keith Raniere told women she was a lesbian. She was not, although she was agreeable to threesomes with Keith, according to eyewitnesses. She was one of his top salespeople for ESP and one of only two Purple Sashes. She died of cancer.
Far right is a young Ivy Nevares. She was promised to have his first born child. So was Lauren Salzman, far left. Lauren knew about the harem but Ivy did not at first. Keith lied to her.
Barbara Jeske rose to become a Purple Sash because she brought a lot of people into ESP in the early days. She would tell any lie for Keith Raniere. When his first born child arrived, Barbara was chosen to tell his students the lie that it was not his child but a baby she adopted whose father was unknown.
Two women who shared the same man and lied for him for years. Both died early of cancer.
Look what happened to Clare Bronfman. She is only 40.
Karen Unterreiner’s weight has gone up.
Cross eyed and devious, Keith Raniere lies to everyone he meets.
Clare Bronfman is the financial strength behind Keith Raniere.
Keith Raniere and Pamela Cafrtiz when their love was young.
Mr. Raniere is photographed here at a time when he kept the existence of his harem secret.
Gina Hutchinson was just 15 when the course of her life brought her into the orbit of Keith Raniere.
Pam Cafritz could mimic anybody’s handwriting.
Before he became Vanguard, Keith Raniere started a business called Consumers’ Buy Line. It failed and went out of business. But that was not the way he told it to his ESP students.
Lauren Salzman [right] came home from college to find her mother Nancy [left] in partnership with the world’s smartest and most ethical man in the world.
Soon, Lauren started learning from the smartest and most ethical man in the world.
Much profound wisdom is taught in the secret classes.
Young Nancy before she met her Vanguard.
The face of a stone cold liar.
One of his early harem women.
Keith Raniere hired actor Eddie Albert to be a spokesperson for Consumers’ Buyline.

Keith Raniere showing how to have a successful multilevel marketing company. The only problem is it went bankrupt, stiffing tens of thousands of people who were owed money. That’s the Raniere I know. And how about that sweater?
Danni Fernandez was kept imprisoned in a room for 18 months because she would not join the harem of Keith Raniere. Her sisters, Marianna and Camila, joined the harem and sources say they are branded with Mr. Raniere’s initials on their pubic region.
Mr. Raniere told Barbara Bouchey she was his great love, she said.
This little rascal is Fluffy Fernandez, who has aided and abetted Keith Raniere imprisoning one of his sisters and having sex with two of his other sisters.
Dani Padilla forsook all men and became a slave of Keith Raniere and now sports his initials on her pubic area.
Mr. Raniere would quip about his girlfriend, Karen Unterreiner – even when he was outed – that they had him all wrong “Who would sleep with a girl with teeth like that?” he’d ask.
Mr. Raniere during the time when he had a small harem and had to supplement the women with teenage girls. In those days, women were not too eager to be part of a harem and he and Miss Unterreiner had to fabricate stories to get them gradually into the harem life. Often, it did not work.
Dawn Morrison keeps trying for Keith Raniere.
Ask Toni Natalie if Keith Raniere raped her.
Monica Duran is a slave to Mr. Raniere’s “teachings”.
This artist conception of Dr. Danielle Roberts as deranged mad doctor. She is a physician secondly. First and foremost, she is a slave to Master Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience.


Daddies come and go but Vanguard is forever. Michelle, Nancy and Lauren Salzman shun their father, according to sources, to please Kieth Raniere.
These remarkable three ladies of Mr. Raniere’s harem, were never the chosen ones, They knew their place – which was to work to find harem members for Mr. Raniere. Sadly, Barbara Jeske [l] and Pam Cafritz [r] died at an early age of cancer. Mr. Raniere himself undertook to monitor and administer their treatments [He claims to be a scientist]. Karen Unterreiner is the last standing woman of the original harem.
Gina Hutchinson, who Keith raped when she was 15, committed suicide or was murdered, No one knows for certain.
Esther Chiappone likely had a hand in the disappearance of Kristin Snyder in Alaska. New evidence is surfacing that Kristin Snyder may have been murdered and Ms. Chiappone may be an accessory. There is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder.
This foolish lady, Siobhan Hotaling, was offered the chance to fuck Keith Raniere and have his avatar child, Because she is gay, she turned him down. He immediately announced that she had an “ethical breach”. 

Loretta Garza: This Mexican beauty aged out of consideration for Mr. Raniere’s “chosen one” status. But she still serves as a slave master for several younger women.
Barbara Bouchey sought out of his harem and he tracked her down and relentlessly sued her and had his minions perjure themselves to get her indicted. When their perjury came to the surface, the case was dismissed. Now, a roommate of one of the perjurers is implicated in the investigation into the murder of Kristin Snyder and the whole top might be blown off their cover.
Susan Dones ran the Seattle Center of ESP. She found out Keith Raniere was a stone cold liar. She quit and he sued her.
Toni Natalie and Nancy Salzman when Vanguard was just becoming Vanguard.
He told Christine Marie that she would have his avatar baby. She fled from him as if he were demented.
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He expounds, quite frequently with an excellent tossed word salad.  
Ivy Nevares has aged out of the harem. She is 40.
Lauren Salzman branded herself for Keith Raniere. But at 40, she is now too old for him.
Allison Mack leads the DOS team. She has led a lot of women into slavery.
One of the few of the Old Guard to turn down a chance at believing his lie that she would have his avatar baby. Why? Because she is gay. Keith Raniere pronounced that declination as her ethical breach.
Gina Melita was 15 when Mr. Raniere raped her repeatedly. She left him after she discovered he had a harem of 15 year old girls. Mr. Raniere was 26.
Rhiannon was part of his harem when she 12 years old. She ran away from the harem and was put in juvenile home. Keith Raniere escaped charges. He was 30.

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  • I remember a former consumer buy-line down line person mentioning a couple of things on the old SID blog. One being they were owed money when it went bankrupt and two there were late night sex orgies among the upper echelon. Does anyone know after Karen, Pam and Barb who were the other original harem members that stayed with Keith up until ESP was founded in 1998 that were from the Capital District area and stayed for any length of serious time? Was it just Kristin Keeffe and Gina Hutchinson? As you mention, Gina sadly committed suicide in 2002 which would have been after the founding of ESP/NXIVM with Nancy Salzman.

    As for the imprisonment of Dani Fernandez and her mom. It was mentioned in a post back in June or July that information had come out about that. Did Dani go to the authorities? Is there a case being investigated at all?

    This is on a site called websleuths. com Concerning Kristin Snyder. Sadly her body was never recovered and a search was called off and 5 days.

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