Kamaraj takes off his lungi and does the lungi dance in praise of his 'thalaiva' [leader] Vanguard.

Does SOP leader Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram worship Shiva as Vanguard?

kama rajKamaraj Kalyanasundaram, 41, is a member of the High Council of the Society of Protectors. As a member of SOP, he provides critical support for Keith Raniere, who still prefers to be called by his childhood made-up superhero name: Vanguard. .

Kamaraj was born in India. He lives at 214 Victory Way, in Clifton Park, having recently relocated there from New York City. He also appears to have lived in Jersey City and Staten Island at one time.

His names are meaningful.

Kamaraj means “Pleasure King”.

Kalyanasundaram in Tamil means: “Kalyanam” = wedding; “Sundaram” = “bliss”.

In Hindu Mythology Kalyanasundaram represents Shiva at his wedding to Parvati, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

In the myth, Parvarti worked hard through penance, and austerities, [tapas] to win the notice of Shiva [Kalyanasundaram.]

SOP leader Kamaraj Kalyanasundaram follows Raniere, who encourages women to undergo penances such as cold showers, readiness drills, restricted diets, sleep deprivation, giving “collateral”, and being branded on their pubic region to win his notice.

In the Hindu myth, at the wedding hall, Kalyanasundaram [Shiva] danced in front of the assembly in a frenetic dance of life and for the destruction of evil.

Kamaraj dances in tribute of his master, Vanguard.

While Raniere does not dance, he forces other people to dance and run half marathons and jump about and thrash oftentimes, sometimes most unhappily and not infrequently to the destruction of their well being.

After marrying, Parvati, Shiva and she lived on Mount Kailash.  He taught her yoga and she was the first student of yoga. Many people practice yoga today.

20157096_10213337363489842_6420599543903109829_oKamaraj follows Keith Raniere who taught Nancy Salzman Rational Inquiry – and they all live in Clifton Park.

The temple Thirumanancheri is near Kuttalam in South India. It is among the most popular temples of Shiva, where Shiva is worshiped as Kalyanasundareswarar and Parvati as Kokilaambal.

Parvati as Kokilambal and Shiva as Kalyanasundareswarar.

Espians flock to Apropos in Clifton Park – or the ESP Center on New Karner Road in Albany – and seem to worship Keith Raniere as Vanguard and Nancy Salzman as Prefect.

K N99
Nancy Salzman as Prefect and Keith Raniere as Vanguard.

According to legend, Thirumanancherit Temple overcomes the obstacles of marriage.

Vanguard has promised many women he would marry them and has successfully avoided that while keeping a harem. The women overcame the fact that he lied to them at first about being in a monogamous relationship.

The idols of Kalyanasundara and Parvathi are worshiped by unmarried men and women for early marriage.

Several women said Vanguard statutorily raped them when they were teenage girls.

India’s age of consent for sex is 18. New York State’s age of consent is 17.

The youngest known age of a woman who claims Keith Raniere had sex with her is 12.

Sources say that SOP leader Kamaraj has, like many Hindus, an altar in his home. Kamaraj is said to have two idols: a statue of Shiva and a photograph of Keith Raniere.

Does Kamaraj worship both Shiva and Vanguard? Does he think Vanguard may, in fact, be the incarnation of Shiva?

Devotees of Shiva mark their foreheads with sandalwood paste during devotional periods. There are no known reports of followers of Shiva branded women with his initials.


Here are a few photos of Kamaraj…. who has hitched his wagon to Vanguard’s star.


Kamaraj, wearing a traditional South Indian lungi [skirt].
k n
Kamaraj takes off his lungi and does the popular ‘ lungi dance’ evidently in praise of his ‘thalaivaa’ [leader], Vanguard.

Slide from V-Week from his thankful students.


Kamaraj has been visiting Lauren Salzman at her home at night. It is unknown what the purpose of the meetings are. Lauren, who has a brand with Keith Raniere’s initials next to her vagina, frequently posts pictures on social media with her pets.


Photo of a Society of Protectors meeting with Kamaraj on stage.


v weekl
Kamaraj [l] with Karen Unterreiner [c] and DOS slave, Melissa Rodriguez [r]. Melissa is branded with Vanguard’s initials on her pubic region. It is not known if Karen is branded but she helped Vanguard get underage girls to deflower. Karen was especially helpful with Camilla Fernandez, grooming her for Keith from the time she was about 13. Karen also managed a group of 14-15 year old girls who Keith had sex with when Karen and Keith were about 30. Karen helped the half dozen girls not find out that Keith was having sex with all of them. Kamaraj has offered great public tribute to Vanguard.
214 v wau
Kamaraj left his native India, left New York City, and came to call Clifton Park home,which is also the home of Vanguard.


Shiva is said to have eight arms.


Vanguard has only two arms but he uses them to great advantage.




raniere 4



Mr. Raniere has many teachings that some people do not seem to understand.


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