The Jane Doe Story: The slave who escaped; Part 2

After leaving V-Week 2016, Keith Raniere (who prefers to be called by his self-given title of  Vanguard) did devise a new plan to “trap” women. He put the plan in effect with Allison Mack. It involved blackmail and branding.

Months passed.

One day, a woman approached Jane Doe.

It may have been after a Jness class. She told Jane she was part of a secret coaching group. It was women helping women – no men – and it would be great for her to join.

To ensure secrecy, everybody – all the girls – agreed to pledge a little “collateral”. Just a nude photo or two.

Jane thought it might good to get extra coaching for she was still struggling to learn Vanguard’s lessons.

The woman helped Jane take nude photos. After the photos were taken, Jane was told about DOS and the master-slave relationships. It was sold as the master is not really another woman, the master is your higher self.

She agreed to try. Soon, more collateral was required.

Soon, Vanguard ushered her into his presence. He put her on a new diet: As soon as she ate anything, she had to immediately workout to burn off every calorie she ate.

She went on a 500 calorie diet. She ate small portions of carrot sticks or veggies. After eating, she would work out.  She got down to 96 pounds.

She gave more collateral. She did Jness tracks. The coaches summit was coming.  She had been told by her master, there was going to be a ceremony at the end of May.

“The ceremony is going to be a lock in.”

“A lock in?” Jane asked.

Her master said, “Don’t worry. Your issue is you are too controlling. It’s nothing. Maybe a little tattoo.”

Jane saw many unhappy faces among the skinny women of Clifton Park. Who could she trust?

Her master would report her to her master, Lauren Salzman, who would tell Prefect or Vanguard.

One has to be careful about anything said in NXIVM Village. You cannot ask too many questions. And any defiance would cause them to report you to Prefect or Lauren.

“How could I have been so stupid? Why did I give them collateral?”

One girl seemed especially miserable. She approached her. They met in secret. It has to be in secret in the world of Keith Raniere.

“Something is fucked up here”, the girl said, “I just heard there is sex going on with Keith.”

“Yeah I’ve been doing that”,  Jane said. “But what about this ceremony? This lock down after coaches summit?”

“I can tell you about that.” Then the girl pulled down her pants and pulled aside her panties. Right next to her vagina, on her pubic area was scarred the letters K-R- A-M. The initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

Jane was shocked. This was not a tattoo. The girl who heard Keith was having sex with women decided to leave.

Jane realized, if the followers of Keith Raniere could lie about mutilating their own bodies, they would lie about anything. She decided she was not going to get branded.

But what will they do with the collateral?

Slide from V-Week from his thankful students.


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Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Frank! What the hell. Leave whoever left ESP alone. This is disgusting now. I think this is so wrong. If you have any heart you will stop posting about people who left, unless the actual person gives you permission.

    • Why is it disgusting? Was it not disgusting when they were partaking and enabling the fake fuck? Yeah, they’ve left, and good for them, but it’s time to own up to the shame and help take him down.



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