ESP “Program Goals Sheet” seems to pry and get students thinking deeply negative

Executive Success Programs (ESP) is a life coaching program based on the conceptual teachings of Keith Raniere.

It is claimed to be patent pending. It is not. It is PATENTE REJECTED in the United States.

ESP has several questionnaires students are required to fill out before starting their seminars, which ESP calls “intensives”. One of them is called the “Program Goals Sheet”.

This “Programs Goals Sheet” is said to copyrighted and “Patent Pending|Confidential|Not for Distribution or Publication”. Although the claimed copyright is legitimate – which is true for everything that anyone writes – the “patent pending” claim is total BS.

The “Programs Goals Sheet” begins with positive questions, then turns negative. It begins with questions like what are your highest goals, your best ally [students are told to not name themselves]?

Then it turns quickly to, “Who is your worst opponent?” and they add, “It could be a parent, spouse or even a best friend”.

It asks what your worst opponent did to you. It asks what is “the worst moment in your life?” and “What is your worst decision? and why?”

And what did you “hope to gain” from your terrible choices? And from these terrible people in your life.

ESP’s questions are meant to reveal to them your weaknesses and what makes you feel bad about yourself.

Do they want you to walk in the doors of the New Karner “campus” thinking about your worst day, worst moment, worst decision, worst enemies, who are perhaps your spouse or parents?

You are immersing yourself in your worst experiences and what you perceive as your worst character traits. Will you rise above it, or will they enslave you by that?

One day, you may fill out a new questionnaire, and when asked about your worst decision, you might answer, “Signing up for ESP” – and for your worst opponent, you might  list Keith Raniere.

Many people would put those answers down right now.


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  • It’s all underhanded manipulation and though reform. You can see how it changes people in the language they use. Members talk ad nauseum about joy, growth, inner deficiency, attachments, people accepting the worst parts of you, etc. All of these things serve one purpose, and that is to keep you taking their courses and remain in the group until you’re indoctrinated enough, you think you’ve made a choice to say out of your own volition. Physiological manipulation of the dopamine pathways in the brain with their cyclic praise of highs and criticism of lows is part and parcel of the process, sometimes resulting in psychosis. The so-called “worst” parts of you are used as a leash you (ironically) to the group, anchored to them and to your own “demons” away from others except the people in the group, who are the ones that can only remove such attachments, that they never do because they want you to keep coming back. Well, as long as your a young nubile woman who VanDouche wants to fuck. It’s a fucking, manipulative joke. Of course, it doesn’t work on everyone, but on those that it does, well you can see the results.



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