More “Life in NXIVM Village”; comments from sources

People with advanced degrees: law and business degrees left good jobs for NIXVM.

Chris Pearson Smith, Linda ChungDiana Lim has a PHD in neuroscience. Shane Mottishaw and his wife, Leah Lim Mottishaw, have advanced degrees and are now making probably a lot less working for Knife Media. Jens Erik Gould was once a promising journalist and look what he became.

The  three Elliott brothers had their dad Bill at V-Week 2017.  Three hot messes there.


214 v wau
KS’ home.

The new High Council leader of the Society of Protectors, KS, appears to have moved to Clifton Park. His new address is 214 Victory Way, just down from Flintlock.

KS formerly lived in Jersey City.
These people are like aliens coming to get whisked off by their mothership.
Allison Mack. Nikki Clyne  smile and shows what looks like a piece of gum in her mouth.

You’ve come a long way Evan

The Espians with Allison Mack and Nikki Clyne chewing gum: The bearded gent is Evan Horowitz. He has been involved with ESP since 2011. Check out  He has an MBA from Harvard and BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford (not bad schools, yet he appears to be a full-time life coach for ESP etc.) The other gent is his partner, Geoffrey Goldberg, a “director, choreographer and writer.” The two are involved in a company called Movers + Shakers.

The wealthy Mexicans have nothing better to do than take classes, party and spend money.  Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt cater to the rich.  I think half the Salinas family took courses. John Tighe once posted a list of every Salinas family member who took courses.
Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares.

At one point, Mr. Tighe possessed the numbers of every NXIAN student up to a certain date. This is how he knew P. David Soares, Albany County District Attorney, and his family had taken ESP classes.

Mr. Tighe may have gotten the list thru accessing the NXIVM computer through a former student’s password.
juan and julia
Juan came from Mexico City, Julie came from Vancouver; they met, married and settled down in Clifton Park.

Source: Who is Monte Blu? Monte does not seem to write using “American” style English. I think it might be Clare Bronfman.  If you Google “Monte Blu” ,you get a hit on South Africa.

Could Clare be dictating to Bleu and having Bleu send it to you? There is enough info in there that only an insider would know. For instance, the part about [name redacted], Nikki, [name redacted] and Julie. Who [name redacted], Nikki and [name redacted] are, is obvious. Julie could be Julie Berry Lopez formerly from Vancouver, affiliated with the Knife, married to Juan Luis Lopez Fons.
The wedding took place in Clifton Park. Photographed by [Name redacted] who is the official NXIVM photographer. Megan is around the same age as Rosie Chiappone.
Her brother, [Name redacted], once had a run in with John Tighe outside Apropos.
[name redacted] is a talented  photographer and videographer. Vanguard told her at V-Week 2016 he wanted to have sex with her on every part of Silver Bay (supposed to turn her on?) He did his best.  I would sum it up more like “date rape”.
She left after being branded.
All these exiting DOS slaves are going to need an exit counselor because they are ripe for suffering PTSD.  Especially those forcefully held down and branded.   .
FUCK Creepy Clare Bronfman for bringing her into this mess.  Let’s just say if Clare and Keith died in an inferno at Apropos, it would be Karma. I am still on the fence about Nancy  I don’t usually wish ill will on people but for sociopaths I do.  Apropos has bad JUJU within those walls and needs to be saged and probably a good cleaning too.
It once was a fairly decent Italian restaurant called Romano’s.


happy couple alex and smil
Alex Betancourt and his lover Emiliano Salinas are having the time of their lives — for now.

Source: The case against Toni Zarattini is so off the charts. This goes beyond forum shopping. This is out of nowhere, wholly untrue from scratch.

The idea that Toni and Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones were collaborating during the time the computer trespass case against Barbara Bouchey was ongoing and had not been dismissed and Susan Dones had a slipped disk and was incapacitated is impossible to believe.  Neither one of them would have wanted to be involved in an “extortion attempt.” And Toni was not unhappy with ESP then. He was a full believer then in its goodness.

It is one thing to lie about crucial points and dress it up but this is total fabrication.

This is Keith’s warning to Mexican ESP members: Stay in ESP, or you will be arrested.

It’s a message to keep Mexicans like Loretta Garza, Monica Duran, Dani Padilla and others in line.

So many people left. The criminality of Keith is so out and people are not able to recruit.  There may be another reason he is doing this crazy criminal complaint.

Keith may be doing this so he can leave the country.  He could say, “I’m in danger from Mexicans, Mexicans are coming after me,” as a pretext to go to Fiji or wherever. He has to create some scary scenario to make it look like people are coming after him in order to leave.

Keith may have also wanted to get Alex over a barrel with psychological imprisonment. Once people cross a certain line it becomes easier and easier to get them to lie and cheat.


Interesting Tweets


Crude and beautiful art
A DOS slave [l] lets her Vanguard [c] know she followed his orders and brought her boyfriend Lucas Roberts [lower r] back into SOP to lead the other cuckolds.


saint Vanguard
Vanguard will never betray you.

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6 years ago

“Diana Lim has a PhD in neuroscience.”

WTF honey! What are you doing in this cult? You’re attractive and having a PhD in practically anything (let alone neuroscience) is not an easy accomplishment. You’re smarter than VanDouche.

The only PhD Vanguard has is in manipulation.

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