Life in NXIVM Village and beyond

Lotta smiles when Vany goes out with the Vanguardian crew.

Stray notes from various sources:

Friend Concerned about Lucas Roberts

Lucas Roberts may find out he is a cuckold.

I was told that DOS slave Diana Lim is acting differently after taking the Source and Mobius. As reported earlier, Diana got back with Lucas Roberts after they had not been dating for two years. Source say she went back with Lucas to keep him from leaving SOP.

One source said:

Lucas has a caring heart. People are worried about what will happen when he finally figures out what is happening to him. Lucas has isolated himself form everyone who knew him.

Consolation Prize

A source told me that SOP High Council member KS had a crush on DOS slave Allison Mack. She was not interested.

Melissa Rodriguez was assigned to service him.

KS keeps a picture of Keith Raniere on his altar right next to a statue of Shiva for his daily worship.

Chains of slavery?

slave chain
Sketch by Michelle Salzman.  Some DOS women wear belly chains.

When DOS slaves have sex, they do not take everything off. They always keep either a necklace, belly chain or anklet on. One SOP man reportedly asked a DOS slave to remove and her response was “I never take this off.”





Bad Times for Ivy

ivy A
Ivy Nevares did not attend V-Week 2017.

Before she went into a state of depression because she found out about Marianna having a baby with Keith [she was promised his firstborn child], Ivy Nevares was being shunned. Yes, again!  She had been shunned before and that lasted about five years. It is not known what her ethical breach was then or more recently. Regardless, NXIVM High Rank note she is past 40 and too old to keep lamenting that Keith promised her they would be married and she would have his baby. He told her that when she was 25.

She has been getting EMs to show her she needs to work on her issues.


Lauren Salzman may have refused to do more EMs with Ivy after doing her suicide watch for three days last month. Lauren did EMs with Ivy for 10 years, reassuring Ivy that someday she would have a baby with Keith.

Sources say Lauren is depressed herself about not having Keith’s baby. Both women are over 40. Keith told Lauren she would have his firstborn child about 18 years ago. He told Ivy she would have his firstborn child about 17 years ago.

Ivy Nevares [l] with her therapist [Exploration of Meaning Practitioner] Lauren Salzman. Both women were promised maternity by Keith Raniere. Lauren, the therapist, never disclosed to client Ivy that Keith promised her what Ivy actually came to her for counseling for. Lauren wanted to be Keith’s wife and in competition with Ivy who wanted the same thing. Lauren was taking Ivy’s money and giving her EMs, telling Ivy she would one day have Keith’s baby. Afterwards, Lauren was heard complaining about Ivy behind her back, saying “Can you believe she still thinks she will have a child with Keith?” That, however, did not stop Lauren from taking her money the following week and telling her again: “Yes, Ivy, as soon as you work out your ‘issues’, you will get pregnant with Keith’s child. If he said he is going to marry you, he will once you become integrated.”
“I will give you a child and she will be an avatar.” As NXIVM High Rank know, many women were inducted this way: The lie of a promise of maternity with the smartest man in the world. Is that parents telling their child about Santa Claus? It starts one imagining and gives one hope.



For Nancy Salzman and daughter Michelle, their smiles reveal how wonderful life is in NXIVM Village



Sources say Nancy Salzman has been asked to do EMs for Ivy despite her cancer.  Pam Cafritz used to be the rock of strength, a superb EMP. But she died of cancer last year. She is deeply missed by NXIVM leadership. A good EMP like she was can do a lot to keep a woman believing that Keith is the most ethical man in the world when her heart is telling her everything Keith ever told her was a lie.








Isn’t love grand?

Walking a DOS slave in Knox Woods

Not long ago, Keith was seen walking hand in hand with Camilla Fernandez, 27, the younger sister of Marianna, the mother of his newborn child.

They strolled from the direction of Lauren Salzman’s house on Lape towards Oregon Trail.  A source said Cami was promised a child from Keith.

She might want to speak with Ivy Nevares or Lauren Salzman someday on what to do when you have been promised a child from Keith and now you are in your 40s.


Nancy Salzman is ailing from cancer. Lauren is ailing, suffering from vertigo and other strange ailments, possibly from her erratic diet. For a time, in order to stay on her low-cal diet, Lauren was eating nothing but crackers. She had a series of strange diets to get more fiber in her body, or get something to fill up her stomach to combat the empty, gnawing, hunger pangs, exacerbated by her high-demand lifestyle and too little sleep.

Allison Mack came up with a solution: Chew lots of sugar free gum. Just one or two calories per piece and when you chew them you get the sensation of eating.

Gum, plus a lot of lemon water sweetened with Stevia and you won’t miss not eating, she says.


Allison Mack smile and shows what looks like a piece of gum in her mouth.
Keith Raniere teaches that a woman who is integrated needs only 500 calories per day. If a woman needs more than 800, she has defiance issues and is not integrated.

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Am I integrated?
Am I integrated?
6 years ago

Dear Frank,
what is an EM?
How do I know if I need one?
How will I know when I don’t need one?
How have I been so successful, and joyful without one?

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