P [Prefect] and V [Vanguard]

Insider: Nancy has been a slave for 20 years; Alex is a sociopath and wastrel

I got this from a confirmed source who is an insider:

By an Insider

Concerning Nancy Salzman’s cancer. She has had years of long hours, lack of sleep and undernourishment. None of the women eat enough or get enough sleep. Women get ill. They die.

The psychological torture and constant physical abuse, the indoctrination, the self abuse. Fasting, enemas, calorie restrictions, constantly working out without enough food to eat. Think about living a life like that for 15 years or 20 years. The young DOS women are already having health problems.

Nancy has been a DOS slave, without the brand for 20 years.  She is the ultimate DOS slave; she just isn’t branded.

Once she said she had a tumor the size of a small turkey. I don’t think it was malignant. She also had breast cancer. She attributed her cure to Keith and EMs.

People there still think Keith can protect them from illness, and that he and Nancy have special powers.  It is just a bogus thing. People are not healthier or more successful around Keith. They are less healthy, plus poorer.

How is it that these health nut women are dropping like flies? Low cal, low sleep. Pam Cafritz never had a moment of peace.  Keith does that purposely. He wants people completely vulnerable and chaotic all the time. He wants them worn down.  He tells them, if they need sleep, it is because they need to work on their issues.

But he sleeps. He goes to different people’s houses and sleeps. He sleeps plenty at home.

You are right when you wrote about the selfishness of the rich Mexicans in ESP. They party and spend money and don’t have any compassion about women being abused and don’t give a fuck. Women are being branded and starved and blackmailed and Alex Betancourt goes on 10 vacations a year.

He had his 40th birthday party. It went on for three days; I’m not saying there were orgies but it was wild and he spent a lot of money. Outside, he had guys with machine guns guarding the place.

Prefect believes Vanguard can cure her cancer … or does she?.


The final result of 20 years of slavery – little sleep and not enough to eat was renal cancer for Pam Cafritz, longtime wing woman for Vanguard.
Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. Here, she told people she had breast cancer. Can her magical powers cure her? or should she seek professional help?
cake eater
Keith Raniere at the time he locked the refrigerator at Pam’s house and admonished her because she was eating too much.
Bow low before your Vanguard.


P [Prefect] and V [Vanguard]
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Clare Bronfman, who some want to hail and proclaim as “Legatus”, may replace Prefect in the hierarchy of worship just as she did in the hierarchy of the ESP business.
Alejandro “Alex” Betancourt is the finest example of an ESP man. He is a rich wastrel who cares nothing about the suffering and abuse of women by Keith Raniere. His only concern is his next anal encounter.  He has had a gay relationship with Emiliano Salinas but, apropos of all ESP members, it is a big secret.  Why not come out of the closet? Vanguard taught him that sex with children is good if there is no pain. Does Alex believe that paying a pimp $5,000 for a 10 year old boy  for a week at some exotic locale make it pain free?


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