Clare Bronfman’s servant has 12 year old girl walking dogs for Raniere women


Balu Mthiyane

Balungile Mthiyane is here on a visa and is listed as an employee of the Ethical Science Foundation on the not-for-profit’s tax returns. Her main work consists of acting as a servant for Clare Bronfman.

Miss Mthiyane  lives with her daughter, approximately aged 12, in a rented apartment in Knox Woods in Clifton Park.

The child was been hired to walk dogs for certain DOS women.  Mr. Raniere roams the streets and enters the homes of all the women he owns.

No one is saying Mr. Raniere has designs on the little girl. However, it is reminiscent of another 12-year old, Rhiannon, who was hired to walk a dog for Pam Cafritz in 1991.

Rhiannon was paid $5 per day to walk Pam’s dog, twice a day. That brought her near Mr. Raniere who offered to teach her algebra and Latin.

He also taught her how to hug, pelvis to pelvis, like adults do. Then he had sex with 12 year old Rhiannon about 60 times. Mr. Raniere was 30 at the time. She was at least the sixth child he statutorily raped.  The others were between ages 14 and 16.

Rhiannon ran away from home and was placed in a juvenile home. Police wanted her to wear a wire and entrap Mr. Raniere.  She was afraid and traumatized and refused. Police declined to prosecute without her cooperation. She developed cancer but went into remission and is alive today. She has said she is concerned about Mr. Raniere doing to other girls what he did to her.

A source close to Mr. Raniere said she believes he has not committed statutory rape since at least 2014 because he is cognizant that he might not be able to get away with it anymore. Prosecution has become more vigorous now than it was in the 1990s.

I asked this same source if she would allow her teen daughter to walk a dog for any woman connected to Keith Raniere. She replied “I would not let my young daughter anywhere near these people. And Balu lives in Knox Woods which is DOS central. So, while I don’t think he will try to have sex with her, who knows? DOS women will do whatever he says, and they are capable of despicable things.”

A few months ago, 11 teenage girls from Mexico left Clifton Park. They were here to participate in an experimental educational program Mr. Raniere devised for teen girls.

It was reported that the girls were upset that Mr. Raniere kissed the girls on the lips in greeting and held their hands.

One person wrote to me about one of the girls, saying the child was far away and Keith could not harm her anymore.

Will he harm Balu’s daughter? Or is this an innocent job for a young girl to make some money for women too busy to walk their own dogs?

Child Protective Services should investigate the matter.


One of the Mexican girls who came to Clifton Park to be taught by Keith Raniere.


DOS slaves and Society of Protectors follow the commands of Keith Raniere.


Rhiannon said she was raped by Keith Raniere about 60 times.


Keith Raniere did not always rape 12-year old girls. Gina Melita was 15 when Mr. Raniere raped her she said.

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  1. What father or mother in their right minds who care for their teen daughter would let her near this sexual predator and his group of pimp women? It would be a violation of parental responsibility along with their sanity.

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