apropposThe Coaches summit was held in a big tent pitched behind Apropos for the embattled Executive Success Programs.

Fewer Coaches than ever showed up. And among the group that was gathered, at least two Proctors and several Coaches have privately made a decision to leave ESP.

They have NOT informed company owner/operator/funder, Clare Bronfman, about their decision.

But they did tell Frank Report.

Now that the truth is finally getting out about ESP/NXIVM and its founder, Keith Raniere, Coaches and Proctors are dropping like flies,

The Coaches Summit is held several times a year. People who try to make a living from selling the multi -level marketing life coaching programs pay several hundred dollars for a chance to be coached and cheered into whatever Mr. Raniere has in mind.

It is said to be a chance for coaches to bond. To spend time with “the high ranks”.

Coaches spend the day doing classes, group dinners and focusing on some point for the summit. This year, the point is damage control. And keeping coaches and proctors from believing anything in the Frank Report.

There are a number of Coaches from Mexico and a Proctor that have already left. More will be following in their wake.

Sources close to Keith Raniere say he is happily enjoying the chaos.

When Consumers’ Buyline imploded in the early 1990s, Mr. Raniere regaled himself with teenaged girls. He sent Karen Unterreiner, his father, James Raniere [who later sued his son], Pam Cafritz, and Toni Natalie to do his front work while he stayed behind and tried to seduce single and married women and children.

While defrauded members of Consumers’ Buyline were calling for his head in Texas, he was getting head from 12-year old girls at his office in Rome Plaza.

While the company was imploding, he was enjoying the fun.

The coaches at the summit might like to ask Keith Raniere about his final days at Consumers’ Buyline. Or, if they are interested in the saving the world mission of ESP, maybe they can ask him about his pedophilia.

As Consumers’ Buyline was falling apart from inattention and fraudulent intentions, Keith, 30 years old, was having sex with 12-year-old Rhiannon.

Here is what she claims:

1024x1024It started very gradually. It started with a hug. Keith taught me how to hug. He pulled my pelvic area close to his and said adults hugged like that.

I met Keith Raniere shortly after moving to Clifton Park. Around 1990, when I was about 12 years old, my mother became involved with a company he ran called Consumers’ Buy Line. I was looking to make some extra money, so she got me a job stuffing envelopes and then I got to meet Pam Cafritz and Karen and Kristin and Keith and they offered me job walking Pam’s dog for $5 a day, twice a day. So I started going to their house at 3 Flintlock Lane to walk the dog, pick him up and walk him in the morning before school and after school. During that time I got to know Keith. He offered to tutor me in Algebra and Latin.

Tutoring took place mostly at his business office in Rome Plaza. Shortly after the tutoring started, a sexual relationship began between Keith and myself at the age of 12. It happened at various locations. Mostly in his office at Rome Plaza. In the elevator, in empty business offices in Rome Plaza, in a broom closet, janitor closet and also at the house at 3 Flintlock Lane where Pam Cafritz, Kristin and Karen lived with Keith. That relationship continued from the age of 12 to 13 when I ran away and was eventually placed in St. Anne’s Institute.

Keith Raniere is still in contact with children. He is in contact with women and I am interested in making sue that I can do the best I can to protect other people

So, dear readers, if you think Keith is bothered by any of the problems at ESP, think again. He is probably having the time of his life, punishing and allowing people to suffer.

For him, that might be the best kind of fun.

Below are photos and videos to discuss at Coaches Summit.

Don’t be shy about bringing up these topics. Print up the photos and pass them around. The more data you have, the better.

Here is the audio tape of Rhiannon. Listen to her voice:



Here is yet another  story of another woman who claims he statutorily raped her.


Stick with it, kids, Keith has big plans for you….


download (1)
Is Keith Raniere having the time of his life?
A smile is the best way to get away with trouble even if it’s a fake one.


Barbara Jeske started acting erratically. Keith told her she had carpel tunnel syndrome. She postponed getting a checkup. When told she had brain cancer, he burst into fake crying to amuse his friend. She was not amused.  
When Pam Cafritz, his long time wing-woman, was dying of cancer. He told followers that if she had only listened to him and ate less and ran more miles, she would not have committed her ethical breach, which caused her cancer. After all, Keith teaches that cancer is just an outward sign of an inner conflict. Pam failed him. Too bad for Pam.
Kristin Snyder was gay and within days of claiming Keith got her pregnant, she disappeared. Her body was never recovered. Her death was ruled a suicide.
Keith raped her when she was almost 16. Her body was found shot to death in Woodstock. Her death was ruled a suicide.
pa mariella not there
Mariella Paloma did not attend V-Week or the Coaches Summit. She has left Keith Raniere. She had enough of DOS.
One thing is unchangeable: All students owe Prefect [l] and Vanguard [r] their undying devotion and worship for what they do each day for each and everyone one of them.


Artist conception of Clare Bronfman after leaving the Vancouver Police Department.
Society of Protectors male [left] in his traditional SOP uniform.
Ideal body weight for a man.
Ideal body weight for a woman.

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Mass Defection
6 years ago

I can say first-hand that a minimum of 8-10 people who are high ranked are about to leave and 4 of them have some very pertinent info about Keith. I won’t betray anyone’s trust but this will be the second biggest mass defection of high ranks out of the company since the initial defection that happened when Mark and Sarah left.

Uncle Keith fiddles while Nxivm burns.
Uncle Keith fiddles while Nxivm burns.
6 years ago

There is a reason Uncle Keith does not put his name on anything, when Nxivm/ESP/DOS/JNESS/SOP and all the other lame groups crash and burn to the ground he figures he can skate. Plus he is a Chaos Agent and sadist and this is probably all part of of his end game. Classic Malignant Narcissist and a misogynistic Sociopath to boot. He can sit on the sidelines while Clare, Nancy, Lauren, Allison, Nicky, Rosa Laura take one for the team. Well maybe not Clare, Keith needs to have someone to cover his expenses. I hope to God that Pam Cafritz’s money was all in trust and that money dried up when she passed.

The parking spots in front of Apropos was pretty full for a time over the weekend. the tent took up most of the back parking area. My guess is some of the espians returning from Vweek stopped in for some more mind fuckery.

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